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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BluesMan57!!!🎈🎈🎈
  2. WELCOME Thrust Audio. Glad you found us! Sounds like you'll fit right in... What model JBL's do you own?
  3. Dennis47

    Reference disc / need your help!!

    Great work Mark! Thank you for the extra effort... Can't wait to get mine!
  4. Dennis47

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    I'm sure there are others more than worthy of the VT Badge...I'm just not aware of who they are...
  5. Dennis47

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    Hashy, Please consider the two following nominations for Vacuum Tube Badges: Kev777 Kevin is always sharing tubes, advice and his knowledge to us peons. Seems strange that many of us consider Kev777 to be the site's "Tube Guru" yet he does not have this badge...What do ya think??? MRHP Eric is a newcomer to this site, but a long time member of our sister site and a repeat Carverfest attendee who is the owner of Bob Caver 180 monoblocks (pre serial # prototypes), Baby Black Magic VAT20s monoblocks (serial #1 & #2), and a pair of 2018 CF 275 amplifiers. I visited him last fall and auditioned his amps and fantastic tube collection (we rolled Telefunkens, Seimens CCAs, and Mullard "pinched waist" krinkled glass). I think he should be award the Vacuum Tube Badge also.
  6. Dennis47


    Welcome Notanaudiofile! Thanks for sharing your audio journey with us. Oh, by the way, we love equipment photos. May want to read up on the BillD mod for your C-1...
  7. Dennis47

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kingman!!!!!

    Happy Birthday K-man!πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
  8. Dennis47

    Happy Birthday Sk1Bum!!!!

    Very Happy Birthday to you Sk1Bum!!! 151 years old!!! …..REALLY?????
  9. Dennis47

    The one that you let go - greatest regret.

    Set of Altec Lansing A-500 Voice of the Theater speakers... circa 1970 My first stereo equipment purchase...even before I had an amp, pre amp or receiver. Should have kept them babies!!!!
  10. Dennis47

    fxbill turns blue

    Congrats and welcome fxbill! Many thanks for your work on the CF 275 socket group buy project....
  11. Dennis47

    Happy Birthday BarryG!!!

    HAPPY B'Day Barry!! πŸŽ‚
  12. Dennis47

    Barry Galvin’s Current 2 channel setup

    Barry, That CF 275 looks AWESOME! (what's the gold object, on top, above the bias meter in 1st photo?) Thanks for sharing...
  13. Dennis47

    67bird's toy box

    WELCOME 67bird! Love the pics...NICE equipment you have there! If you have not already done so, you might want to think about upgrading the tubes in your SD/A 490t CD player. I would highly recommend early 1960's Bugle Boys. Yep...I'm being an enabler, but you already have the OCCD!
  14. Dennis47

    Just got here...

    WELCOME Will Dew! Don't forget to thank your daughter for starting you on this journey. Ditto on the BillD C-1 upgrade and the MKII M-500t upgrade...you'll love them!
  15. Dennis47

    Itch's Office System (CF275)

    itch... That CF275 amp looks SWEET!