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  1. Thanks. I was able to find the info.
  2. That only works when you know the correct foumula and data to enter
  3. Have a quick question about how to calculate something.
  4. Nice stack of stuff . I'm not buying anything else until I can get the to be fixed pile down. Unless it's a $200 TFM-75 or PM-2400
  5. If the weather cooperates, baling hay
  6. Packratt

    Key Lime Pie

    That also helps prevent malaria and scurvy
  7. Packratt

    Record store day

    Thanks for trying
  8. Packratt

    Record store day

    Anyone doing record store day today? Looking for a copy of Dylan, Blood on the Tracks, test pressing https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/10564
  9. Best thing we ever did was add a receiver at the front of the trailer and a Harbour freight winch mounted to a receiver bracket.
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