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  1. Now it is time to figure out how to proceed. When all the parts were finally connected I listened even with the lite static and indicator lights were on. Now the hum remains but there is no other sound. Every device lights up (even ones plugged into the back of the CT-7). The screen that displays the tuner is completely dark but the red power indicator is on as with the other control indicators some work but not all. I am looking for useful thoughts and pathways please...
  2. What will be the best way to find what is causing these issues?
  3. I ran into a couple issues. When I am close to the speakers I hear a very light noise(static to a buzz) from either tweeter or midrange. When your more 2 feet away I do not pick it up and when turning up the volume I do not pick it up at all. Now I also heard very high pitch during shut down and my guess will be the amp( my thought). Do my descriptions make sense and how expensive will it be to repair?
  4. I haven't finished all the pieces yet. The CT-7, M1.5t , Nad and the Belles are complete!(listening now) I did start slow and let the pieces warm up and listened to a few cd's. So far the music sounds precise . G&R, Mannheim Steamroller and Dire Straits.
  5. Update, I just receive the can of cleaner and when everything is cleaned and dry. I'll hook it up for a test then while listening I hope to post some pictures!
  6. Howdy, there is a lot of info here! Enjoy yourself!
  7. Thank you people for the welcome and hopefully by the time that I reach the level to post pix I will have them taken. I need to clean the pieces before wiring them up again, Everything was unplugged and separated prior to work in the house. There is dust and dirt kicked up as well as drywall dust that is in everything. I will wiping down the cases and using compressed air to "dust" circuits if this is acceptable or do I need to use a safer way for the equipment?
  8. Taking a break while looking around here. My Carver CT-7 going through the M1.5t to supply from (whatever in the mood for listening) Akai 10" Reel to Reel , B&O RX 2, NAD 5240, Yamaha CDC 655 along with several DBX pieces all going through a pair of Belle's to my ears. So as time moves on I will have questions on equipment.
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