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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @RichP714!!! Hope you are doing well and enjoying yourself... Thanks again for starting all this for us!
  2. WELCOME @NickT! One of the techs will chime in soon... When you're able please post some pics of your setup.
  3. Welcome @Decible_Junkie! Carver and Polk are a great combination...
  4. Case in point....on eBay for only $300 + $70 shipping!!! second image is with original faceplate....what is should look like
  5. WELCOME to the forum @Wopalop420! Sounds like you got a steal on your carver components... Watch out! It's contagious....OCCD!!!!!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Dadvw!!!
  7. Brian. Congratulations on your newly modded BillD C-1 and MKII/Opt2 M-1.0t! Your going to love 'em….. Good luck with your wiring connections. And a shout out to @Daddyjt (and all the other site techs). What a great asset they are!!!
  8. @4krow Beautiful workmanship... Any noticeable sound improvement?
  9. With the exception of Rature by Blondie, I consider using Carver gear for rap as desecration!
  10. WELCOME @dr. underhill! Did you purchase your M-500t amp new? Is it stock? You may want to read up on the MKII mod/upgrade...
  11. @Turbo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya! 🎂🎈🎈
  12. @Sk1Bum... Sorry to hear of your loss.
  13. Dennis47

    RIP Dr. John

    Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time...R.I.P. 🕊️
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