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  1. Packratt

    Key Lime Pie

    That also helps prevent malaria and scurvy
  2. Packratt

    Record store day

    Thanks for trying
  3. Packratt

    Record store day

    Anyone doing record store day today? Looking for a copy of Dylan, Blood on the Tracks, test pressing https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/10564
  4. Best thing we ever did was add a receiver at the front of the trailer and a Harbour freight winch mounted to a receiver bracket.
  5. Thanks axis network has some good ones on Saturdays and sundays
  6. Festival Express Rockin' at the Red Dog Woodstock
  7. Ed if you can provide me dimensions or lend me 1 to work off of I can probably make you something that would work if you cant find originals.
  8. Really easy I'm a packrat. And packrat with 1 t is always taken
  9. There are still some IBM ATs controlling equipment. When I changed to maintenance I was surprised to see a couple of orange screens.
  10. Packratt


    Got Filezilla. Last one I used was WsFtp and can't remember why I didn't install it on this computer. Think they started charging or something.
  11. Packratt


    Anyone know a good free FTP program for WIndows 7?
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