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  1. Take a look at Digikey.com
  2. Packratt

    Carver Fanatic New to the Forum

    Try cleaning the pots with deoxit. That might help with the problem you are having
  3. Packratt

    Bad Eyes/Bad Drawings Challenge

    I'll go along with LonerT
  4. Packratt

    CT17 for trade

    I've got a good working CT17 99.9% certain I've got the remote. Will pull the ladder out and go digging, for the remote,if there is interest. Looking to trade for a stock working C1.
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Carver Disorder Causes you to obsessively purchase Carver, Phase Linear, Sunfire and Bob Carver Corp. equipment.
  6. Packratt

    Reference disc / need your help!!

    Thanks got mine yesterday. Gonna throw it in the player while I'm driving this evening.
  7. Packratt

    Desoldering Tool Karma

    Thanks in with 223
  8. Packratt

    Explosion Proof Museum Piece?

    Probably was used in mining equipment. Everything used in underground mining has to be explosion proof so that no spark can be generated if the glass breaks.
  9. Packratt

    RAID anyone ??

    I'm not wedded to Win Server 08. My initial thought was that the AV server software would be running on the server and would need an OS capable of this. I now realize the AV server software runs off the local machine and accesses the server for data. I had the OS installed on a SSD and it the drive could easily be swapped for another with a different, more suitable, user friendly OS installed.
  10. Packratt

    RAID anyone ??

    A number of years ago I bought a large 20 bay server. Supermicro IIRC, unit is buried and will take some effort to get to. Dual CPU dual power supply. Initially installed 4-6 either 1 or 2 TB drives, with the intention of expanding as needed, to use as a server primarily for storage of a large music and movie collection. It's been so long I've forgotten what RAID it is set up for but I'm thinking 5, 6, or 10. Had a computer service place install Win Server 2008. They didn't configure something correctly so I couldn't access the any of the drives from the network. Spent a little time with Windows servers for dummies and couldn't figure it out. About this time my job went to 6 10s and project got shelved. I'd like to get this beast doing the job it was purchased for instead of collecting dust. My plan is to use JRiver for the media client. The house will have 2 networks one connected to internet and the one with this server connected without internet access so an OS that no longer gets security updates is OK. My goal is to be able to access the data stored on the server from any room in the house through ethernet cable and be able to watch a movie in 1 room and listen to the stereo or watch another in another room. I'm open to any assistance and more than happy to take the discussion to PM.
  11. Packratt

    100 CD Karma

    Put my name in. If duplicate will karma
  12. Packratt

    RIP : George HW Bush

    Been too long since the last presidential funeral and I haven't been in to get the memo. All federal agencies, including USPS, typically close for the national day of mourning. I believe President Trump declared this to be 12/5/18. Business as usual the next day. Thank GOD I"M NOT A CARRIER anymore, having a double load during the holiday season will suck.
  13. Packratt

    Interesting Picture

    The infamous "Wall of Sound", good discussion of it in "The Grateful Dead Movie"
  14. Packratt

    C-1 Karma

    In with 67. Thanks for doing this.
  15. Packratt

    WTB HR-895

    I like them. A HR895 was my first piece of Carver gear