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  1. PMAT

    doPDF 10.4.118

    CamScanner is really easy to use app on my iPhone.
  2. Listing the original pricing is nice, but current pricing should be eliminated due to disparities in the verifiable condition of any model, and the market area.
  3. Sounds like a plan. 👍
  4. I was surfing Tidal’s newest MQA offerings and found KINGS MOUTH by the Flaming Lips. I was floored by the Sonic Disneyland of this album. I was absolutely blown away by the sonic holography delivery and I really enjoyed the musicality and non-pop theme of this latest album. On a side note, my system is now delivering the best sound I’ve ever experienced. It is also the same incredible goosebump level every day. That’s how I know it’s completely dialed. Many times in the past I thought I had it dialed only to find a day or two later at the magic was gone. Or the magic was only on a few tracks. I’m super excited to listen again.
  5. Welcome Johanar, glad you could join us. If you liked the C-17 I’m sure you will love the C-11. After a few posts provide few pictures of your gear. Again welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.
  6. Ok, great start! Tube buffer/C9 combo with blue colored M500 meters and remote control...........
  7. I would probably put her through med school. (blue med)
  8. I would be hesitant to state pricing since it fluctuates. If you see a unit you are interested in, call dibbs on it here and ask the group about that unit. We all love to encourage a good Carver forager. We will also refrain from bidding the unit up against you. Have fun!
  9. Welcome Will. You might share a little about yourself when you get a chance. Enjoy your stay.
  10. I’m in, thanks. A new toy would be fun. Go Carver Canada! #192
  11. PMAT

    Buy these Earbuds!

    So far I have abused mine pretty badly and had no problems. Earbuds usually don’t fit me well. At this price I dare you all (insert evil laugh).
  12. Start the New Year right and spend some money. Six months ago I bought the basic 1MORE Earbuds (yes I wanted to buy the most $$$ model of theirs but I had restraint) to have some acceptable sound at the gym and for watching concerts on my Ipad at night after work. After review surfing (mostly bullshit as usual) I pulled the trigger on these > amazon link Whoa! These gems blow my Sennheisers out of the water. No harshness. No excess anything. Smooth and dynamic with awesome bass, clear mids and highs without exaggerations. The packaging is first rate and the build quality is stupid good at this price. Am I gushing? The bonus is the ear tips (9 pair) that do a great job of sealing the ear and staying put when you move around. Disclaimer: I don't know if that seller is good on Amazon. I just wanted a link.
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