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  1. weitrhino

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    Box shape on the right suggest Silver 7t/9t
  2. weitrhino

    *Sold* Sonorous Speaker Kit

  3. weitrhino

    *Sold* Sonorous Speaker Kit

    Sale pending........
  4. I have an unbuilt Sonorous speaker kit, packaged and boxed just like when originally shipped. I need the money. $450 plus shipping
  5. weitrhino

    Designers of some striking album covers

    Phil Hartman also did this one:
  6. Back to the party barn with you!
  7. weitrhino

    Best Karma Ever!

    Very humbling, indeed!
  8. weitrhino

    Back to Square One...

    Relationships are hard work.
  9. may I suggest reversing the order of your TX-11 and your M500t? Let the amp breathe.
  10. weitrhino

    FM Stations

    fmfool.com is another good one. It will produce a signal strength chart and location graphic based on your data input
  11. weitrhino

    dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Awesome news, Dennis! Good for you and your daughter!
  12. weitrhino

    A dreaded Scintilla Owner!

    Well, sure. But you won’t get ‘extra’ power because some channels are unused.
  13. weitrhino

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    An impressive offering to be sure. I'm in, and should I win I will rip the titles I'd like to have and re-karma the lot!
  14. weitrhino

    My crap stuff :)

    Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. He's hot for speakers!
  15. weitrhino

    Hey all

    Tim feeling the Carver power!