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  1. MRHP

    The Going Rate...AKA: In the ballpark?

    You stole them pieces....Haha. Nice buy. While OCCD'ing I have noticed prices are generally higher in the winter because everybody is inside listening to music with the cold weather and all. Prices seem to drop a bit in the summer cuz everybody is busy outside doing outside things. Sometimes you can run up on a great deal mid summer.
  2. MRHP

    67bird's toy box

    Nice stack! The Sunfire TGPII is an underrated preamp.....I have one and love it. And yeah it's time to treat your ears better by breaking into that 490t and rolling some tubes.....it's so easy even I can do it.
  3. MRHP


    Merry Christmas Carver friends!
  4. MRHP


    When I bought my DQ-20's in about 1995 the guy I got them from gave me an old tuner (don't remember the brand JVC or something) and a turn table. He said sell them for me if possible if not just keep them or throw them away. I sold the tuner in a week or two but nobody wanted the turn table.....CD's were in and vinyl was out in the 90's. I put the turn table in the attic of my garage and it sat there for probably 15yrs. Decided to get it down and see what I had, I remembered it looking pretty old school with nice wood. I figured it would be a corroded rust bucket after sitting up there so long. It was still mint! And it was a DENON DP-62L omg! Serial #0004 omg! Now I was really excited, so hooked it up after getting advise from BrianT about phono preamps, mm, mc, all that jazz. Got it running and showed my kids who were about age 9 and 12, they had never seen such a contraption. Was playing some music for them and my son says Dad how do you fast forward?....lol.... I said you get off the couch lift the needle and set it down on the next song..haha...great memory.
  5. MRHP

    What do you do for a living?

    I guess I'll play...need to up my post count anyway...lol I started my work career wrenching on and driving tractors at age 10, cutting tobacco, and bagging groceries. Went to trade school and became a Machinist by age 18, been doing that now for 32yrs. I got "laid off" or some would call it fired...lol at age 26. Started my own machine shop and along the way started building, tuning, dynoing and racing single cylinder engines. Dirt and sand drag racing and hill climbing. They call me MrHorsepower at the track because of so many records that I set and held. I semi consult for Sunoco Race Fuels thru their engine builder program by dynoing different fuels and giving them feed back on timing, air/fuel ratio, torque, horsepower gains and losses etc. Somehow I let the computer world completely bypass me in machine shop because when I started it was all manual machines only. I'm now back at the original shop that "fired" me 20 something yrs ago, welding, water jetting, biding jobs, ordering materials, basically shop foreman without the title...lol...oh and showing the young bucks how to setup a manual lathe and milling machine...haha.
  6. MRHP

    Buzzard Creek System

    The open baffle setup.
  7. MRHP

    Buzzard Creek System

    Just to up my post count I'll talk a bit about some other components. The Dahlquist DQ LP-1 Variable Low Pass Filter is quite an amazing crossover for a 30+yr old unit. It is sitting on top of the TFM75. Mark Lucas "radioeng2" modified the center channel rca outputs and hand built a couple of small boards that plug in and change the high pass crossover frequency. The crossover frequency changes depending on whether I use a tube amp or solid state amp. Basically something I know nearly nothing about...lol Something to do with output resistance of vacuum vs solid state. So I have a board for each. Mark is a real friend and genius when it comes to things like this. He got me into home made open baffle speakers.
  8. MRHP

    Buzzard Creek System

    Go right ahead and post pics I don't mind at all. If I can figure out how I'll put up some more pics after HiFi-burbon.