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    Do you know any jokes?

    Monday. Bank Manager calls for a meeting to check who's this unknown fellow depositing money that his account reached millions already. His background should be checked. Turns out the client is just a simple man living an average life. To clean his doubts, he invited the client to a house party to squeeze in a small talk so as to not obviously doing his background check. The client gets his money from betting. The bank manager would not believe, betting only involves small amount of money especially that the client is just doing it occasionally. The BM decided he should try it one time to prove that the client is depositing legit and clean money in his bank. The client accepted. BM "what is the simplest bet we can get started with?" "I bet you have balls as big as a football!" says the client. BM believe he will win because no man has this size so he accepted the challenge. Client set Friday 12 noon at the BM's office to close the deal and money involve is a million dollar, BM "ok I'll see you then ". The party ended. Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday pass by with the BM constantly calling the client to be sure about the day and time. Friday morning. BM checked his size while bathing, in the car, in the office "they're not the size the client had said, he's a crazy man, I should be a million dollar richer today!" Client arrived and ask the BM to be in the office before 12nn, client requested that his 3 companions be allowed inside as witnesses. BM ok'd that his secretary would also be inside to act as a witness too and to count the money. Everybody agreed. Client requested the BM to show his B at exactly 12, BM said "I can even stand on top of my table so you all can see." 12nn: BM started to climb on the table, unzipped and lowered his pants until bang! for about 10 seconds the BM kept this figure. "So we're finish now?" BM asked. Ok sir you can fix yourself now and let's settle what we have agreed. Client gave the money to the secretary, secretary validated money is ok, BM is so happy, he requested the witnesses go out first for he will have a talk with the client. BM asked "how can give away such amount of money for things like this that you know is not true?" Client: those 3 witnesses, I told them that for a million dollar bet each, I can make a Bank Manager show his balls at exactly 12noon Friday. They accepted the challenge.
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    What are you listening to?

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    Audionut vs Audiophile

    “Audionut + Money = Audiophile Audiophile - Money = Audionut Audiophile ≠ Audionut 😀” by Honey Badger Hello Yardcrap. I have a stock C1 with the PC as the main source and sometimes the Yamaha CD player. CD’s are mainly New Wave and rock from Grand Funk, Led Zep, The Ramones, Clash, Nirvana to Stone Tempe Pilots. I don’t have a turntable but my wife does with some Police, Sting and lovesong vinyls, I don’t use them, why? (they’re at the in laws house). C1’s mains 1 & 2 goes to a Sony XM-504Z 50W x 4 channel and an Alpine MRP-M450 Monoblock Class D amps, yes all 12 volts DC. Sony amp is driving a pair of MB Quart QM 130 5.25” component set while the Alpine is in charge for the Sony 12” XS-L126P5 subwoofer jobs. Think they are all at entry level classification, enough for the house. The wife hates the tight sound of sealed box so I followed the manual’s ported specs and set the LHF to 55hz dial to soften some more. Changes to 80-100hz when Van Halen etc. is playing. Power comes from a 40 amp power supply with 8ga wires. Very odd setup, but this is what I can afford to level with my neighbor’s hip hop music and the other’s with their karaoke machines. Good thing there is a regulation about using these videoke machines in the local area. Audionut count me in. We all love music that’s the common denominator I think. A day without hearing music? I cant describe. I have the gear and less money, Audionut again. That’s + 2.