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  1. Happy Birthday Gary! What a great friend...R.I.P.
  2. @Zenith4me... Looking GOOD with the black faceplate!
  3. Welcome @Signal Man! Like your avatar pic.... If you don't find a serviced C-1 to your liking and can pick up an inexpensive stock C-1 there are a number of Tech members here that could service it for ya. just sayin'....
  4. Have a good one @Zoom!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @randog311! 🎂 Keep the Music and jokes coming...
  6. Back from the Twilight Zone..... Thanks Greg!!!
  7. WELCOME to the forum @allflehisequalwhenburnt! I see you've got quite the collection of carver gear... Big plus that you're able to do your own repairs/upgrades. Which of your Carver amps is your favorite?
  8. Awesome case R2U...thanks for the Karma offering! Not in this time....
  9. OUTSTANDING Karma R2U!! Thanks for sharing itch.... This is why carversite.com is the best forum on the web!!!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Dnspy007!!!
  11. Dennis47

    Record store day

    Same story (early sell out) in southern Indiana! The Test Pressing sold retail for $22.99. I see ePray prices are starting bids @ about $40 up to BIN of about $90! Good luck obtaining a copy at a reasonable price....
  12. Have a good one youngster! 🎂
  13. WELCOME @Bradrock! Glad you found us. One of our members @Bonzorodoes the WOPL rebuilds. Those Phase Linear 700b amps WOPL'd are great! ...but expensive Done any upgrades to your Polks (XO's, tweeters, rings, gaskets)?
  14. WELCOME @DrewNH! The C-11 and TFM-35 are a good combination. Read through the threads mentioned above by itchitch. If you decide the refurbs are above your pay grade there are a number of techs on this site (located at various locations) who can help.
  15. Welcome @bluelick! Glad you found us... Hope all goes well with your amp...enjoy!
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