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  1. Planes typically land at 180-200 knots. It is even more scary to think about such scenarios.
  2. @Rockster2UU Rock! Thank you 👍. (Not in).
  3. @DrewNH @dennismiller55 in Clifton, ME may be able to help you out. Send him a PM.
  4. Supertramp featuring David Gilmour. IIRC @Daddyjt chose this for Carver 2014 CD, and should be commended. Joe Walsh can do some magic, too...
  5. Did not have enough sugar in my system, and chose the same as AJ. In with 443 (SSL).
  6. In - 499. You may want to choose another one. Going to 'cheat' a bit... Prime Numbers Chart and Calculator.
  7. You are talking about temporary relief. This [OCCD] is a genetic evolutionary step, a mutation, if you will. There is no cure. 🤣 (Caveat Emptor!) Resistance is (indeed) futile, assimilation is 101% guaranteed.
  8. Scott Walker, influential rock enigma, dies aged 76
  9. @compwaco👏👍 Not in!
  10. The Marching band in this one is very nice...
  11. @sea Is this same Sunfire 300x2 that you had at the CF?
  12. Did @Daddyjtmention Jay Leno and cars? 😁 . Wonderful Karma (but not in). Someone will get an early X'Mas gift!
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