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  1. Ar9Jim

    Happy Birthday Zumbini

    Happy Birthday Dom.. Enjoy!
  2. Ar9Jim

    Hashy's Bench

  3. Guys and gals, There were 10 Crimson 275s produced in the color shown in the ad above. These were the first 10 that shipped to dealers and are long gone by now. They were shown in this color at Capital Audio Fest in 2017 and in the original factory photos. The factory changed colors and silkscreening after these 10.. We have started shipping directly from our stock order in Snohomish Washington, after burn in and test.. This unit is in stock in near Rockford, IL. It is factory sealed and the last one in the original advertised color as shown in the ad. May be of interest to collectors. It is the last of the original 10 and no more will be produced in this color. (815)323 0898. Dennis. Stereo/Mono is not an option .
  4. Ar9Jim

    Hashy's Bench

    Congrats Greg and Jenny!!! Glad to hear you left that job that was taking a toll on you.. Great times ahead for you and your family. I know you will do great in your business and a bright future is ahead for you and your family. Awesome!
  5. The 275 has a circuit board while the 350s are point to point.. It has a full 5 year warranty. Including tubes. The 1st run was 10 units. I have 1 of those 10 still available. More coming next week.
  6. Recognizing brand loyalty, we would like to offer top dollar trade in value for your working vintage Carver amplifier, toward the purchase of a new Crimson 275 Tube Amp or pair of Crimson or Raven 350 Mono blocks. Stock working amps in good physical condition can be worth $500. Amps serviced by a Carver Site repair team member or Authorized MKII can be worth much more (up to $800 in trade).
  7. Guy and Gals, Special offer for site followers, I have a new pair of Raven Black 350s that got through the build with 2 small paint imperfections (see close up picture). They are new with full factory warranty of 15 years including 15 years on the vacuum tubes. They have never been used. Factory authorized dealer. The imperfection is not visible from more than a couple feet away if you know it is there. Here is a very rare chance to get a brand new pair of Bob Carver 350 watt Mono Blocks for the price of preowned 305s. $6500 includes shipping in the continental USA.. CCs and PP accepted. Call me 815 323 0898 Jim.
  8. Ar9Jim

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    Sorry for a poor choice of words. The word hack was not proper. It was meant as modification of another design. I'm truly sorry if that was perceived as having anything to do with quality. No Greg. I do not know RussK although I offered him a place to show his faceplates for sale. I also show the link to your site here at CS. Also a link to CA site. Also a link to Bobs site. The MKII and your loyalty to Rich is commendable. The topics like this one and the past fighting between CS,CA, now again RussK, is behavior that is not reflective of the man who's name you display.. When stoping by and reading post like this, It just bothers me.. Understood this is the MKII site and thats great, but consider the guy who's name you display, just a little.
  9. Ar9Jim

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    Exactly.. If the man himself doesn't have any heart ache, how can anyone else. If your a guy with a MKII mod or a guy with a black face plate he won't care, more than asking you about what you did and how it was done. Those patents are long expired anyway, but the point is Bob isn't offended by people modding his stuff. If meeting RichP or RussK he would certainly be supportive of both (even if Russ had issues with a mod) and not defensive in the least. After all, they all have his name on them.
  10. Ar9Jim

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    Those are very selfless and commendable choices.
  11. Ar9Jim

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    If the MKII design is not under patent if patentable (who knows) and the logo isn't trade marked, and its open public info. then how can anyone feel liable for the work of someone else? Any Cleatus (sorry Cleatus) with a roll of acid core solder and a propane torch may think he can do it. Hell, a guy wanted to launch himself it a rocket made of oil drums last month to prove the earth flat.. To feel like you have an ax to grind will Kall or anybody else, that may screw up a MKII is one hell of a beast of burden to carry imho.. When you do MKIIs the parts alone eat much of the income. And then to be servicing someone else work and feeling liable, when everyone has access to the info.. I can understand the bitterness. Consider that you have no control of the info. and no way to control who uses it and what the end result will be. This also means you have no liability for the results of others.. I don't know Mr Kall, but most people are capable of learning from mistakes.. You can take responsibility for the MKII mod as if it is your "product" if you think it is wise, but OMG why would you? If you just enjoy the work and you are independently wealthy than OK.. Do you really need to carry the weight of anyone else mistakes? The effort is admirable. To say that Russ modified Riches design.. Modified the modification? Again where's the claim to rights or liability ? The original design was Bobs and everyone involve is hacking up his design for their own purpose and product in actuality. MKII and the marketing as a product while open source and feeling liability for the work of others ..Wow, that seems like whole bunch of weight to carry.. If patents and/or trademarks are not an option or worth persuading. Then it may be best to relax and just be responsible for your work or those in your chosen group..
  12. Ar9Jim

    Carver Reference System

    Thank you very much for showing such a wonderful Bob Carver creation.. The build portion was also great. The work of Tubular Joe is art and watching your build was a joy. The current Crimson/Raven 350s are also hand built by Joe. The build quality is fantastic on everything Joe builds. True American craftsmanship, 2nd to none.. Thanks again Doc! The ALS with tube amps has an amazing ability to "listen to the room" as Bob calls it, and correct, as magical as it sounds.. After experiencing this ability in a hotel room at Axpona, it was a joy and a great surprise. In the Dr's room, that system would sound unhindered by room size. Close you eyes and the walls are gone. I can't speak for the Dr but sure have seen the ALS at work, and it works like Bob says. 3 days in a small hotel room, watching people close their eyes and get big smiles on their faces. Bet DrKs room is breathtaking to experience.
  13. Ar9Jim

    Itch's Main Audio and Home Theater System

    Beautiful System Steve. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Ar9Jim

    mbskeam's System

    Awesome Mike!! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Sorry. That was not the intent. Was just offering to demo so the OP could draw his own opinions, since sharing opinions is also an issue.