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  1. kingman

    RIP Peter Tork dead at 77 yrs. old

    Sad news...😞
  2. kingman

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    Fair enough !
  3. kingman

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    Well # 1 I didn’t say that, I said it was a fair price. If you are interested contact the seller and ask questions.
  4. kingman

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    That one looks nice and at a fair price also!
  5. I don’t believe so but I’d like to see and hear more about it!
  6. Welcome 69Chevelle! Do you have a 69?
  7. kingman

    Happy Birthday itchitch

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
  8. kingman

    Back Again... Rising from the Ashes

    Yes it is. At 125 per channel it compares with the TFM -35 at 250 per. I gave mine to Gary when he was down on his luck and his girlfriend returned it after he passed. I sure miss my friend...
  9. kingman

    Back Again... Rising from the Ashes

    Glad you’re back and cudo’s to LT and the rest of the guys! The A-220 is very underrated. I believe it a much more powerful and desirable amp than the TFM-15. I sold all my 15’s and kept the 220! Enjoy the music!
  10. kingman

    Hi. Glad to be here.

  11. kingman


    Welcome home.
  12. kingman

    Happy Birthday Sea!!!

    Happy Birthday Ed!
  13. kingman

    FedEx Home Delivery

    They all used to at least wrap packages up in a plastic bag if there was a chance of rain...now they leave it without protection even if it's raining and exposed. Real shitty way to handle your customers but I've seen all 3 big carriers do it and they continue to do it.
  14. kingman

    Happy Birthday BluesMan57!!!

    Have a great birthday!