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  1. Happy Birthday Peck - long time, no see. I miss all of those gems and pearls of wisdom.
  2. Very Impressive - those look like a bundle of fun. I’m assuming your battery is on that front tube and guessing the rear hub contains the drive motor. Love the tires but would expect them to require a little extra effort when peddling. What’s the price range on something like that? Again, best wishes for your continuing success in this new venture. Atta’ Boy Jim. 👍👍👍👍
  3. Nice Digs - great setting too. Enjoy the serenity. You’ll have some fun with those pine needles.
  4. Still loving this song and Album that Charlie recommended - their other Album is just as good.
  5. There was one sold on EBay a couple of months ago for $99 and one listed right now with a high bid of $79 and 9 hours remaining in the auction.
  6. Wow - just saw the update to 175 mph sustained winds. That will take care of most any structure in this storm’s path.
  7. One of the topics I often gravitate to concerns what is happening to other members in terms of weather, natural disasters and unusual events. Living in a hurricane prone environment I watch most of these storms trying to stay abreast of threats, developments and changes. Usually the best information comes from those living near or directly in the threatened area itself. This is true for fires, floods, snow & ice, tornadoes and hurricanes. We have quite a few members living in Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina and I thought it might be interesting to start a thread which may give some of those members an opportunity to share their experiences with Dorian as this storm bears down on the Southeast. With sustained winds now topping 160 mph this is going to impact a lot of our brothers and it would be great if some of them are able to share their own experiences and perhaps even some photos. It goes without saying that I wish all of you safe harbor and good luck before, during and after this monstrous storm.
  8. Nice work Greg - you really dressed it up nicely. 👍
  9. Happy Birthday. Wishing you many more and for a guy your age, you’ve got a bunch of ‘em ahead of you. Enjoy!
  10. Happy Birthday to a young man living in one of my favorite spots in the country. Hope you have a great one and are looking forward to many more.
  11. Well, I have to thank Greg & Dennis for including me in their generosity of this offering. Simply put, it’s been too damn hot and humid to spend much time outside these days so I welcomed an excuse to get out of the heat and make a little sawdust. I’ll be anxious to see the final product after Greg has done his magic. From a selfish point of view I’ve had a blast with this project - some lucky Dude is going to enjoy this puppy.
  12. Really nice looking room and setup. I’d imagine it sounds every bit as good as it looks and fully expect that you’ll be spending a lot of time up there. Congratulations on a very tasteful playpen full of goodies - well done.
  13. I’ve got 3 pairs of those - not currently using them but not about to part with them either.
  14. In reading the advertisement, I understand they will pay someone to take Jimmy Carter off their hands.
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