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  1. anytime I hear the term "rare" my sphincter tightens up like a snare drum. a whole lot of the equipment listed was no great shakes when they were brand new, but let 25+ years pass and, as you so succinctly put it, they think they think they have a prototype McIntosh tube amp, and solid gold at that. an OUTSTANDING example. how in the Hell did this amp go from a beautiful piece of equipment to the amp shown in the listing?? what do these people's homes look like? if this is an example of their typical hygiene standards I damned sure wouldn't be eating anything coming out of their kitchens. Disgraceful: "a loss of honor, respect, or reputation" they should be relegated to listening to music on an old Lloyds combination record player/8 track/AM-FM/ with an ice maker and trash compactor through a set of 6" bookshelf speakers.
  2. I regularly browse ebay listings on electronics/vintage electronics- amps/preamps etc. and am simply amazed (disgusted probably a better word) at how fine pieces of equipment are mistreated. some have minor scratches and the like, and then there are pieces that look like they were drug behind a truck from NY to California. I just have to wonder why someone would invest (some of these pieces were Not Cheap) in a quality component and then abuse/allow them to sink to the depths of degradation. my equipment is not High End (but not entry level either) but I protect the cosmetics as well as the functional aspects of my system. I always enjoy treating those who have never experienced music played through a quality system on my system and take pride in the appearance as well as the sonic of my components. you have to wonder that, much like a vehicle, if the appearance received so little attention what about the mechanical (or electronics in this case) treatment they may have seen- or not. for god's sake they're Hi-Fi components not garden implements
  3. Drummer I just acquired the M500T just a few weeks ago. previously I had a Carver PM-175 and before that a Proton AA-1050. Dennis I just bought the 500 just a few weeks ago. I will definitely be looking into the possible upgrades. thanks for all the nice greetings. i'll be posting some photos shortly.
  4. certainly Loner. I'm running a M500T power amp in conjunction with an Amber 2 preamp with Magnepan MMG's, and a Klipsch 12" subwoofer. I have a fine old Nikko NT-790 tuner, a Yamaha CDX-450 CD player, and a Thorens TD-165 turntable with an ADC XMS-102 Omni Pivot cartridge.
  5. hello to all. hope to gain useful knowledge concerning great Carver components. long time hi-fi enthusiast from the 1960's on.
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