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  1. Drive - one of my favorite Joe Bonamassa songs from the Live At Carnegie Hall An Acoustic Evening Blu-ray. I watch/listen to this Blu-ray DVD more than any other Bonamassa Blu-ray; great song and great concert!!!!!
  2. Well, since I’m participating on a Carver Forum, I thought that I should at least post a picture of my system when it had Carver branded equipment in it, not just Sunfire. 😁 So, here is an earlier picture that has a Carver C-16 Preamp and a Carver TX-10 Tuner as part of the setup. The system has also been setup with a Carver CT-7 Preamp and M1.0t Power Amp as well as a CT-17 Preamp and TFM-4.0 Power Amp.
  3. @BluesMan57; we are in your old stomping grounds! 😀 I was born in Southeast Texas, but spent 35 years in California (San Diego and the LA area). When I retired in 2006, we moved from San Diego (Oceanside) and moved to Tyler.
  4. Thanks everyone for welcoming me to the Carver Site and thank you for the compliments on my system! @Daddyjt; I agree, Klipsch and Carver sound great together! I transitioned from Sansui speakers in my stereo system in 1998 when I bought that pair of KLF-20’s that you see in the picture. Then, when I setup my first Surround system it was a no brainer for me, Klipsch speakers! Since I only have a dedicated 2-channel room, I had to adapt our living room for use as a Home Theater, so I went with bookshelf speakers instead of floor standing speakers. My current Surround system is a 5.1.2 system with: Front Speakers (2): Klipsch RB81’s Center Channel (1): Klipsch RC62 Surround (2): Klipsch RS42’s Dolby Atmos (2): Klipsch RP-140SA’s Subwoofer (1): Klipsch RW10d @PhilDent; that room is my getaway (mancave), it is isolated from the rest of the house, and it has an out in the woods type of décor; so “The Boonies” was the first thing that came to my mind and the name stuck! I even found a painted wooden sign at Bass Pro Shops that shows a Black Bear out in the woods with the caption “Welcome To The Boonies Where Good Times are a Bruin”. @Brian_at_HHH; the Reel to Reel is in a cabinet at the other end of that room. It is a little cumbersome to have it hooked up all of the time, so whenever I feel like using the R-to-R, I’ll set it up over near the rack of CD’s. I usually spin Vinyl out there, CD’s a little less than Vinyl, then Cassettes, and R-to-R the least. @loner_t; yep, all these years later I still have OCCD, so the use of it in past tense was a faux pas! 😂
  5. Hello everyone! By reading this forum I discovered that I actually had OCCD long before I knew that condition formally existed!! 😂 My journey using Bob Carver equipment started in 1988 after I read an article about “The Carver Challenge”. I couldn’t resist, so I convinced my wife that I needed to upgrade our Stereo system and went to Sound Factor in Encino, CA and purchased a Carver CT-7 tuner/preamp and M1.0t power amp. Some form of Bob Carver equipment has been in my 2 Channel system ever since and for a number of years I used a Carver AV-405 in my 5.1 Surround System. My wife can attest to my OCCD condition because I’ve never gotten rid of any Carver equipment that I’ve upgraded or replaced and have an entire storage rack with all of the audio/video gear that I’ve replaced (Carver, Marantz, B&K, Denon, Akai, Sony – all in their original boxes)! My current 2-Channel System uses a Sunfire Symphonic Reference Preamp that replaced my Carver C-16 preamp. While I like both equally from a sonic perspective, the remote-controlled volume of the Sunfire gave it the nod. Occasionally I’ll swap out the B&K 200.2 power amp and reinsert my Carver TFM-4.0. Here is a list of the components that are in my current 2 Channel system along with a picture of the system as it resides out in my room that I call “The Boonies”. Turntable: VPI The Classic | Ortofon Quintet Blue Preamplifier: Sunfire Symphonic Reference Preamp Power Amplifier: B&K Reference 200.2 CD Player: Denon DCD-1650AR Cassette Player: Denon DRM-800 Reel to Reel: Akai GX-370D Streaming: SONOS Connect Power Conditioner: Monster HTS 5100 Speakers: Klipsch KLF-20s Cables: AudioQuest King Cobra ICs & Gibraltar Bi-wires
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