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  1. That ya a fantastic stable of hot rods. Beautifully done too. You seem to like a little something extra under the skinny pedal on the right. lol. I am a big block freak. My Chevelle has a 496 stroker roller motor and the 68 truck has a 475” roller as well and the wife has claimed that one. I think twin turbos are in the plan for the truck. Weather is finally turning nice so maybe I can get them out soon. Thanks for sharing. I will have to get a few pics when I get mine out next.
  2. Sounds like a completely reasonable and viable request. Just like they turn up the juice on the paddles when they shock you, we just turn up the volume knob. Hmmm. What other medical afflictions can be fixed with more audio ???
  3. I couldn't agree more, I prefer to twist the knob far to the right until its not only an audible experience but a physical one too, with the lower frequencies kicking me in the chest. Now off to but more amps, need more power
  4. That's awesome, They are hard to find unless someone has a parted out unit. Dennis and I are working a trade to get me taken care of. Thank you
  5. Great meeting you too. I think am going to get in trouble living just down the street from you. Already picking up bad habits. Lol.
  6. Well I have only been on the site a short while and have already acquired a couple of pieces and also dropped my amp off with Daddyjt for a complete recap and refurb. While that's in work I thought I would post and see if anyone has a C-1 parts carcass that has a volume knob and maybe a Source selector knob. Obviously the Volume is my main concern (see pic). I am willing to try the repaint task as noted somewhere here on the site but would prefer to find one as a replacement first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Congrats hewlew1. I am sure you will enjoy that piece. Good karma everywhere.
  8. Might have a line on one locally if the guy will ever call me back Does this look like what you are after?? Mike
  9. Very cool. Between my Chevelle and a 68 Chevy pickup and Harley there is always something going on in the garage. Would love to see pics of your projects
  10. @4RUNNERgreat story. Cars have helped keep me out of trouble more than once. Probably got me into some trouble too having to explain a few things ( burnouts, drag racing etc) to the police. Lol. Glad to hear you have been to Moab, it’s an amazing location ( it’s only a 4 hour drive to there for me so I count myself lucky ). I have done mountain bikes, 4 wheelers and RZR’s but never jeeps. Maybe someday. Keep on enjoying your machine. 👍👍
  11. Karma is an amazing thing. Please count me in with 11. Good luck to everyone
  12. Welcome Skids. What kind of hot rods are you building ??
  13. Nothing too over the top or super interesting about mine, Just a 69 Chevelle I have owned since I was a junior in high school. It is the second car I ever bought after having totaled the first one. Its been through more motor, paint and wheel combinations over the years and currently has a 496 cubic inch stroker motor that makes about 650 horse. Fast cars and loud music that's me in a nutshell.
  14. Happy Birthday Mark, hope its a fantastic day
  15. Love the story and Khama is definitely a beautiful thing. Count me in please
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