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  1. I have a very nice amp, I have a C-1 I will throw in at no charge. I asked Greg Garska if the warranty transferred. He said yes it does. 3years. Let me know if I can help. $650 and free C-1 + shipping. Thanks Danny
  2. I have a M500t MKII with a FREE non working C-1 Refurbish and upgrades only a couple months old.
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    Yes, when I was young. We had friends that owned one of the only "TWO" cottages on Shell Island. Things have changed.When I was young.......... (ha)
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    New price: $650 plus shipping for both M500t MKII and C-1 preamp. Amp was refurbished and upgraded by Greg 05/10/2018. Excellent condition. Sounds GREAT. Comes with rack handles. C-1 is in very good cosmetic condition but will not power up. Both pieces came from original owner. Let me hear from you. I'm thinning my herd, and I need to move these.
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    No, I bought this about 3 years ago with the C-1. I run mostly Tubes. I wanted to try it. I sent to Greg and got back in May of this year. The face is swirl free only thing is a few paint flakes on top. Its a great amp. I live in a small house. I'm started selling off after 8 years. Started this month, Altec Valencia & Model 14s ,ADS L710 &1290's, Pioneer HPMx2,JBL, Canton ,AR 7 & 3a's,OMEGA,Polk and KLH23. thats just speakers! I have pics,got to get my buddy to post them or I can text them.
  6. I have a M500t MKII for sale . Greg refurbished and upgraded 05/10/2018. It is in very good condition. Also have rack handles Will post pictures soon. Sounds and plays GREAT! I have 2 tube amps and 2 pair of Large Altecs. Eight years of collecting. Time to thin the heard. Bonus.. I have a C-1 in very good cosmetic condition. The C-1will not power up. Both pieces came from original owner. If you buy the amp, I will cut a very sweet deal on C-1 ! $700 for amp plus shipping.
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    Welcome PrIsm, PM sent on M500t MKII.
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    Thank you!