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  1. The Raven

    What’s happened to our media?

    There goes my misplaced hope that maybe, just maybe, dramatizing the weather was just a local thing. It's amusing, and tiring, how much it affects the populace causing freakouts and alarmist chatter based on guesses, skewed facts or flat out lies. I'll never forget this little old lady's reaction to overhearing some of the freakouts over the current weather, "This is nothing new. The weather is just going back to the way it was when I was young." Then she proceeded to grace us with insightful and sometimes funny stories of growing up in Michigan in her day. As deplorable as the media is acting, I agree with @pindrop - the people are what feed the beast. The people are the ones encouraging it. The people are the ones who need to act to stop it. If there was as much outrage about being misinformed, about the media pre-judging people and situations, about the media ruining lives and reputations, about the media meddling in the outcomes of court cases, in spreading outright lies, about pushing agendas, and about skewing facts as there is backlash against the news' innocent victims - none of this would be an issue. Journalists and news franchises would be too afraid of losing views, readers, and money to pull that kind of shit. We are the people, we have the power, we need to start using it.
  2. +1 to what @Zenith4mesaid. Welcome aboard! That's a great combo you have there and it'll be better when you're done
  3. The Raven

    Carver Fanatic New to the Forum

    Welcome aboard!
  4. The Raven

    Wanted : M500t MKII

    Sent you a PM
  5. The Raven

    Aurora the Crocodile Skink

    Awwww they're adorable!!!! They all look happy and content. Post more pics! The Druid Grove is for everyone to post their awesome pets, plants, and stuff. Is the youngest still being a little whipper snapper?
  6. The Raven

    Happy Birthday itchitch

    Happy Birthday!
  7. The Raven

    Aurora the Crocodile Skink

    Wow! That's a burly iguana! I've never seen one in person that was over about 3', tip of snout to tip of tail. Always wondered where the big ones went to - and what happened to all the poor komodo dragons - now I know LOL You're wise and have great taste in home decor It'd be awesome! Just need to convince Greg of that...
  8. The Raven

    Aurora the Crocodile Skink

    If left unattended, there'd be no open wall space in the house. It'd be filled with terrariums, fish tanks, and audio gear creating a music-filled jungle!
  9. The Raven

    Torak the Mountain Horned Dragon

    lol Right? And when we move I have to move the terrarium *anyway* so...would a scaley inhabitant really make a difference? heheh
  10. The Raven

    Torak the Mountain Horned Dragon

    Maybe they were embracing their inner lizard lol That's why I had to remove her from the terrarium, though. Hissing and biting at me I could have tolerated for a bit in exchange for eggs of Torak's offspring (they're not very long-lived, so I wanted a son of his line). But attacking Torak for just breathing and inhabiting his own space - that was too far. Little wench.
  11. The Raven

    Aurora the Crocodile Skink

    Yup, it's definitely a leopard gecko. They're cute little guys. You were so thoughtful and kind at Carver Fest, now this generosity with this abandoned gecko brings it to a whole new level For rehoming, you could try listing him/her in the pet area of your local Craigslist or if you know of a good, independently owned pet store you could check and see if they'd take him in either on trade or just to find him a home. Reptiles do ship well, too, but that's an option best left for spring/fall. A reptile breeder friend of mine says he's had decent luck with UPS next day shipping for his little ones. Oh, @Brian_at_HHH - speaking of geckos, check these out http://www.joshsfrogs.com/catalog/blog/2018/05/gargoyle-gecko-care-sheet/ Gargoyle geckos! A breeder gave a red/orange morph with a spinal issue to the pet store I haunt. Couldn't just leave him there...Great personality and super agile and boingy even with a crook in his spine like a Z.
  12. Torak (RIP) was the awesomest of lizards. He was content to hang out on my shoulder or in my hair. His terrarium was right by my desk, when he was in there he'd cling to the lower rim by and watch me, occasionally tapping on it until I took him out, when he'd promptly perch on my head. I miss him 😥 Promised Greg I wouldn't get another one until after we move, but that might end up being a filthy lie LOL Dragon in the mist! The black markings on his back were really stark. Living hair fascinator lol This was his home - the lizard higher on the branch was a female I was going to use to breed him with. But, man, she was a bitch, as are most female mountain horned dragons. Gave her to a friend who was more interested in just the looks of the dragons and not handling them, so she lived out her life in all her hissy, bitey splendor lol Anyway, this terrarium also has a hidden filtration system behind the waterfall.
  13. The Raven

    Did you play or do you play Video Games

    Love Diablo on the PS! My gaming days started off with tabletop D&D back when Gygax first penned the manuals and I still play but have moved on to Pathfinder. Didn't do much video gaming other than Pac-Man until the Baldur's Gate (PC) franchise and then all bets were off. From there it spread to Icewind Dale, Xenosaga, Gauntlet, Diablo, Ratchet & Clank etc. I still play Age of Wonders (PC) and my favorite game of all time - Sacred 2 (PS)! Oh, and I'm hooked on Solitare, that one is RobertR's fault! lol Our youngest isn't much of a gamer other than dabbling in Overwatch, but when the older kids were home, we used to hang out and I'd watch them play Red Dead, Assassin's Creed and everything else they were into. Fun times!
  14. The Raven

    Carver Throws

    We have one from that Carver fest - they're beautiful.
  15. The Raven

    Aurora the Crocodile Skink

    Thanks, guys! I'll be posting more Please also feel free to start threads here in the Druid Grove with your pets and habitats. I'd love to see them! Haha! Sounds like he had an adventurous childhood! What kind of spiders? Most crocodile skinks will live 5-8 years, but a few have eked up into the 10-12 year range - but that's pretty rare. Maybe the King snake will continue to be handed down through the generations I hear you guys have iguanas, too. It's one of the many highlights for me when we go to Carver Fest - to watch those little blue lizards playing on the porch and climbing up the cabin. We had a snake behind the outdoor fireplace this year, but he was pretty shy. Didn't get to see him, Steve K. did though and we kept on looking. They love earthworms. I put earthworms in all the terrariums and the lizards hunt them down. It's neat to watch nature in action!