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  1. Welcome to CS, @Bwest. If the person you mention is from CS, most likely it is @Daddyjt. Either way, you are (were?) in good hands. I have several C1s, including one listed in the FS listings on this site. The various faceplates are Silver C1... Anthracite C1/Black C11
  2. RK also occasionally posts on carverstereoforum.com .
  3. I have a couple of C1/C11s - which @wrf and @dennismiller55 have upgraded/refreshed. Let me know if you need pictures/details.
  4. Good for 10 years. It is like drinking automobile anti-freeze. Terrible tasting concoction!
  5. Fingers-crossed for you to get back to a better place so you can restart the OCCD engines. 👍
  6. The 'trying' is more fun. Getting to perfection seems to indicate a finality from which there is no turning back. The Lexus logo - relentless pursuit of perfection - seems a better path. Just my 2c.
  7. Keep an eye on your setup. The SPs can be nasty.
  8. Verizon wanted to cut him off after 20GB. I do not know the exact details. Verizon Data Plans & Features - Terms & Conditions has this clause, which seems to be open to abuse by VZ. Customers who do not have dedicated Mobile Broadband devices cannot tether other devices to laptops or personal computers for use as wireless modems unless they subscribe to Mobile Broadband Connect. We further reserve the right to take measures to protect our network and other users from harm, compromised capacity or degradation in performance. These measures may impact your service, and we reserve the right to deny, modify or terminate service, with or without notice, to anyone we believe is using Data Plans or Features in a manner that adversely impacts our network. SPs should provide such an alternative, if they are really serious about Broadband ubiquity. Typical 2.4/5G Outdoor WiFi APs have a range of 700-1500 feet, depending on terrain. LoS CBRS is another option for SPs. If there is a strand, the SP delivering service to your neighbor can mount APs to provide you service. There are ways to address such constraints, if the SPs really want to serve consumers.
  9. There is no past tense in such admissions of guilt. It is now in your DNA. Welcome to the never-ending party, @Buck115O'Texas! There are many folks of collar (aka Carver Techs) who can absolve you of your 'sins' so you can continue to commit them. 😆
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