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  1. And this is new how? Other than color of error screen that's been their pattern since Windows 1.0
  2. Think I played Birdland a few hundred times in high school. Been close to 35 years since I've touched the clarinet and it wouldn't take much to remember the fingerings. Thanks for the disc. Crap, didn't catch it was SACD until just now. Now I've got to find something to play it in. Suggestions?
  3. Exede (Viasat) has added an unlimited plan to their service not cheap $150. They do reserve the right to slow you down after 100GB during heavy traffic times.
  4. Are you looking to do 2 channel or home theater? How many inputs needed?
  5. Thanks guys. Seller never responded to my email that I wouldn't be able to pick up until weekend or would need to find someone local. I'll check with him again Friday and if by some miracle they are still available go up sat.
  6. Looks like they are about 30x16x16. Weight was gross weight of 90. Don't know if each or for the pair
  7. Trying to work a deal on a pair of cv at12s off craigs list. I can't get up there from richmond until the weekend. Can anyone grab them for me and babysit them for a little while
  8. Void works with satellite. I use ooma with good results
  9. I use exede satellite internet. Very few problems. Good for Internet but you probably aren't going to be willing to pay for enough monthly data to stream.
  10. Is there any you can add a jump to first unread post in thread button?
  11. Thanks. I was able to find the info.
  12. That only works when you know the correct foumula and data to enter
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