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  1. cuda

    Hi all. Well, I'm back. Site looks wonderful.

    I have the TG-V and oppo 105 and can choose source direct (the oppo) then the TG-V is not using it's dac. Does the TG-IV have that feature?
  2. cuda

    carver ribbon pics old vs. new

    A couple pictures of then and now, one pic looks like a ribbon jig but I had heard they where electric over hydraulic presses maybe that was for clamping the magnets together? The other pic (look at all that ribbon materiel) but it just has 2 traces not 4 I think it was the modern unit for the sunfire speakers that wrapped them in a circle.
  3. cuda

    carver ribbon pics old vs. new

    Pic 1 is bob at a training session for Sunfire to introduce the new Sunfire speakers and compare them to the old plats in the picture, behind him is supposed to be 2 sunfire 600 amps for the power in the comparison but only one has the signature so I think they ran the plats on the 600 and the sunfires on a 300x2. And I sure hope they moved them off the wall for the comparison lol
  4. You just made me look over at mine and I said " I Love you Guys " lol
  5. You can really only buy the 600 series amp and have or do the mod or buy 2 series 300 amps and do the mod or buy the 400x7 signature amps and do the mod plus cable it to use all the power into 2 channel. They are not all the same amp under the hood.. I myself have been looking for some sinsi speakers to drive with my 2 x 600 sunfire signatures but am still looking for some. And to put it in perspective a few months ago there where several 600x2 and 625 x2 signature amps on ebay that shrunk down in price to around $1500 so they are not that rare or expensive since jkid stopped driving up the price of them on ebay.
  6. I thought Genesis was Seattle? Is there another speaker company on the east coast using the same name?
  7. I used to run a lot of speakers and I had settled on a pair of modified K-Horns they cranked! Rattled the dishes and where very clear in the high notes. Even low they where great and had very low amp demands (even though i powered them with a couple phase 700 amps) And then one day I bought a pair of Carver AL III's just for kicks always thought they looked cool but then I sat back without even knowing how to set them up right in my room and listened to them low volume high volume it didn't matter I was hearing songs in a whole different way little instruments I never noticed before and yes sound stage! I could write a book on the different carver speakers but in the end they are all ribbons and will get you there (but now days I would pay a lot less for AL III's since people put them up at a grand but they really seem to change hands at $700 or less near me) Anyway just my little ribbon story and I love my carver gear and everything but the fact that the speakers are not in production is a downside compared to being able to go to a shop that sells Magnepan speakers in a lot of different models and just listen to a pair to hear some soundstage and if you need a new ribbon you can just order one and it will be on it's way. I have heard some pretty good sounding magnepan speakers at people's houses. So do I think mine are better? I do actually but I have never owned some of the 20.7 magnepans I think they me pretty good. And I am a glutton for punishment as I would like a pair of 20.7's but I know that the next chance I get my next speakers are going to be Apogee Scintillas even though they are long out of production. Maybe then I will get the Magnepans lol
  8. cuda

    RIP Malcolm Young.

    I read a fake news feed my bad lol
  9. cuda

    RIP Malcolm Young.

    wow both brothers so close together bummer
  10. I am not greedy: I would like a pair of TFM-75's and a Pair of Carver Lighstars All of these are on my list and have been for awhile but the prices just keep climbing
  11. cuda

    Pandora vs. Spotify

    Only thing I do not like on spotify is one day you may listen to a song but a week later that song will be grayed out because it is no longer under license, and it happens a lot. Even if you check the save/download of the song.
  12. cuda

    Cudas Sunfire Carver System

    Wow finally after going through 4 Sunfire TGP-V preamps I found one that finally has as good or better sound than my TGP-2. I have switched back and forth over and over forever and the TGP-2 always found it's way back in the system but it lacks some little extras the TGP-5 has like info button, bypass, zone 2, etc etc. But this TGP-5 is in the rack to stay lol
  13. cuda

    What do you do for a living?

    Underground Utility Contractor trenchless sewer and water main installs for the most part.