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  1. loner_t

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    @pindrop I have tried three pairs of speakers from the same source and two preamps (BillD C11, C1 and Tape loop) and each pair being driven by separate amp (3 x M500t MKIIs or pair of TFM42s and M500t MkII). The 'wall' of sound is loud, but incoherent and imaging is pretty awful. SH makes it far worse. I did try to set the 'loudness' to the same level on individual pairs, but it is still not ideal for regular listening. Just my 2c.
  2. loner_t

    How much???

    @kve777that is bloody marvellous at $40.
  3. Third time lucky: Pattie Boyd, ex-wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, marries long-term love
  4. loner_t

    Silver 9t's on eBay

    That is highway robbery!
  5. loner_t

    Favorite Bass Lines

    @Dnspy007 on Red Barchetta, this part is fantastic... Suddenly, ahead of me, across the mountainside A gleaming alloy air-car, shoots towards me, two lanes wide I spin around with shrieking tires, to run the deadly race Go screaming through the valley as another joins the chase Run like the wind Straining the limits of machine and man Laughing out loud With fear and hope, I've got a desperate plan At the one-lane bridge I leave the giants stranded At the riverside Race back to the farm To dream with my uncle At the fireside...
  6. loner_t

    Favorite Bass Lines

    Some of my favorites...
  7. loner_t

    Free Trade

    Happy Canada Day, JR! (No Tariff, but tell Justin, that your Steel and Aluminum is a National Security Issue a few hundred times, so he stops denying it). 😂
  8. loner_t

    Genuine Snake oil - only $299/1.5ml!!

    ... and the OP admits that similar issues occurred... The only problem I had was with the first batch and that had to do with shorting out a tube pin in the line stage. Use the "TC" very sparingly on tube pins, if at all. I only had problems with the line stage tube pins. The Amp, CD Player and Phono Stage has had no tube pin problems at all. We need room-temperature superconductors to avoid 'contact' issues - Room-Temp Superconductors Could Be Possible . The A'gon article was written on 25 Dec 2017, but the Superconductivity article is from 27 Sep 2016. Very surprising that A'goners have yet to start selling 'pastes' which exhibit such superconducting properties. 😂
  9. loner_t

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    Heard this one in@treitz3 cabin at CF2017. See if you like the story (and AK any better)...
  10. loner_t

    eBay C-1 > A Good Deal

    @dennismiller55it is so tempting.
  11. loner_t

    Bands/Singers you want to hate but Can't!

    My kids played this constantly, and I want to dislike it, but do not seem to be able to. Thiis is thanks to @Maddmaster. Saw the NFL Half-time show and never wanted to hear this, but... This one evoked intense dislike at first, but, again... ... and last one, before I exceed my quota...
  12. loner_t

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    Can I/May I recommend Red Barchetta? Mozart is so much fun in his Operas. This is nice, DCL, don't you think so? How about this one B-Man?
  13. loner_t

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I am not a fan of Beatles either, despite being very wonderful musicians individually. McCartney and the Wings are another who I am no fan of. I prefer George Harrison's solo career over other Beatles'. Traveling Wilburys, OTOH, are a very nice band to listen to. Wish they had more albums. @DaddyjtOpera can be fun, especially the comic variety. I like CSNY, and CSN. Chicago is great, but Cetera, not that much.
  14. loner_t

    Selling all of my Carver gear!...

    PMAT, perhaps?