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  1. Love this post. Best post for me in a while. Gleeful. Have fun. The room may just sound great like it is. Please share more of your experience as you plow through music.
  2. New member

    Great intro 👍 . welcome to the clubhouse.
  3. Best Karma Ever!

    wow, that car brings rain where I live. You would get a note on your car every week.
  4. new guy from west MI

    Hi Mark, welcome to Carverville. Glad to have another Carver fan aboard. Tell us more about yourself and please post some pics of your systems. The database here is awesome. Cheers!
  5. That's a good deal and a very nice set of speakers. I like the ad and have a suggestion. Listing the reason you need to sell is effective. State that the speakers need no work at all. Also, I like to first sell the awesomeness to hook the potential buyer then follow up with the nuts and bolts and finally the off-putting section of who you will respond to. They will sell i'm sure. Just keep listing. Also try listing here for those that hate Craigslist. http://www.usaudiomart.com/classifieds/3-speakers/ Good luck. Please post pics of the new speakers.
  6. Its a sign of the times they said...

    I'm sure that you will interview well. This change that you manifested happened for a good reason. When the personal growth factor is missing from our lives we all die a little each day. That reverberates through everything. When you branch out your soul gets fed with new vigor and great satisfaction will be had again. It also doesn't matter if you nail the first job. What matters is the growth that will get you beaming again which gets you employed. Luck is with you and you know it. We are here when you need us and you can take that to the bank.
  7. Sharing stories for no particular reason

    I have a new-to-me dog. 90lbs of Pit we rescued. Biggest lover ever. Sleeps between us at night under the covers. Had to buy a king bed.
  8. In exactly that price range if you want to play with the Amazings a member here wrf will be selling some refurbished Silvers with new woofers and refurbished crossovers. He constantly buys speakers and plays with them a while and moves on to another set. He lives near San Jose so it would be a road trip. They are large speakers so you would need enough space. I just modified my set to biamp with my 500t mk II and my tfm 45. I can also recommend as a new unit the sealed servo subs from Rythmic.
  9. This space for rent

    Hah! My plan is working. There is no off switch is there? Cruel design of the male chemistry.
  10. This space for rent

    Yes. Greg's spark has been rising from the ashes. Nice to see eh?
  11. Carver 350 Tube Mono Blocks

    I have tumescence.
  12. The Banned Game

    Wacko banned for attempted cutesy post.
  13. The Banned Game

    Now I'm banned but I don't care
  14. For the Hell of it

    Nice work.
  15. The Banned Game

    Itch banned for being whiney and not banning.