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  1. Rockster2U

    There’s nothing like seeing your kiddos succeed!

    Congratulations Mark - this is what it’s all about. I might also suggest that you and your wife deserve the mentoring awards. What is that old adage? “Like father, like daughter” I’m very happy for your daughter and your whole family. Those of us at the Carversite are also very fortunate to have guys like you mentoring us not just on Carver specific issues, but on citizenship and life in general.
  2. Rockster2U

    WTB - Six M-500t Rack Handles

    I’m not sure how it would work out from a cost perspective but you may want to investigate having a local machine shop fabricate these for you. If someone could lend you a pair that you could show to potential fabricators, this may work out better than trying to chase these things down on “eprey” or through one of the forums. Zumbini will be able give you a source for similar handles that can be used in conjunction with whatever a machine shop fabricates for you. While you’re at it, you may want to consider making more than three pairs so you’ve got some extras when that OCCD really kicks in.
  3. Rockster2U

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    Congratulations Turbo - that should work out great for both you and John as long as you don’t get any speeding tickets. John - IMHO, you made a very good decision and are going to make Turbo one very happy camper. Again, this is a most generous offering and a very deserving winner. This Speaks volumes about the quality of the Carversite and the membership. 👍
  4. Rockster2U

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    I’m going to change my mind and ask to be included. After considerable thought, I’ve got enough spare parts (including ribbons) to resurrect or rebuild these and have enough other extra good working Carver components to put a pretty nice system together for my home office. Whoever the lucky recipient is - these are great speakers and I’d hate to see them parted out. Freight is going to be a killer wherever they wind up going but that’s a small price to pay for these puppies.
  5. Rockster2U

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    To say this is a most generous Karma would be a gross understatement. John Smallwood - that is a fricking awesome offering! I’ve already got more stuff than one guy should be allowed to own and I’m going to take a pass on your kindness but for anyone who might be considering jumping into the pool - these speakers will not disappoint. I love my Silvers and after replacing all the drivers only to blow a voice coil, I bought six more drivers (still have 5 new spares in unopened boxes) and was able snag a backup pair of 48” ribbons which similarly, I have never unpacked. I figured it was better to be safe than sorry and I didn’t want to be caught without a contingency plan should anything go south on me. (Purchased the ribbons before Sea perfected his replacements). In any event - Good Luck to all participants - this is one hell of a Karma. Thanks John. 👍👍👍👍👍 Keep us posted on what you are planning to replace these with.
  6. Rockster2U

    And You Think Ticks Are Bad ???

    Absolutely disgusting video that I had to watch until the bitter end. That poor dog - I’ve never seen anything like that before. Talk about a raw deal - that poor girl must have really been in a world of hurt when the anesthesia wore off. It’s difficult to imagine how anyone could let their “best friend” get so infested - it makes one want to force feed those worms to the owner. B-Man I don’t know where you come up with something like this but it’s something I will never forget. Man, I feel for that poor animal. Thank God for the intervening Vets.
  7. Rockster2U

    Itch's Secondary System (Main HT - Audio Room)

    Same room but Martha looks a lot better than The Sports Center. Still can’t figure out why a Badger pulls for the Bears. 🤔
  8. Rockster2U

    Itch's Main Audio and Home Theater System

    Speechless ...... Truly something to behold. There are nice systems and then there are really nice systems. Itch, this is beautiful - your wiring alone shows the attention to detail and organization you have put into this - I’d hate to see what your sock drawer looks like. Very, very nice my friend. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  9. Rockster2U

    Mystery Karma!

    Very generous Karma Charlie - not in but I would have guessed the Tube buffers. It sure is fun following this thread and the thinking of others - you’re a pretty creative guy Grandpa. 🕵🏼‍♂️
  10. Rockster2U

    dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Congratulations Dennis. I hope this is your first of many Grandpa. 🤰
  11. Rockster2U

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Man, just looking at some of these new avatars is a treat and, even on my IPad. Nice job guys! Yes, please toss my name in the hat - always looking to acquire more music. 👍
  12. Rockster2U

    Sad Day...

    There isn't a whole lot that one can say at a time like this and there isn't a whole lot that is going to change the way you feel about this tragedy. It pains all of us when bad things happen to good people and you are the epitome of "good people". When you get a little further down the road and can inventory your losses, please post them so maybe some of us can try to help you out.
  13. Happy Birthday Itch - your daughter's note is a testament to you - treasure it Dad. Now, do you really expect us to believe that such an intelligent and aware young lady is going to mess with the "old man's" real age? OK, maybe you were born in '63 but that's the only error which would warrant acceptance.
  14. Rockster2U

    It NEVER snows in Savannah GA

    I remember a 6-8" snow in Savannah a couple of days before Christmas back in the eighties. Closed the airport for two days. My folks had just moved there and I made it in just before the airport was shut down. ☃️
  15. Rockster2U

    Site Funding - Time For Another Round

    Likewise, funds sent.