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  1. @RodH Is the perimeter of your watch a built-in slide rule?
  2. @Will Meyer From The Band : Life is a Carnival Life is a carnival It's in the book Life is a carnival Take another look Hey, buddy, would you like to buy a watch real cheap? Here on the street I got six on each arm And two more 'round my feet Life is a carnival Believe it or not Life is a carnival Two bits a shot
  3. Ok, if I win, it goes to me. 52. Thanks for the karma Jeff.
  4. Is the black kiddie pool included?
  5. Kevin, try this;
  6. Some say "unauthorized taps" others say "environmental spill"
  7. We should build a pipeline to move Canadian whiskey to Kentucky.
  8. Welcome corkdust. Good to see another 895 owner.
  9. Balok

    New Crayons!

    Now kids can draw flesh colored skies and trees and lakes...... As if they aren't confused enough already these days.
  10. Balok


    You guys better sit down......I have some bad news about Jim .......
  11. Balok


    Ray Manzarek died 7 years ago. (2013).
  12. Hey....In the FIRST FEDERATION we have this rule; Don't Crap Where You Eat.
  13. Happy Birthday johnrotten. You are now 50 + tax
  14. Your what is in the kitchen?? If you are talking electrical tape, then NO. If you are talking toilet paper hanger, then it appears your toilet is in the kitchen so YES.
  15. I say keep the old Wizard and use it to play 45s.
  16. Darn! Thought it said Camaro. Nice karma Charlie. Not in.
  17. Happy Half Century
  18. Are these quoted salaries real? 8 year/260 million, 13 year 330 million. On what planet would a society develop that would pay that kind of money to someone playing a game? Their saving grace is that at least they speak "good English".
  19. Not sure if this one counts or not but;
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