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  1. Dennis47

    Sony Karma

    OH BOY! Thank you so much Charlie. Maybe I can move into the digital era with the camera... PM sent
  2. Dennis47

    Sony Karma

    Thanks for the Karma offering Charlie! In with #47....
  3. Dennis47

    new to site...

    WELCOME tripwr1964!
  4. Dennis47

    HELLO (again)

    Welcome back GarciaFan! Tell us about your carver gear.....
  5. Dennis47

    New guy here !

    Welcome Turbo1! We all started with just one piece. Looking forward to see how your OCCD progresses... A TX-12 AM/FM Tuner and SD/A 490t CD player sure would go nice with that CM-1090...
  6. Dennis47

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    Congrats Soulsurfer! Enjoy
  7. Dennis47

    Buzzard Creek System

    My impression is that the DQ LP-1 is a great device for honing in bass response to match one's listening space.
  8. Dennis47

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    HappyTrails very nice Karma offering! Count me in please! #47
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    Buzzard Creek System

    Congratulations on your inaugural post MRHP! Welcome...good to have you as a member here. I think there is a requirement for either 6 posts and/or 6 Member's total reputation points in order to post pics. Maybe Nahash can give us a clarification. Thanks to hifibourbon for the pics...good job! (sorry for misspelling your ID name in previous post)
  10. Dennis47

    For you bass lovers!

    Congrats Charlie! Thanks for the offering fxbill… Another weapon for the DeathStar!!!
  11. Dennis47

    Buzzard Creek System

    Last Sunday Hi-Fi Bourbon and I made the trip to Barlow, KY to the residence of MRHP in order to retrieve a 2018 Carverfest amp kit (so graciously brought back by MRHP) and to visit/audition his audio system. One word describes the experience..."AWESOME". MRHP was very welcoming and his laid back demeanor made us feel as if we were visiting and old friend. A taste of Carverfest without the Bob C. factor. After an inventory of the amp kit parts we soon began playing with the toys. And what toys! We started listing to a system consisting of the following components: Sunfire tube preamplifier (not sure of model #), Carver Baby black tube amps (monoblocked), Dahlquist DQ-20 speakers, dual DIY subwoofers powered by Sunfire Architect's Choice Series II (625 x 2) amp and an Oppo BDP-103. The sound was very detailed and crystal clear and the subs kicked me right in the ass! I remember thinking "this is very close to the sound of a live concert". Excellent system synergy. We then swapped the Baby Blacks for Carver 180 tube amps (monoblocked) w/KT-120 tubes. The additional power produced a whole new level of dynamics and realism. We continued the audition with some tube rolling on the amps and preamp. Amazes me how tubes can change the sonic signature of a system. MRHP has a wonderful collection of rare vintage tubes. Some of the equipment we did not have time to listen to (as we didn't want to wearout our welcome) was a Lightstar amplifier and a TFM-75 amplifier. Another, of note, aspect of MRHP's components is his collection of early production pieces: TFM-75 (serial #1), Baby Black amps (serial #1 & #2), and 180 amps (pre-production prototypes' pre-serial #d). Quite the collection! Hi-Fi Bourbon took a few pics on his iPhone and I am hoping (With MRHP's permission) he will post them on this tread. Everyone loves the eye candy...🍬 Also, if I have made any misstatements about the components, maybe we can get MRHP (who recently joined our site, but is a long time member of our sister site) to chime in, elaborate or maybe even post additional pics. I think there are pics of some of his equip. on the "Carverfest 2018 Open Discussion and Pics" thread: page 3. Bottom Line is I was very impressed and came away with one prevailing thought...I need to rethink the need for adding the extra realism of a good subwoofer(s) to my system. Special thanks to MRHP for the most enjoyable visit... AS a side note we were unable to listen to his 2018 Carverfest 275 amps because they are still under construction. Hi-Fi Bourbon will be assembling my 275 amp kit, so I ask that if he has questions members here respond if you have the answers. Thanks in advance... Bob Carver equipment rocks!!!
  12. Dennis47

    Genesis CD Karma

    Congratulations AJ! Thanks again ROD H...
  13. Dennis47

    Genesis CD Karma

    Thanks for the offering Rod H... In please...#47
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    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    Congratulations Mark! Well deserved....
  15. Dennis47

    NOS Transformer For 7t/9t (ended early...)

    Thank you for the Karma offering itchitch...very generous! Also, a special thanks to all you members that had the collective wisdom to see the transformer went to the toolbox. The caversite.com brotherhood at it's best!