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  1. Dennis47

    The Banned Game

    Banned for Dudist identity appropriation....😁
  2. Dennis47

    The Banned Game

    B-Man...banned...you know why! Don't get me started...
  3. Dennis47

    The Banned Game

    Banned for using the words "banned" three times, "banning" twice, "banners" twice and "bans" in the same sentence! Oh SHIT! I just banned myself too....😁
  4. Mark, Thanks for sharing. Always great to hear good things about the next generation. Congratulations to Taylor 👍 and a job well done by her parents!
  5. Dennis47

    Supertramp Crime of the Century

    Ah ...yes good old nostalgia! You sir have good taste in music. Crime of the Century is one of my go to vinyls.
  6. Dennis47

    Members Status

    I'm not lookin' to be demoted. No challenge! Just a jest...…………..
  7. Dennis47

    Members Status

    Good one.....🙂 I see you're living up to your name...Mr. A$$hole....😁
  8. Dennis47

    Members Status

    Just noticed I have been awarded "members" rank. Thank you to whoever promoted me! I consider it an honor to be part of this group. Only took me nine and a half years to achieve "members" status and to post an avatar...maybe I should be a "snail members"...….🐌🐌🐌 #slow&dyslexic
  9. Congrats on the new amps. WARNING! NO cure for OCCD...no cash flow only slows it down; temporarily.........😖
  10. WELCOME nwlaznik! Get that M-1.0t and have the MKII mod done....
  11. Welcome to the forum Chas. Sorry to hear the "magic smoke" escaped from your C-4000 preamp.... You might try contacting our member @Bonzoro as he seems to be the go-to tech for the C-4000s.....hope you get it running again soon.
  12. Dennis47

    Shout out to RobertR

    I'm very appreciative of all the time and effort Robert R has donated to this project for all of us..... Good call Nahash...🍪
  13. Dennis47

    Butterflies in the kitchen.

    Really unusal, but NEAT hobby! 🦋🦋🦋🦋
  14. Dennis47

    Rest In Peace Senator McCain

    RIP John McCain What a true Hero! Thanks for your service...🎺
  15. Dennis47

    Quick Intro

    Welcome PrISM……. What Preamp or receiver are you thinking about using? Tell us about what equipment you are going to have in your 2 channel system.