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  1. PMAT

    Just got here...

    Welcome Will. You might share a little about yourself when you get a chance. Enjoy your stay.
  2. I’m in, thanks. A new toy would be fun. Go Carver Canada! #192
  3. PMAT

    Buy these Earbuds!

    So far I have abused mine pretty badly and had no problems. Earbuds usually don’t fit me well. At this price I dare you all (insert evil laugh).
  4. PMAT

    Buy these Earbuds!

    Start the New Year right and spend some money. Six months ago I bought the basic 1MORE Earbuds (yes I wanted to buy the most $$$ model of theirs but I had restraint) to have some acceptable sound at the gym and for watching concerts on my Ipad at night after work. After review surfing (mostly bullshit as usual) I pulled the trigger on these > amazon link Whoa! These gems blow my Sennheisers out of the water. No harshness. No excess anything. Smooth and dynamic with awesome bass, clear mids and highs without exaggerations. The packaging is first rate and the build quality is stupid good at this price. Am I gushing? The bonus is the ear tips (9 pair) that do a great job of sealing the ear and staying put when you move around. Disclaimer: I don't know if that seller is good on Amazon. I just wanted a link.
  5. PMAT

    My visit from Santa (B-Man)

    Bravo bravo bravo. Great karma work. Gotta love that gift of time, our most precious commodity. Bravo B-man!
  6. PMAT

    FS - M4.0t, C-1, TX11b, C-9

    It might just be the time of the year that is slowing the sale. Good luck.
  7. I'm not going to complain about Christmas ever again. I'm going to focus on the good stuff. I'm seeing gleeful and excited kids, trees that make my house smell great, fantastic food and drink and Bob Carvers gifts. My wife invented holidays for me. I didn't have much of it growing up. Now I have lots of it and I'm grateful. My kids and grand kids owe it all to my wife. She goes big. Yes the budget is frightful, but only when I ignore the benefit. I'm lucky really. Here is a little taste.
  8. PMAT

    Favorite Pictures

    Still one of my favorites.
  9. PMAT

    Happy Birthday Nahash5150

    Happy birthday Greg, today and every day that you wake up alive. I hope you have many. Cheers, PMAT
  10. PMAT

    Carver Audio Fan Club Italy

    I'm half Italian and half Croatian. I wish I spoke Italian. Good luck with the facebook fun. I don't facebook unfortunately.
  11. I like it a lot. Perfect for that mood. Love the instant access to music through Tidal. No waiting on recommendations.
  12. PMAT

    Hashy's Bench

    It takes big balls to fly your own mission. Enjoy the flight every day! (lady balls too)
  13. PMAT

    Audio publications

    I still buy Stereophile rags and keep them in my Yukon to sit and read when I am waiting for my wife to get off work etc. I swear it's only for the articles and nothing to do with the foldout. Seriously, I truly enjoy the nice pics of juicy equipment. I also really like it when I read about a high dollar unit that gets a gushing review and then Atkinson's measurements collide with it. It reminds me of Bob's trials of old. The best part though is finding awesome music that reviewers pony up.
  14. Wow!! What a great karma. My Silvers will be buried with me.
  15. PMAT

    Hello Everybody

    Hi Bill. Those old 802 Matrix are sweet speakers. If you are sticking with them you may see some benefit from the higher power Carvers like your 400 or others. [-- obligatory caution insert-- We will cost you money around here]. I think the shortest route to eargasm would be to buy a refurbed amp from one of the members here. Sometimes a tech may have one hanging around. BTW what other gear is in your chain?