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  1. Happy 58th birthday @peck555! (you're still a youngster)
  2. Happy 70th birthday @niccolosito!!!
  3. WELCOME aboard @ Arden! Nice collection of Carver gear you have going. Yep, you got the OCCD bug...
  4. Condensed version of "Faulty Generalization" Example: "Truth isn't truth" ….Rudy Giuliani
  5. @Zenith4me... HAPPY 63rd BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoy the day.
  6. HAPPY B'DAY! Have a good one...
  7. Brian...congratulations on your ear ringing listening session! Those Kappa-9's are just 109 miles south of me...I can pick them up for ya.
  8. @Eric Fossen Glad you found us and WELCOME to the world of Carver. Congrats on your recently acquired Carver gear. Watch that OCCD...it can get out of hand; I know!
  9. @DrummerJuice Have a HAPPY 53rd BIRTHDAY!!!
  10. WELCOME @Bwest! Thanks for sharing how you got here. Polk and Carver are a great match!
  11. @HappyTrails HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY! May you have many more...
  12. @Sk1Bum Not in...but thank you for the Karma offering. You're gonna make someone very happy.
  13. Thanks for sharing Mark. God is good!
  14. @Casaletti HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  15. EXCELLENT Karma Charlie! Went to the right person...
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