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  1. @zumbiniis the CarverPedia for such quests. This eBay Phase Linear 4000 may be worth consideration too.
  2. loner_t

    Modern touch screens and Carver gear

    A Linux Touchscreen may be a possible future direction. There are also Speech-based remotes that can bring modern technology to vintage Carvers. Arduino and RPi are also interesting kits.
  3. loner_t

    Modern touch screens and Carver gear

    The idea, specifically for the m500(t) was to Replace the analog meters with LCD VU meters whose colors could be adjusted, and, the middle logo - where M500(t) + Carver is - put a simple touch control for Power On/Off. IN the case of the M500, the face plate would no longer need cutting. I do understand @Rod H's point of view, that it will not add any new feature/function. For many of us, the physical movement to reach a piece of equipment, can also be our daily physical exercise. 🤣 The option to buy a more modern gear suggested by @dennismiller55 is good one. I use a Marantz 8802a with vintage M500t MkIIs. Many of us use modern PreProcessors with vintage amps. @AndrewJohn Pi 3's rule. Myriad of possibilities.
  4. @kve777had suggested LCD VU meters to replace the M500t meters at CF2018. This is a step further in the same direction and can also address legibility issues of face plates. Touch screens instead of mechanical controls on Carver face plates may be an option, but expense is an important parameter in any such decision. Mods - move this, if necessary, to any category as appropriate. Should this also be a poll?
  5. Welcome to CS, @nwlaznik.
  6. Welcome to CS, Chas!. In the Reply box, see
  7. loner_t

    Butterflies in the kitchen.

    To Save Monarch Butterflies, Gardeners Plant More Milkweed Monarch Butterfly Population Rejuvenated After Last Year's Record Low
  8. loner_t

    Happy 85th Birthday Wayne Shorter

    Despite his early days being with many greats, Heavy Weather, is perhaps the most memorable one for me.
  9. loner_t

    Rest In Peace Senator McCain

    Brave in life, as in death. RIP Senator McCain.
  10. loner_t

    Aretha Franklin Karma

    Congrats, Barry!. Compwaco.. very nice Karma.
  11. loner_t

    RIP: Ed King

    Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King, co-writer of 'Sweet Home Alabama,' dies Used to hear this almost everyday for 16 years in Atlanta, GA
  12. Glad you like it, and Thank You! Looking forward to your handiwork on this piece.
  13. loner_t

    WTB - Six M-500t Rack Handles

    @Sk1Bumhad made these as samples. These are just handles, without the coupling plates.
  14. loner_t

    WTB - Six M-500t Rack Handles

    The Rack Handles for the M500/M500t is a tough quest. They are pretty rare, but you may be able to find alternatives. Also, color matching can be daunting.
  15. loner_t

    Image hosting service

    I have been using IMGUR for a while now, and it seems to have remained free for a while. Not certain what the future holds, though.