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  1. It is tough to find anyone to repair DA2s. Schematics are not available. Ask @wrf, if he can assist.
  2. U.S. billionaire Ross Perot, who shook up 1990s presidential politics, dead at 89 RIP.
  3. NASA sold moon landing footage to an intern for $218. Now, the tapes could sell for millions Fascinating!
  4. What would an @itchitchBlack face(plate! 🤣 JK!) look like on this M500t MkII? 🤔
  5. Lee Iacocca, who helped create the Ford Mustang and then rescued Chrysler in the 1980s, has died RIP.
  6. @danowood and @Retriever. Thank you for the generous karma. Much appreciated. PM sent.
  7. I am certain you will find more!
  8. Happy Canada Day! A new poll says the vast majority of Canadians would fail the citizenship test We are waiting for the US Census questionnaire to be finalized! 🤣
  9. This diagram brings up a question. There is SH on C9 and C1. Which one do you prefer, and using the C1 SH would eliminate the C9 and a component from the signal chain.
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