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  1. That would have been a great deal, $380.00 cnd = $285.00 usd I live in Ottawa Canada, only 2hrs away from Montreal. In the last 2 years I have purchased 3 different items for members, and then shipped the item to them. Next time you see an add like that, think of me. Brian
  2. My first rig was B&O 6000 Turntable, 6000 Receiver and S-75 Speakers. I saw the setup in a shop window and I knew I had to purchase the set. I walked in and financed for 24 months. The Turntable was great, the Receiver and Speakers looked good, sounded good but not great. Stock Pictures. Brian
  3. Someone is going to be very lucky, having a set of ribbons fixed. As I do not own any i'm not in. Good luck to all who enter. Brian
  4. Happy birthday Jenny, hope you had a good one. Brian
  5. Good luck LT, if you donot want the C1 give me a shout. Brian
  6. Nice amp, but like so many members, I have all the amps I need. So I will pass. Now if it was a C I pre would be in in a heart beat. Brian
  7. Nice, I hope you enjoy it. Brian
  8. Travis Good luck on your sale. Can you tell me what streamer/DAC you are thinking about. Brian
  9. Nice Karma Charlie, but not needed. Brian
  10. David You are luckily it stopped, glad you made it out alright. Brian
  11. We lost our Chocolate Lab Tank on 27 Aug 2018, bone cancer. he was a rescue we had 5 years with him. About 6 weeks later while walking in the dog park with my 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier, a lady who I had seen many times in the dog park when i was there with Tank, came over to me and asked me why she had not seen him around. Once I had told her, she asked me if I would be interested in an other dog. Due to the real cold Canadian winter minus 30C I had decided to wait till spring before i started looking. She showed me a picture of Stella a 10 month plus American Bull dog, that was a Thursday eve. I picked up Stella on Saturday 27 Oct 2018. We changed her name to Ella. She is a handful. The following weekend we had some guest over for supper, Ella decided to help with the cleaning up 😀 Brian
  12. That is great news, you will love this amp. A buddy of mine was over at my place, he really liked the 275 he placed an order for a factory one. that is how good this 275 amp is. Can you tell me more about Carver Demo CD from @Daddyjt Brian
  13. Thanks for posting this LT Merry Christmas to all. Brian
  14. Merry Christmas to all you guys, it was fun meeting up with some f you at Carverfest 2018 Brian
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