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  1. @AndrewJohn If I replace "Adobe" by "Blackberry", your post applies succinctly to it's demise as well. There are many such stories. I marvel at IBM, which keeps rising back as it adopts new technology (like acquisition of RedHat). It learnt from its mistakes by hanging to aging technologies. Is the Virtualization/Cloud/Hybrid Clouds too late for what others (Amazon/VMware/Google) have already popularized? Time will tell.
  2. Flash player security (or lack thereof) has been a problem. Because of its installed base, it is hard to disable. Safari removed their built-in version, which can be installed as a plugin. Chrome still bundles it in, but may soon stop such bundling. I personally think HTML5 is a better choice. Comparison of HTML5 and Flash
  3. Safe travels, @jazzman53! I will miss you and @martin1970 this year. The Euro and GFS models are
  4. Wow! Power outages and surges implies that DeathStar will be 'quiet' too! 😢
  5. If Dorian does not hug the coast and goes in-land, we are looking at a Sandy-like destruction. Scary! Stay safe, Charlie. (I know you can! 😉). Apparently, interstate lanes are being reversed to allow evacuation.
  6. Many are traveling to CF2019. Safe journeys. Last year I saw power company trucks traveling down I-81 towards FL/GA around the same time.
  7. I like this one, but I do not want to hear it everyday... This one makes me reach for ear plugs...
  8. Most likely from Charleston, IL.
  9. Welcome to CS, @Bwest. If the person you mention is from CS, most likely it is @Daddyjt. Either way, you are (were?) in good hands. I have several C1s, including one listed in the FS listings on this site. The various faceplates are Silver C1... Anthracite C1/Black C11
  10. RK also occasionally posts on carverstereoforum.com .
  11. I have a couple of C1/C11s - which @wrf and @dennismiller55 have upgraded/refreshed. Let me know if you need pictures/details.
  12. ColoGuard is another option to consider.
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