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  1. kingman

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome Cbolt 18 ! Let the Carver journey begin...
  2. kingman

    Apple Karma

    In like Flynn... 243
  3. kingman

    Hello From Gilbert Arizona!

    Welcome to our forum!!!
  4. kingman

    Hashy's Bench

    I’m glad you made that move. Good for you!
  5. kingman

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy Birthday!!!
  6. kingman

    Time for some Karma

    Great Karma ! I have a great meter I won on a Karma deal so not in.
  7. kingman

    Hi from Northern VA

    Hi Tony! I would not leave the M-500 on all the time, I’d use a power strip to turn on/off. My 2 cents.
  8. Nice to meet you David!
  9. kingman

    Moving Tips please

    Glad to hear that you’re moving closer!
  10. Dennis....it's more than a hobby, it's a sickness!!!! I'm listening to a 1.0t I pulled out to get to the 300x2 Sunfire I took to Carverfest. I tell you it is the most perfect cosmetic amp I have I believe. It is NOS . Pity is, I don't remember where I got it from and know there is at least 1 more stuck back somewhere. LOL! P.S.....missed you at CF this year....be there next year.
  11. A C-500 of a different color I acquired...
  12. kingman

    Silver Carver C-1 for sale

  13. kingman

    RIP: Ed King

    Great southern guitarist... another talent gone too soon.