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  1. Wow - what an offering! I bought a couple of extra 48” ribbons about 4-5 years ago because I was worried about replacements should mine ever fail. I have never even opened the box they were shipped in. They may be in perfect condition but then again, anything is possible. Count me in. This is a fantastic Karma. EDIT Just saw Compwaco’s post. Oh well ......... Hey, I’m just as happy knowing that Sea has mastered his repair techniques and we now have a source to turn to when and if the need arises.
  2. CT-Seven ...... you’re not alone Dad - no pictures coming up on my IPad either. Maybe that’s telling me something about having too much “stuff” to seriously consider any additions.
  3. I’m not really sure where to start this waltz down Memory Lane but all I had was a portable record player when I started college in the late 60’s. I was living off campus and when my roommate flunked out of college he took all of my records with him. That led me to a 12 Volt converter so I could move my car Tape player inside and listen to 8 tracks through a small pair of homemade speakers. He’ll, that’s all I could afford. Following college, I was still broke but a good friend of mine had landed a job with Giant Corporation, a big box retailer that soon went into bankruptcy. He worked in the accounting department and they kept him around to assist with their liquidation. He was able to get me a couple of small Sanyo amps and a Sanyo preamp along with an AR turntable at fire sale prices before they went to a liquidator. That’s It - no tuner, no cassette player and CDs hadn’t even been introduced to the marketplace. That’s OK - I was in Hog Heaven and ran this combination through a pair of “store bought” Radio Shack” Speakers. Fast Forward to 1976 and I had my first “real job” in the corporate world. When I received my first Bonus, I headed to a local Stereo Shop and bought a Marantz 250m Amplifier, a 3800 Preamp and a 125 tuner. I also picked up a Sharp Cassette deck and went back to Radio Shack for some better speakers. I kept these same Marantz components until about 5 years ago and had the amp and preamp rebuilt a couple of times. I wound up selling this and a bunch of other Marantz gear a few years ago and got quite a premium to what I originally paid. My transition to Carver had already begun and since then, it’s pretty much been Carver all the way. I should add that I was exploring a conversion to Phase Linear when I first learned of these components bearing the name of Phase Linear’s founder. I haven’t looked back since then.
  4. After viewing all of these creative Birthday Greetings, I figured I’d better send some flowers to help “Break the Ice”
  5. Whoa - A Birthday Girl. Well, Happy Birthday Young Lady. Hope today is a great one for you and I trust that the “old man” received an extra long “Honey Do” list this morning.
  6. Wouldn’t you know it - some sweetheart with a rare allergy. Most normal women would consider this to be a very healthy load.
  7. Great Karma - sure to make someone a very happy camper. Thanks to some great techs and a few members who sold excellent equipment at very generous prices, I’m all set just the way I am. Not in but most appreciative.
  8. First, the warning - this is not a short story. It all started back in college. I was on the Ski Team and we were staying at a house near Ascutney, VT one weekend for races at Mt. Ascutney. Friday night several of us were sharpening skis and it seemed to me that everyone (five of us) was just moping around not really too excited about much of anything. This was the time of the Beatles double White album and I had a portable 8 track player. I slammed a tape in and when Rocky Raccoon started playing, I started jumping around, dancing and telling my teammates what a bunch of old ladies they were behaving like. That started it - my Captain pronounced that from here on out my nickname would be “Rocky Raccoon”. I wasn’t really impressed with the label but the next weekend we had a Ski Meet at Okemo Mountain and Sunday afternoon during the presentation of awards, the Captain of another college’s team who had just won both the Slalom and Giant Slalom over the course of two days stepped to the podium to receive his trophies. After accepting his hardware, he made a big speech about yours truly, “Rocky Raccoon” and presented me with a Gideon’s Bible. The name has been with me ever since. It was morphed into Rocky for the rest of my College Days and then I managed a band for a few years after College and one of my best friends started calling me “The Rockster”. When it came time to come up with some kind of handle, I just figured I’d use Rockster but to differentiate it from my real name I used “Rockster2U”. I told you it was a long story.
  9. Sorry Kip ...... I just sold one on eBay last week. Great condition, very reasonably priced and accepted a “Best Offer” on a Buy It Now listing. Just what you wanted to hear, right? Good Luck.
  10. No arguement AJ - you make a lot of sense. And, while I’m probably showing my age, I was in a couple of different bulk mail facilities in the Washington DC area 20+ years ago. That’s comparable to pre-historic civilization but even then, I couldn’t believe the type of sensors and conveyors they were using and I mean that in a good sense. The size of these facilities and the speed at which they moved and sorted Mail was overwhelming and I do mean overwhelming. One would think they’ve come a long way since then but shit still happens.
  11. Not in but I want to wish everybody good luck. It sure does look like a sweet amp - very generous karma!
  12. Chalk up another one for the Good Guys - Happy Birthday Mark.
  13. Did you get your cruise tickets yet Rod?
  14. Nice seats too. One of my favorites - Enjoy - it doesn’t get any better than this.
  15. I guess I need to recuse myself from this conversation in that I’m what one would call biased and opinionated. That being said, I don’t think I could provide an objective opinion if I wanted to as I haven’t watched a regular network propaganda-cast in years.
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