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  1. CWT50

    RIP Chuck Berry

    RIP Chuck, another great one lost.
  2. Greg, Thank you for your usual great work and all the time you have spent keeping the site going.
  3. CWT50

    R.I.P. Percy Sledge

    To all, my comment of the date of death was not meant as a slight again the emence talent of both artists. 2016 has been a terrible year for the loss of great and talented people. Items from old pop up time and time again on the Internet and if you don't check the date you think it just happened. I am a new official senior , and every death of artist or actors that have brought me joy over the years just makes me feel older, sadder and more aware of my own mortality. Thanks
  4. CWT50

    R.I.P. Percy Sledge

    I believe that he died April 12, 2015 and Lynn died in June , 2015.
  5. CWT50

    R.I.P. Prince

    So sad, such a intelligent artist, with thought provoking music. Will be greatly missed. RIP
  6. CWT50

    Pink Floyd Karma

    Barry ,thank you for such a great karma. Congrats to Dano. Wayne
  7. CWT50

    RIP, Maurice White

    Amen Brutha, and we are old too LOL I find new hurts every day.Feeling very old, all these stars of my youth passing. Great band in heaven Wayne
  8. CWT50

    Pink Floyd Karma

    65, awesome karma Barry.
  9. CWT50

    RIP David Bowie

    RIP David. All these stars of our youth passing makes you realize just how old you are ,even though you feel young ,life is finite
  10. CWT50


    RIP Gary, Sadly one never knows when your day will come. Live every day like it's your last.
  11. CWT50

    Kev777 is on vacation

    Kevin, I hope all you need is some rest.Get well soon. Prayers sent. Wayne
  12. CWT50


    Perry, soory to hear about your mother, prayers to you and your family. The barn looks great. Wayne
  13. CWT50

    Why I'm blue

    My back knows your pain. We are 10 days away from moving ourselves, boxes litter the house , first truck comes in 3 days, next one in 6 days. The joys of moving. I have been having a garage sale for the last 2 weeks to get rid of the clutter items. Wayne
  14. CWT50

    Is the wife trying to tell me something

    Better take her out to dinner, or some flowers. Or treat her to a day at a spa. Wayne