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  1. donberry

    WTB M-500t

    well, while I'd love to have the MKII and as I could possibly be using it to drive the panels on a pair of SL3 it would be the more practical one to get, but , that would depend on if I can sell a m1.5t I have and how much I can get for it. As you have a couple, maybe give me a few days and let me see how the sale of my M1.5t goes. This sounds bad but as I'm hoping to maximize what I get out of it (so I could possibly at least seriously consider the MKII), I'm going to check/set the idle current here this morning and list it on ebay and see how that goes. I'm supposed to be getting rid of gear as I'm planning on moving to Mexico BUT, I had a M-500t and really, really liked it so am thinking if I do want another, I ought to get it before I move as I'm sure it will be easier to get one here than it would be there. I came here to simply look up some info and looking that info up, saw a M-500t post and started doing my best to try and justify buying one. U can PM me if u like but what's a stock one and an MKII go for ? Thanks
  2. donberry

    WTB M-500t

    If I could find a decent deal on a M-500t, I'd definitely be interested. I'm sitting here kicking myself at the moment after just browsing ebay completed auctions where numerous ones sold for under $300.
  3. Well i am in the process of doing a m-500t but I will leave it for those who have been around longer. Good karma tho
  4. donberry

    I give, what is the Deconvolution mask ?

    okay, thanks. I was wondering more exactly what it did. As it is not an "open source" mod, I wouldn't dream of trying to emulate it. So, it apparently is more useful at lower volumes , brings some type of music more forward and increases the sound stage........sounds like something I need to check into later for my M500t as it sounds like it might go well with my esl's.
  5. Researching my soon to be M500-t MKII upgrade, I keep running across the deconvolution mask and reading how great it is etc. I believe I mentioned I am not that bright and I have googled the heck out of this but all I find are posts talking about how good it is or troubleshooting a hum etc, but no where can I find out exactly what this is ? Also, would anyone happen to know exactly what is inside that "box". Thanks for any info and I imagine I might be embarrassed on this one as it is probably something I should know or should have found info on I did find convolution on wikipedia, but alas it is over my head and am hoping someone has a simpler explanation as it has been a long time since I have done real math