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  1. @Nahash5150, Should TNRabbit be white letters and designated as retired or R.I.P.? As your still working on this tab...sorry if I'm jumping the gun.
  2. @RPA-1 Man HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!🎂🎂🎂
  3. What can I say other than I was young and didn't have a clue! Those VOTTs caused many unhappy neighbors....
  4. My first purchase of any real stereo gear...VOTTs. Bought them in '72 even before I had an amp, receiver or anything...Hot Stuff!!!
  5. A Voice Of Music stereo was my birthday present in 1963: and what introduced me to Bob Dylan! it's been OCD /OCCD since then...
  6. HEY GIRL!!! Hope it's a good one...🤞🙌❣️💐☘️🎂
  7. EXCELLENT Karma!!! Thank you for the offering @maytag. Not in...
  8. WELCOME @skids!! Glad you found us...a good group here. Enjoy your stay...
  9. Have a Very GOOD ONE!!!🎂
  10. I don't know...If an orange snake oil salesman can become POTUS anything is possible! Not to mention two accused sex offenders on the Supreme Court!!!!
  11. Always thought these Pioneer Spec systems in racks were great visually.
  12. I use a set of these adaptors in my 2011 Carverfest tube amp in order to use 12AX7 in lieu of 6AX7/6N2 tubes without rewiring the pin sockets. They work great!
  13. @iamjohngalt Great price for members...thanks for the special consideration. What is the size of the faceplate? I see there are three OTK 6N2-EV tubes. What is the size and brand of the fourth (smaller) tube?
  14. WELCOME @oldphaser!!! Glad to see on this site Ed B. My PL amps you refurbed are still purring...
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