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  1. PMAT

    Carver Audio Fan Club Italy

    I'm half Italian and half Croatian. I wish I spoke Italian. Good luck with the facebook fun. I don't facebook unfortunately.
  2. I like it a lot. Perfect for that mood. Love the instant access to music through Tidal. No waiting on recommendations.
  3. PMAT

    Hashy's Bench

    It takes big balls to fly your own mission. Enjoy the flight every day! (lady balls too)
  4. PMAT

    Audio publications

    I still buy Stereophile rags and keep them in my Yukon to sit and read when I am waiting for my wife to get off work etc. I swear it's only for the articles and nothing to do with the foldout. Seriously, I truly enjoy the nice pics of juicy equipment. I also really like it when I read about a high dollar unit that gets a gushing review and then Atkinson's measurements collide with it. It reminds me of Bob's trials of old. The best part though is finding awesome music that reviewers pony up.
  5. Wow!! What a great karma. My Silvers will be buried with me.
  6. PMAT

    Hello Everybody

    Hi Bill. Those old 802 Matrix are sweet speakers. If you are sticking with them you may see some benefit from the higher power Carvers like your 400 or others. [-- obligatory caution insert-- We will cost you money around here]. I think the shortest route to eargasm would be to buy a refurbed amp from one of the members here. Sometimes a tech may have one hanging around. BTW what other gear is in your chain?
  7. Welcome fellow Carver lover.
  8. PMAT

    Back Again... Rising from the Ashes

    It is really nice to see you rebuilding. You were instrumental in my Carver birth. My workshop system is CT-7 based, it sounds great, and reminds me of you often. Wishing you well from Nor Cal. PMAT
  9. I'm hooked on streaming Tidal Hi Res. I got me centered on the music again. It lets me listen to everyone's records, cds and tapes at the touch of my fingers. The Volume control is on my IPad and sounds great. I can get lost in an artist then delete the links when I tire of it so my interface doesn't look like Zumbini's record walls. I CAN ALWAYS GO BACK TO IT. I have 5 versions of Stravinski's Firebird. It's alllllll about the mood. I play what I'm in the mood for and my choices are vast with this media.
  10. PMAT

    Dnspy007's Ever Changing Cave......

    I haven't had Polk wood in a while, thanks!
  11. PMAT

    The best packing job I have ever seen...

    Wow on both. I have experienced the other end of the spectrum. I bought a PT-1800 on E mess from Florida and it arrived in Ca in one piece in an oversized cardboard box wit NO packing at all. It works!
  12. PMAT

    Just bought a TFM-75

    Nice purchase. I had the pleasure of listening to that very unit in my home. What a beast. Welcome to the site.
  13. Definitely won't fit on the album cover. Good luck to all the Dudetts.
  14. Awesome Dude (West coast type Dude). Not in. My johnson is huge, it wouldn't be fair.
  15. Love this post. Best post for me in a while. Gleeful. Have fun. The room may just sound great like it is. Please share more of your experience as you plow through music.