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  1. sea

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  2. sea

    What does the W stand for?

    I asked him at CF because he was signing PCB's as RWC. He told me but I cannot remember.
  3. Arsh

    Dear Sir, I was referred to you by someone on audiogon. I have a beautiful pair of Amazing Loudspeakers (1985) that are in my secondary system. They sound great except for some occasional buzzing or vibration of the ribbon on one speaker at certain high frequencies. I’ve tried tightening the screws etc. I’ve investigated trying to get the ribbon fixed, but had gotten nowhere. Can you help? What can be done? I really like these speakers, and I don’t want to retire them if they can be fixed. Even with this issue, most of the time they still are very enjoyable to listen to. Thanks in advance for your help. Best. —Arsh

    1. sea


      Call me at 336-263-8586.

  4. sea

    Hashy's Bench

    Good for you!! Good luck. I know you will be fine.
  5. sea

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  6. Ed, are we good to go now? Please update both forums when you get a chance and let me know you received my payment. 

    Thanks, Kennett -PinDrop

  7. sea

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great Karma, I am in.
  8. sea

    Sad Day...

    Sorry for your troubles, Kevin.
  9. What dream speakers are you chasing?
  10. sea


    Thank you to all of you for the birthday messages. I had a great day.
  11. Happy Birthday Wayne!!
  12. sea

    Site Funding - Time For Another Round

    $ sent
  13. sea

    Site Funding - Time For Another Round

    Funds Sent
  14. sea


    Hi, Has anybody heard from Jack. He has not logged on for more than two months. I also tried to call. Ed
  15. sea

    Happy Birthday trav0810

    We are about to go over and have dinner with your old friend Belinda!! Is my old friend Belinda coming back to see me at the fest this year? I think so for the first few days.