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  1. Snap into a Slim Jim!! Thanks all for the recommendations. My original push for joining this site is that I could not find anything on the highly recommended mods I had seen referenced on the interwebs. Can anyone steer me to the pdf's? My CD player does not track at all, don't know if a belt/lube job will fix that. As for what I drive with the TFM - originally it was a pair of Infinity's. The problem was when I wasn't paying close attention during gatherings, friends would turn it up and pop the EMIT tweeters. This turned out to be an expensive habit. I replaced them with a set of Bose AM-5's since I was in grad school (read: broke) and I got them from a friend who worked at Bose. Hold your Bose hate please, I worked there later in research and I get there is a strong hate for the brand among the audiophilia. These were the first of the satellite speaker design and blew my friends away. Worked well in the small apartments I lived in. The AM-5s are now my computer speakers (with random amps) and are still cranking. Cut to now, as I mentioned the Carver stack will power a set of Vandersteen 1Ci's and perhaps my set of Norh 7 speakers. On a side note, I also picked up a used Integra DTR-7.8 AV Receiver which I plan on using in a new HT setup. If anybody knows anything about this receiver I would love to hear. Cheers, Drew
  2. Wow, thanks Guys. Great welcome and offer of resources. I will explore. Pics will be slow in coming since my Carver gear is in storage until it is functional; meaning it is on an ugly shelf in my basement. I have a mishmash of other audio stuff that I am currently running. I recently acquired some basic Vandersteen speakers which has really motivated me to get my Carver stuff back online. I use a Denon reciever and Norh speakers in my HT setup. Wanted to start a new setup for stereo in another room with the Vanderseteen speakers and the Carver stack. I also have a Carver CD player (original) and Carver Tuner (used) along with a Dual turntable. Not high end by any stretch but should sound really good.
  3. Hi Folks, I am original owner of a TFM-35 and a C-11. I picked them up when I was in college in Orange CT at Sounds Alive in the 80's. The TFM is in need of resuscitation and I guess the C-11 would be as well. I am looking for advice and thoughts on how best to do that. Money is tight and I am in NH which makes a WA repair expensive. I am not afraid to try the recap route though I don't have experience in this. I am fairly technical if that makes a difference. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. Best, Drew
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