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  1. I'll always remember walking into a new customers shop and meeting the owner. He must have just gotten back from court. He told me that if I ever need to go to court than hire the best lawyer around, keeps the opposing party from hiring them. Whatever it was, he was happy. Years later I heeded his advise. That was for my divorce. BillWojo
  2. I have one in a DC drive in my Monarch tool room lathe. Gives the two big thyratrons a chance to heat up the filaments before being energized. Kicks in a big relay that the B+ goes through. BillWojo
  3. Are they 6L6GC? If I didn't already have back up tubes for my MC40 monoblocks I'd be all over this deal. BillWojo
  4. I had the pleasure of hearing Kev's system this afternoon and it sounded fantastic. Kevin said it was very quiet in his post and I have to agree, no hum or buzz even when turned all the way up with no input. System noise is one thing that drives me nuts. The thing that I liked is it doesn't add coloration to the music, listening to things I'm familiar with sounded just as it should. A bit of that credit goes also to the 4000T preamp that Bonzoro rebuilt/modified. Kevin has told me for years that he thought that the 4000T could be made into a world class preamp and he was right. He asked me if I would change anything and the only thing I would change is the speakers, what can I say, I'm a horny kind of guy. Someday I'll get him to bring the amp by to try on my Altec's. His whole system looks great and that turntable is just WOW! Now Kev, leave it alone for awhile and just enjoy the music, it's going to take a lot to top this setup. BillWojo
  5. I'm in with 69, always liked that number. And that's a great Karma. I to would pick up shipping. BillWojo
  6. I grew up in an urban area with just enough woods and farms to hunt. During hunting season the kids that hunted would carry there shotguns and bags of ammo into school to store them in there locker. Nobody gave it a second thought. Graduated in 1975 BillWojo
  7. On another forum tonight I clicked on a photo and it was hosted by photofuckit. A pop up comes up from them and it's asking me to rate there service on a scale from 1 to 10. I give it a 1 and than it asked me to leave a comment. I said that they screwed up every forum out there and suck. I do believe that they are feeling the heat. The only people staying with them are businesses that have to much invested and just pay there ransom. A bunch of greedy assholes. Plus now it's full of pop up adds. If I click on a pic and it takes me to photofuckit, I just hit the back button. Not worth the aggravation. BillWojo
  8. Yea, if I was to visit anyone today, it would be oldtexasdog, nothing like a good barbecue. So how did it turn out? BillWojo
  9. BillWojo

    Sad Day...

    Yo Kev, let me know if I can help out. I've been in that basement a few times, This is not good at all. BillWojo
  10. If you can hear a difference but can't measure a difference than your measuring the wrong thing. Simple as that! BillWojo
  11. Hey guys, I popped my head out of the rabbit hole to check and see what your all up to and low and behold, your discussing tubes! It's awesome to see that more of you folks are getting into tube amps. Kevin (kve777) waved a carrot in front of me a while back and tossed it down a rabbit hole and I've been wandering around down here having fun. Everything that Kevin posted back on page two is truth. Especially about the better vintage tubes. I have taken decent sounding amps or preamp's and turned them into stellar performers by installing good vintage tubes. It's really noticeable when changing tubes on the low power SE style amps. Sure wish I could be there to join in on the tube build at CarverFest this year, sounds like a lot of fun. Looks to be a nice powerful PP amp that can drive a lot of different speakers. For those that have never experienced the sound of a tube amp, well, I think your going to be in for a nice surprise. I'm sure I'll get to hear Kevin's when he gets back from the Fest, maybe I can get him to bring it by to try on my Altec's. Now that would be a treat. In the meantime, if all goes well, this weekend I should be trading some gear for a set of PPP KT120 monoblocks, 100 watts per amp. Guess I'll finally be able to hear my ribbons on tubes. One last thing for you new tube guys building the tube amp. Not trying to scare you but when your powering this up to check it out, make sure you have someone experienced with you. The voltages involved are lethal. Don't be pounding beers and fingerpokin. They can bite you. I'll be looking in on this thread. Looks exciting. BillWojo
  12. I have some plates, I'll dig them out and send you a total. Thanks Bill
  13. Good one Jim, I picked up a Stromberg Carlson ASR-333 to rebuild. This will be my first crack at rebuilding an amp, hopefully I don't screw it up to bad. I can always call Kevin if I do. Actually, I'm sure I'll be on the phone with him several times as I get into it. Looks like a nice PP EL84 stereo intergrated with decent iron. I have a dim bulb tester and a variac plus all the basic stuff. Right now I'm building a set of Altec Model 19 crossovers to use on my HeathKit AS101's (Altec Valencia clones in nicer cabinets). So any more useful tips is always welcome. BillWojo
  14. Yup, Ruby is a beautiful dog but still an exuberant puppy. That was my fault as all my friends with dogs get a little wild when I stop by and don't stop barking and jumping around till they get attention. Usually when a dog is in the biting/attack mode there is some growling going on so I'm sure she didn't mean it. All healed up now with just a faint scar. I did get Kevin back though, when he wasn't looking I taught her to chew on vacuum tubes. From all reports she does it very well. LOL Merry Christmas everyone, lets hope the coming year is our best yet. BillWojo
  15. Wow, that's sad. He was a hero, strapped himself on top of the worlds biggest rocket and hoped it would work. As a kid my Mom would keep me home from school to watch all of the early missions. I remember when we landed on the moon, I was getting ready for school and she told me, your staying home today, your not going to learn about history today, your going to watch it being made. And we did, glued to the B&W TV for hours. All these guys were hero's and had more guts than anybody I know. Truly a very special man. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. God Speed BillWojo
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