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    in with 100. Thanks. Great Karma!!!
  2. I have just completed a refurb on a nice pair of Black Carver AL3's. I bought these a couple of years ago. The seller said one ribbon was bad and other worked good. I finally checked them out a few days ago. The ribbon that he said was bad had a slight buzz. I was able to disassemble the "Bad" ribbon and tighten the original ribbon material. Now both speakers work and sound great. The cabinets have been cleaned and touched up here and there but not repainted. These are in original condition with all original parts. I will attach a picture or two. I will sell these to any forum member with a lifetime guarantee on the ribbons. If the ribbon(s) goes bad I will repair free of charge as long as I have material to do so and the owner handles shipping. Given the condition of these and the ribbon guarantee, I would like $1200. I will wait a few days before I advertise locally. I will deliver to CF2019 for free. Please PM me if interested or with a reasonable offer. Ed IMG_1484.JPG
  3. Ed,


     You may have written about them already but where are you on the amp covers and I'm still without my signature strip.

    Thanks Kennett

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  5. sea

    What does the W stand for?

    I asked him at CF because he was signing PCB's as RWC. He told me but I cannot remember.
  6. Arsh

    Dear Sir, I was referred to you by someone on audiogon. I have a beautiful pair of Amazing Loudspeakers (1985) that are in my secondary system. They sound great except for some occasional buzzing or vibration of the ribbon on one speaker at certain high frequencies. I’ve tried tightening the screws etc. I’ve investigated trying to get the ribbon fixed, but had gotten nowhere. Can you help? What can be done? I really like these speakers, and I don’t want to retire them if they can be fixed. Even with this issue, most of the time they still are very enjoyable to listen to. Thanks in advance for your help. Best. —Arsh

    1. sea


      Call me at 336-263-8586.

  7. sea

    Hashy's Bench

    Good for you!! Good luck. I know you will be fine.
  8. sea

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  9. Ed, are we good to go now? Please update both forums when you get a chance and let me know you received my payment. 

    Thanks, Kennett -PinDrop

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    Great Karma, I am in.
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    Sad Day...

    Sorry for your troubles, Kevin.
  12. What dream speakers are you chasing?
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    Thank you to all of you for the birthday messages. I had a great day.