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  1. Let me add another voice to the chorus - Thank You Greg! I think Daddyjt summarized it best - “the downtime made me appreciate what we have here that much more.” I’m not sure that I ever got past the initial withdrawal - Damn, I missed this place and all of you mutts.
  2. I figured that I should bump this back up as it was about to fall off the first page. Drawing will be at 9:00 Sunday and I expect it to be in the winner’s hands before next weekend. (Maybe a little longer if it heads across the border) Best of Luck to all.
  3. Belated Birthday Greetings. Hope you had a great one and are already looking forward to next year’s.
  4. Happy Birthday - here’s to wishing you many more along with plenty of cake and ice cream.
  5. If anyone saw Itch’s post re: this C-1 tabletop case, well - let’s just say this is a follow-up. I made a few of these and based upon all the nice comments thought that there may be some interest among members. Here’s the deal - solid Mahogany Case delivered to your doorstep to house your Carver C-1 Preamp. Submit your name, I’ll put it on a card and my wife will draw a winner at 9:00 O’Clock PM Central Daylight Saving time Sunday Night. I’ll need an address from the winner and will get it shipped out by the following Tuesday. For those do it yourselfers, the faceplate is 3.5” x 19”. Cabinet width is 20.5”, depth is 8.25” and height of end spacers is just over 3.5” depending on how tight you want your tolerance to be. I‘ve used stock that varies between 1.25” and 1.1”. A one inch round over bit was used to radius the ends and the side spacers require a rabbit that is about 5/16” deep and will have to be cut out enough to achieve about 19 1/8” opening in the face after the glue up. I just used a simple butted construction w/o biscuits or dowels, figuring I had a large enough glueing surface to achieve the strength needed. The one pictured was finished with Minwax Gunstock Stain and a Poly-Acryplic Varnish. Sunday Night 9:00 PM Drawing for any interested members. (No, the C-1 is not included)
  6. Thanks to all for the kind comments. Everyone on this site has always been very good to me and I’m glad to occasionally be able to do something nice for others. This “case” idea was one of Itch’s making and I thought he and LT (another most generous soul) were more than deserving based upon their historical generosity and friendship. I’ll be doing a separate Karma post tonight and will also include some quick specs and comments for any ambitious DIY’ers.
  7. Seems to becoming a more frequent excuse but here I am a day late and a dollar short Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Hope it was a great one that will be followed by many, many more.
  8. Damn, the next thing we’re going to hear is that AOC might ban Crawfish because of methane discharge. Not to worry Gentlemen - when preparing to boil Crawfish, those Crafty Cajuns purge them. How so you might ask? They get soaked in a big pot of water and a whole container of salt is added to the pot. Those little critters then clear their poop chutes and are ready for the boiling pot. No more shit - just good eating when they are done.
  9. OK, this is much easier to “show” than to explain but the real secret is learning which section of the tail to remove so the meat just pops out when the separated tail is squeezed. I looked at a couple of YouTube videos and this one is close to explaining that - take note of what is referenced in terms of peeling the second ring of the tail. (No, I don’t suck the heads)
  10. It’s difficult for me to look at Randog’s photos and refrain from any commentary. It’s also difficult to explain to those who have never eaten them just how good Crawfish are. Yeah, they live in the mud and I can’t tell you what all they ate themselves to develop that sweet tasting meat but don’t knock em’ until you’ve tried em’. I’m a transplanted Yankee who was introduced to Crawfish in the mid 80’s when I was living in DC. I was running some test markets with several beer distributors and New Orleans was among those markets. One of the distributors took me to lunch and vowed to teach me how to eat Crawfish. (Yes, there is a technique) When I returned to Washington I tried to explain just how tasty these little “mud bugs” were. My efforts were in vain - no one believed me. Well, I’m here to tell you - it just plain doesn’t get much better. Once one knows how to eat them, you can eat them as fast as you can pick them up. And just how popular are these little creatures in Southeast Louisiana? We figure 5-10 lbs per person when preparing for a crawfish boil in this neck of the woods.
  11. Happy Birthday - hope it’s just what a “Grumpy Old Man” is looking forward to. Enjoy!
  12. Happy Birthday Young Man - hope you have many more ahead of you. Enjoy the ride.
  13. Yes sir - we have a bonafide winner. Congratulations Barry. Very nice Karma Compwaco.
  14. Yeah, I reached out to him a few months ago via PM and never connected. I hope all is well - he’s one hell of a good guy and brought a lot to the party.
  15. Most definitely In. Thanks.
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