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  1. weitrhino

    100 CD Karma

    An impressive offer! I graciously request to be 'in.'
  2. weitrhino

    My Sunfire 300~Two is on eBay if anyone is interested

    Good luck, Doug.
  3. weitrhino

    Sunfire Tube pre plus other equipment feeler

    You could also try USAudiomart. It has a Canadian counterpart as well.
  4. weitrhino

    Bands/Albums you used to love, but now.... Not so much.

    Mellencamp....never again Eagles.....please shoot me...in the head U2....wretched and awful tripe Van Halen...Eruption...like an icepick in the ear Kiss....without the makeup people would laugh at them Dave Matthews....seriously, why is this even successful Springsteen.....I'd rather masturbate with a belt sander
  5. weitrhino

    Sunfire Tube pre plus other equipment feeler

    I have two inquiries. Can you PM me your contact details? I will only share them with your permission if these guys remain interested now that they know your price.
  6. weitrhino

    Sunfire Tube pre plus other equipment feeler

    I put out a couple feelers to people I know were looking for a Sunfire tube preamp in the recent past.
  7. weitrhino

    New Member

    I think I'd be having a word with the seller.
  8. weitrhino

    Free Trade

    I think this would be a very fair trade.
  9. weitrhino

    Selling all of my Carver gear!...

    Brother, I hate to say it but I feel your pain.
  10. weitrhino

    The music memory game

    I was a high school radio DJ. The station was located in a separate room attached to the electronics class and during senior year I ran the last 3 hrs of the school day playing anything I chose. One day the electronics teacher was reviewing the day’s playlist when he saw Foreplay - Long Time in the log and he nearly blew a vein in his skull convinced there was sexual innuendo in the song. I had to play it for him to keep my slot at the controls.
  11. weitrhino

    *Sold* Sonorous Speaker Kit

    Sale pending........
  12. I have an unbuilt Sonorous speaker kit, packaged and boxed just like when originally shipped. I need the money. $450 plus shipping
  13. weitrhino

    Designers of some striking album covers

    Phil Hartman also did this one:
  14. Back to the party barn with you!