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  1. Packratt

    Storage backup suggestions

    The XP laptop is used to run older programs that are not compatible with the newer versions of Winblows. You couldn't sell me another Netgear product. The router that got fried was a Netgear with hard drive capability. The router and printer were literally less than 2 feet from it and it had difficulty keeping a wireless connection with them. I had to have them connected by ethernet cable. I'm thankful they didn't get fried with everything else. The new router is a Linksys. It may not be as efficient but I'd rather not have the backup drive connected by cable to the router to be fried by a lightning strike and not be able to recover the data it is backing up. This strike hit both TV and Internet dishes. It fried 2 transponders, 2 directv boxes, 2 tv, 1 dvd, modem, VOIP box and router. I'd rather not loose both the computers and backup in the same strike.
  2. Packratt

    Storage backup suggestions

    Prior to a recent lighting strike, my router held a hard drive that would automatically perform backups of computers connected to the network. After the strike router is fried and drive is welded into router. Looking for recommendations for a new backup device that will wirelessly connect to network. Currently running XP and Wine on the computers
  3. Packratt

    Lousy Pic ... and a question?

    What fans are you using?