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  1. @AndrewJohn thanks I will keep that in mind but was really looking for one that doesn’t have rack mount slots.
  2. Looking to see if anyone has an M-1.5 parts unit. I am looking for a faceplate. I found a good deal on a working amp but the faceplate is hacked pretty bad for rack mount. Last resort is a new one from you know who, so I would prefer a decent original. Any help would be awesome. Thanks everyone
  3. @Zoom, Happy Birthday Kick back, relax and enjoy the day. Hope its a great one.
  4. Simply amazing machines, and I have been fortunate enough to work on a nitro team briefly. I was the crank and rods guy and doing bottom end maintenance. Great times. Damn happy my favorite team (John Force Racing) cleaned house yesterday.
  5. Welcome @DrewNH, you will find all kinds of help and support here on CS. Its a great bunch of folks.
  6. Happy Birthday CompWaco, hope its a fantastic one.
  7. 73 years young. Happy Birthday, hope its a great one.
  8. Daily is a 2009 Volkwagon CC 2.0T with APR stage one tune and TSW wheels, and the summer toy is a 2012 Harley Street Glide the wife bought for me. In return I upgraded her truck to a 2015 Ford F350 4" lift on 35" tires.
  9. Damn 100 miles each way. No wonder.the Nissan had that kinda mileage. Hope the Honda does as well for ya
  10. Please count me in 307, the first engine in my Chevelle, absolutely destroyed it in my high school days
  11. HB thanks for the info, I had been reading up on many of the old posts and threads here on CS to see what has been and should be done to both amps. I will give them both a listen after they are refurb'd and see if my ears like one over another. I currently don't have any speakers that I can Bi amp but hopefully that will change at some point or just more speakers in general. Like @Dadvw says its all about the hunt and I am just enjoying feeding my OCCD
  12. 1976 Ford Mustang II. So not really a cool mustang at all. Just a glorified pinto with the same 2300cc motor All junk. Gave $250 for it as my first car. Drove like it was a race car wrecked it and still made my $250 back selling it to a mustang salvage yard in St Louis MO. Not s bad deal just a junker car
  13. Happy Birthday RPA-1, hope its a great day leading into an even better weekend.
  14. Ya I have found myself endlessly searching all sorts of different online sources looking for carver equipment Amazing where some people decide to unload stuff. But a deal is a deal and I think we all like the hunt.
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