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  1. weitrhino

    Sunfire Tube pre plus other equipment feeler

    I have two inquiries. Can you PM me your contact details? I will only share them with your permission if these guys remain interested now that they know your price.
  2. weitrhino

    Sunfire Tube pre plus other equipment feeler

    I put out a couple feelers to people I know were looking for a Sunfire tube preamp in the recent past.
  3. weitrhino

    New Member

    I think I'd be having a word with the seller.
  4. weitrhino

    Free Trade

    I think this would be a very fair trade.
  5. weitrhino

    Selling all of my Carver gear!...

    Brother, I hate to say it but I feel your pain.
  6. weitrhino

    The music memory game

    I was a high school radio DJ. The station was located in a separate room attached to the electronics class and during senior year I ran the last 3 hrs of the school day playing anything I chose. One day the electronics teacher was reviewing the day’s playlist when he saw Foreplay - Long Time in the log and he nearly blew a vein in his skull convinced there was sexual innuendo in the song. I had to play it for him to keep my slot at the controls.
  7. weitrhino

    *Sold* Sonorous Speaker Kit

  8. weitrhino

    *Sold* Sonorous Speaker Kit

    Sale pending........
  9. I have an unbuilt Sonorous speaker kit, packaged and boxed just like when originally shipped. I need the money. $450 plus shipping
  10. weitrhino

    Designers of some striking album covers

    Phil Hartman also did this one:
  11. Back to the party barn with you!
  12. weitrhino

    Best Karma Ever!

    Very humbling, indeed!
  13. weitrhino

    Back to Square One...

    Relationships are hard work.
  14. may I suggest reversing the order of your TX-11 and your M500t? Let the amp breathe.
  15. weitrhino

    FM Stations

    fmfool.com is another good one. It will produce a signal strength chart and location graphic based on your data input