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  1. Check your cable connection to that channel. Are you using RCA or XLR’s? I would swap out cables first and see if it’s a connection issue. It sounds like a capacitor discharge of some sort. NaHash can assist you at Nelion Audio.
  2. Enjoyed him in all of his roles. A truly talented individual. Thanks Rip!
  3. James is aware and working on it.
  4. Getting the error message...
  5. Have a great birthday! 👏👏👏
  6. Sorry for your loss...
  7. Wondering if anyone else received this... Beginning June 1, 2019, FedEx will charge a $350 fee for each incident of a package shipped through FedEx that contains Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials that is determined to be noncompliant by FedEx. What is considered a noncompliant package? A noncompliant package that contains Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials include: • Insufficient or improper packaging • Improper HazMat labeling or markings • Undeclared Dangerous Goods (DG) • Prohibited materials • Packages abandoned or refused What does this mean for you? If FedEx determines that you have shipped a noncompliant package, this fee will be reflected on your monthly eBay invoice in the same way FedEx shipping charges are assessed today. How to avoid the fee? Refer to the Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials shipping guidelines from FedEx and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to make sure you are compliant with their regulations and shipping requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure packages are properly marked, labeled, packaged, and documented (if necessary), according to their hazardous materials shipping policies. In addition to FedEx requirements, any shipment you prepare must comply with DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations(HMR) and any restrictions maintained by your preferred shipping carrier. Please refer to FedEx, UPS, USPS and eBay’s policy for more information. As always, thank you for selling on eBay.
  8. Miss our Sunday talks my friend.
  9. Anything Geezer Butler did...a taster...
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