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  1. Yes, It's great to have you back. I've missed your informative posts.
  2. Here's the result of a few hours this morning.
  3. Happy Birthday Bob. Thanks for designing all the toys that rock my house!
  4. morris

    New Jazz Albums

    This thread is going cause me to buy several more albums.
  5. Put my name in. I'm always looking for new music.
  6. I have used Novus 1 and sometimes 2 on scuffed CD's. Use #3 with care. Amazon link
  7. When I was at Lone Star Audio Fest, Joshua Miles of JWM Acoustics recommended this Album by Ray Brown. It's a dual 45RPM LP. I bought it and can't argue with Josh's recommendation. Especially if you like jazz.
  8. Wow! Very generous. Not in as I have 3 already.
  9. Awesome! Do you have a webpage or link to more pics of your work?
  10. In with 11 Thanks for a generous karma!
  11. Nice Karma Charlie! In with 399
  12. There are many Carver companies. The Carver audio should look like this:
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