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  1. morris

    Apple Karma

    Nice Karma Charlie! In with 399
  2. morris

    Carver Sweatshirt

    There are many Carver companies. The Carver audio should look like this:
  3. morris

    Do you know any jokes?

    The ratio on an igloo's circumference to it's diameter = Eskimo Pi
  4. morris

    *Sold* Sonorous Speaker Kit

    I'm interested in stands. Can you bring a set to carverfest? What will they cost?
  5. morris

    Best Karma Ever!

    Nice Kev. I bet that vtech 5 spd is fun to drive.
  6. morris

    dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Congratulations Dennis!
  7. morris

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    IN please, Always looking for new music.
  8. This pic is a video screen shot. It displays the KT120's nicely.
  9. morris

    It's the Kingman's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Kingman!
  10. I recently sold an item and the buyer asked a question after he bought it. Then he decided he didn't want it so I refunded since I hadn't shipped yet. I was still charged seller fees by eBay. I should have made the buyer go through ebay for the refund.
  11. That would be nice of you, but not necessary. The seller is bound by contract to ship the item at the sale price.
  12. morris

    Happy Birthday Mr. 777!

    Happy Birthday Kevin!
  13. We spent Christmas alone. The kids both decided to spend Christmas with the other parents. We had a frozen pizza and watched TV. I put some diced green and red bell pepper on it to make it more festive.