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  1. just wrapped up my 2nd m1.0t mkll opt2 build. all dialed in and ready to go, cant wait for the test drive tomorrow. 1 m1.0t opt2 on the front and 1 m1.0t opt2 on the subs vs 1 m1.0t opt2 on the front and a juiced a760x on the subs. I still think the a760x will remain supreme for sub duty but I will find out later today let the destruction commence
  2. its cool no apologies required, that makes sense. and thanks to rod for explaining as well
  3. im kinda confused by this, what makes this a real mkll amp? is there something im missing? ive built 2 of em and doing 3 more are mine not real mkll amps? don't mean any offense or bad vibes. im still kinda new here and don't know all the politics either way itchitch nice amp good deal id grab it but don't need another one lol good luck with the sale
  4. hey guys thanks for the warm welcome. since the site was down for those few weeks ive been a very busy boy. lol ended up buying 5 m1.0t's 1 753x 1 tfm24 1 c1 1 c4000 1 tfm 42 and 45 serviced 4 m1.5ts and a c1 and built 2 mk2 opt 2 amps. the c1 I tweaked a bit. full metal resistors muse and fine gold caps silver mica to replace the ceramics and gold plate upgrade. left the opamps alone. what resulted in a very detailed and quiet preamp. theres zero hiss hums buzzes even when the volume is turned to max. when the music quiets down to 1 one instrument still no background noise and no noise when changing tracks. youd never know the preamp was on. im very pleased with the result. however im thinking of getting another c1 and doing the same thing however replacing all 9 opamps then compare it to the non opamp. heres the c1 and mk2 opt2 put together and running the a753x lidless lol ^^ don't trust ebay sellers too much bough a tfm-45 for 300 recapped it upgraded it turned around and sold it when for 819 this model had gold plated pins on pcb bought a tfm-24 that was supposed to be in perfect working order my ass. had some bad parts in the right channel. fixed it recapped and upgraded it and getting ready to sell it lol sold a recapped m1.5t with purple lights serviced a m200t and some soundtests on the m1.5ts I serviced that's all I got for now lol
  5. @sk1bum - yeah ive been eyeing those. but im really looking for another set of the tower iia/r or the tower ii. trying to stick with same year models etc. even started buying up original woofers for the towers just to have spare parts incase. I got these towers from my dads best friend. he used to run a stereo store in Torrance California back in the 80's/90's was a dealer for vmps cerwin and jamo and carried quite a bit of carver. he finally let em go to me last year for 2500. he has a set of tower ii's so im hoping just to buy those as well lol imagine being a kid walking into someones house and just wall to wall speakers and amps. I loved it @jeffs - I will agree on sub duty the m500t outshines the m1.5t however the m1.5t does solid whacks better. I just cant get over the floating in the woofers with the m500t. that's why I love a series for lows. they have the whack and control of the m1.5t but with the dynamic range of the m500t. almost like if you merged a m1.5t and m500t you get the a series. interesting opinion on the mk2 opt2. I was hoping it would be a more powerful m1.5t with just the same sound. now im going to have to upgrade this m1.0t to find out if I even like it. so far ive tried the m1.0t stock on lows and hasn't done bad but haven't tried with highs yet. interesting about the voltages does it increase the temps at all?
  6. thanks, I do alright most mods are fairly easy and I spent most of my childhood soldering team associated rc cars lol so soldering is fun to me. still learning a bit but so far brought 3 amps back from the dead so cant complain I suppose honestly the m1.5t is my favorite. it has the sweetest sound of all the solid state carvers to me. the m1.5t is very controlled and very precise. has no problem powering those 16 drivers at 6ohm. everyone always goes to the m500t for best sounding but I disagree. and every 500t ive seen in action had no control over the woofers at all. just kinda floated around. ive heard 4 of em all the same. however I do have m500t that ill prolly mk2 at some point and recompare it. maybe its a better amp for mids and highs alone idk however I don't run my system without subs and hands down any A series 2 channel amp is the best amp for subs. ive tried all other carver models and the a220 would over power m series and most of all tfm series. unfortunately I sold the silver seven t's and tfm-75 before I got my hands on an a760x to compare. the lightstar only amp haven't gotten my hands on yet a760x so far haven't found something to compete with it in subwoofers at 4 ohms. so.... that's why I bought a m1.0t recently time for an mk2 opt2 upgrade and give the a760x a rival. however I don't think the m1.0t will win either. but im also looking for most power out of one cord. but hey nothing wrong with experimenting having fun. what I like and what everyone likes and opinions will differ. but always keep an open mind
  7. for my own personal concert …. heres my little home experience sony e9000es bsr eq for the spectrum analyzer flac streamed from bluray 2 m1.5ts one purple one blue both matched internals a760x for the lows powering 12 and 15 sony mobile es subs in custom built boxes vmps super tower iia/r vmps qs808 for rear hoping to get another set of vmps towers in the future for the rear and then my life will be complete vid of the a760 after I recapped it doing its thing lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezv-goDQE5c I actually got quite few carver pieces. m500t m1.0t 3 m1.5ts a760x a753x a500x a220 2 tfm-15cbs tfm-35x tfm-55x tfm-24 tfm-45 and just scored a c-1 preamp which showed today yay. heres a pic of a tfm15 and a220 I just recently listed for sale ill add more pics when im alittle more organized and my final build is setup and yes that is red white and blue like an American amp should be haha
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