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  1. Canadian Carver Fans

    Rod H, StaticVar, PDR, Balok Also see Member Map. @Nahash5150is updating it, as seen in the Banner.
  2. Whenever Barry visits, we just listen to 2Ch. The HT is my son's room, which I rarely partake. @BarryGa visit is long overdue.
  3. member name change

    Maytag, Welcome back (again)!
  4. The 500t MkIIs are much easier to track (SBL, SL, L, R, SR, SBR, Center Channel - Upper row).
  5. RIP Barbara Bush

    Beautiful and graceful lady with poise. She will be missed. RIP.
  6. TX8 and TX8r (Remote version of TX8) are black-face, while TX2 and TX11(a) are Anthracite. TX2 closely matches a C2, while a TX-11(a) matches a C-1 more closely. Consider a TX-11, if you do not need AM.
  7. Chops' Modest System...

    Some more to add to the list - Sting's Brand New Day (DVD/CD), Flight of the Phoenix (2004 Movie with Dennis Quaid) and The Fifth Element (opening scenes with the alien aircraft landing).
  8. Bonzoro can do wonders to the 4000 (C or 't'), when you feel so inclined.
  9. @david h Looks very nice, but probably sounds even better. We just need to get the DAC, so you can get the digital music stream out of your computer.
  10. M500t rack handles

    The seller does not list the corresponding screws for these. I wonder if they were removed from a M500t/M500.
  11. Chops' Modest System...

    You are welcome. Glad to see them put to good use in a loving home. If you decide to play Skyfall (James Bond) at night, just turn it down a wee-bit during the explosion and chopper scenes, otherwise your neighbors may object.
  12. M500t rack handles

    A tad too expensive at $80+$5 S&H.
  13. mbskeam's System

    Congratulations, Mike! Very nice transition. (Did Jim give you a good deal? Just K...)
  14. Some of the Audio Research hybrid or pure Tube designs are excellent preamplifiers. A Nelson Pass FET10 also has an excellent sound.