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  1. The Marching band in this one is very nice...
  2. @sea Is this same Sunfire 300x2 that you had at the CF?
  3. Did @Daddyjtmention Jay Leno and cars? 😁 . Wonderful Karma (but not in). Someone will get an early X'Mas gift!
  4. Amazon uses UPS for return shipments as does Crutchfield. I have returned a 'damaged' Marantz 8802a to Crutchfield, and made them triple-box the next one. I have a broken Dell U2715H under my desk, which was packed in foam and an outer box, which UPS destroyed. Still waiting (since Nov 7th) for UPS to show up and take it so I can get my money back. I have lost a Sunfire TSEQ10 (which was packed by UPS). @Rockster2Utook pity on me to rebuilt it (better than the original). USPS (to Canada) and FedEx (domestically) have been much better.
  5. A bird in hand, is better than two in the bush. 🤣
  6. It is a tough choice to pick the best. Unless someone objectively documents each one based on a common set of criteria, it becomes purely subjective. Historians, in most cases, will glorify the period that they document, for posterity in most cases, which is very subjective.
  7. BBC has The Lifespans of Ancient Civilizations which I find very fascinating.
  8. @anatechlast posted around Xmas, 2018.
  9. Is there an SPCC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Carvers)? 🤔
  10. Shipping damage is the worst enemy of a Carver.
  11. I have a single M500 (refreshed). Need to get a second, so the first one is not lonely. 😊. Unlike @trav0810, who is busy running through every brand/model ever made. 🤣
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