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  1. RobertR

    Audio Cheapskates

    Those cabinets were from the factory, and not uncommon. Remember, that model was the best selling Phase Linear model ever. The drawback with the PL1000 wasn't looks, it was that it had unusual dimensions, and thus didn't stack well with all the usual 19" stuff. The wooden case just makes that problem a bit worse.
  2. RobertR

    So I Guess Knives Are Next ?

    "Carversite is dedicated to Bob Carver and his many audio contributions" Really? Then why is this thread not removed? What has changed here? Is this now a place for the repetition of endless arguments about political wedge issues, things that have precisely nothing to do with audio? If I want those arguments, they are not hard to find elsewhere. And if I want to see how safe 300 million guns are making America, I can look at the day's headlines, anytime. RobertR
  3. Barryg - The kit amps will be different physically, for sure. There is to be a pcb, for one thing - Bob is just getting started on the mechanical engineering at this point; he has a ME helping him with that. As to circuit differences, knowing Bob there will have been at least some minor changes; with him, change is ongoing, perpetual. RR
  4. When Bob first talked to me about this amp he said it put out about 35 watts with 6L6's, and twice that with KT-88's. And with KT-120's around 105w. After he got around to trying it with the 150's he said those added some more power, though not really enough to bother about, especially considering the price of those tubes. But anybody can try them if they like; Bob would probably order them for those willing to spend the difference, and his cost for tubes is a good deal lower than for most of us. Bob is an engineer. Remember what engineering involves – creating something that's the best that can be built AT A PRICE. Consider the absurdity of a push gasoline lawnmower with dual 4-barrel carbs. An engineer's nightmare - total waste. And it would be poor engineering if Bob's chosen transformers, for example, were so oversized that they could support another pair or two of output tubes. Ideally every component reaches it's limit at about the same power level – that's good engineering. RobertR
  5. Right - the noise machine! It's an idea I've had for several decades. When CDs hit the market, there was always the complaint from the anti-digital faction that "something is missing" in digital recordings. Right - tape hiss! They were so used to it that they associated it with ambiance and high frequencies. And analogue masters were considered to be superior to the new digital ones, of course, for the same reason. Now, who will market a sophisticated, costly surface noise and rumble generator for the LP lovers? RobertR
  6. No, Z, it's the same document. You have to look very carefully for the subtle details. The schematic is for the 760, but shows asterisks on the extra output transistors, and associated resistors, plus a full-length heat sink, all of which are omitted on the 500/753 models. So same boards, but those in the less powerful versions are not fully populated. The 753 is nearly identical to the 500, but of course has one more amp channel board, and all that goes with that: another meter, another set of parts on the mother board in front where the amp boards plug in. I suspect also a different power transformer, capable of higher wattage. And for the 760, I'd guess higher voltage secondaries, as well. I haven't looked at it for a while, but I think if you check the parts lists you will find a few references to the 753, where there are differences. Maybe a 753 face-plate with three meter holes, etc. The manual issue was a pretty sloppy rush job, it seems, done on the cheap. Probably relates to the fact that the company was on it's way to going belly-up. Sad, because these are really good amps. Wish somebody knew what the bias setting specs were... RR
  7. A-500x, A-753x, and A-760x all covered in the same manual. It's very thin on information - schematic and parts lists only. RR
  8. RobertR

    CARVER AMP CM-1040 (or CM-1065) Service Manual

    The 1090 looks like an HR-752 with it's tuner subtracted, and meters instead of the fl display. The 1040 looks more like a TFM-15 with a preamp added, and a display instead of meters. Neither looks Chinese to me. RR
  9. RobertR

    Carver TFM-42 (rebuilt/refreshed) "Sold"

    I'd grab it, but I'm in Taiwan until early spring. If it's still around then... RR
  10. RobertR

    TRADE ME!!!!! Lightstar Reference

    Boards look like victims of an acid attack. Even if, as Greg says, someone did the meticulous work and got it working perfectly, the resale value would be fairly seriously compromised, I'd imagine. Pristine it is not, nor ever will be unless new boards turn up. RR
  11. RobertR

    Our friends in the path of Irma

    The eye went right over my big SW Fla. house. Quite a bit of damage in town (Lehigh Acres) but my place lost just a few shingles and the crappy old screening over the pool. The nearby trees we feared would land on the house not only didn't fall, but seemed to have saved it from further damage. Good thing - it's not insured, and full of Carver valuables beyond imagining... No power nor any cell towers functioning, of course, and it's hot and humid as hell. Good time to be at the Fest - and I am. RobertR
  12. RobertR

    WTF Is Wrong With The Hosting Company ???

    I can see nothing of any use to the average member in knowing the two names circled in the above post. Bare names hardly qualify as contact information Need phone numbers or e-mail addresses, obviously. Or is one just supposed to Google them? And do you guys really want a big bunch of phone calls and e-mails every time the forum messes up? Seems to me an emergency meeting/contact/message-posting place would be a far superior answer. Some mutual arrangement with the other Forum seems most practical. Will say no more on the matter. Other things to do, like packing, driving, Festing... RR
  13. RobertR

    WTF Is Wrong With The Hosting Company ???

    “As always, it's much more helpful to contact an admin directly when you have trouble rather than complain about it.” Not so easy to contact admins. if the forum is unavailable. Where does one go to to find their contact information? There maybe should be some simple emergency thread on each Carver forum, so that when one forum goes down people could go to the other and see what's happening. One's first question is always, “Is it just my computer, or is everybody down?” Nice at least to be able to clear that up, rather than just sit and wonder. RR
  14. RobertR

    To all members, Looking for a work CT17 with remote

    SOS - Must assume you are running HT, else why mess with a CT-17? Help de-confuse me. Your CT-17 is dead. Are you looking to borrow/rent one temporarily? That's how your post seems to read. All the CT-17 remotes are the same. If you have no remote now, what will you use with your 17 after it is fixed? Or are you really looking to buy another CT-17, with remote, so that you will eventually have two? You can test any two-channel power amp without a preamp. Hook some speakers up to the amp. For a music source, use a laptop or a phone - smart, pad, pod, etc. - anything with left and right RCA outputs, and hook it directly to the amp. Set the volume low to start with, and then (and only then) plug in and turn on the amp. Play something – you should have good two-channel sound, though might not be able to drive the amps to ear-splitting levels. RobertR
  15. Scores: Lions 5, Poachers 0. And very recently in another venue, in Spain: Bulls 1, idiots 0.