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  1. cuda

    Bob and MQA

    Tidal HiFi and my oppo-105 are a perfect match it does not have the MQA setting as an option but on my PC Tidal app it is there, I never use it though.
  2. cuda

    Supertramp Crime of the Century

  3. cuda

    WTF?? (Ribbon 'Repair' Service)

    Yea Sea is underpaid on these cleaning off the old glue and ribbon then doing the magnets a long slow tedious job.
  4. cuda

    WTF?? (Ribbon 'Repair' Service)

    I can give you some tips on what you are about to do. The magnetism is pretty weak when the 2 metal frames are over 6-8 inches away from each other but when moved closer together you start to really feel it and the force is more sideways as it trys to twist the 2 metal frames. So just get some bolts that are fully threaded that are like 4" to 6 " longer than the stock ones. Don't think that the metal is that strong meaning you can't just have 2 bolts at each end you have to have 2 in the middle (or more if you like) because the metal will bend quite a lot and that is what makes the magnets pop off the frames. Also the bolt heads are kinda on the opposite side then you want for lining up the ribbon tension rods but you can use your longer bolts in the opposite direction than the factory did to pull them together then just push the stock bolts in different holes to hold it together the way the factory did. I agree everything I found on the web made it seem harder than it really is but it is not super easy either I was so scared of the magnets before the first time I took one apart but not now. Also on the magnets some you will find are not glued at all they are just on the metal frame by the magnetism alone and will easily come off while others will be glued on pretty good. I left them in place and just did one at a time so that I kept them in the right order and correct direction. They are actually easy to break so be careful you can use a heat gun to help but have to be real careful not to heat up one you don't want off at the time. It was a long slow process on the magnets.
  5. cuda

    WTF?? (Ribbon 'Repair' Service)

    Be prepared to find the ribbon is glued to the wood so trying to move it around probably is not possible but that may be ok for you anyway if you just want to remove magnets and re-glue them back down then reassemble the ribbon.
  6. Like to buy a clearview crossover to play with for my plats Thanks
  7. From that last picture I would think that a 4-6 foot width would be perfect I know it seems narrow but those ribbons are straight up and down not tilted so it works well. Besides what the manual says for the placement on the AL-III's I always thought they where just a tad boomy which I figured that is just the way it is with a down firing woofer. Well I have a friend with some AL-III's and a large music room and he had said the same thing then I read a email from a Carver Tech that was answering the same question about boomyness and he said " that carver research had found that if the AL-III is moved 5 feet from the backwall and a min. of 4 feet from a sidewall there is no boomy bass" And it is true we tried it but you need a pretty good size room to place them like that.
  8. When I run 2 sets of speakers at once I get a wall of sound but SH is never right no matter what I do but for get togethers in the summer it's fine, most of the time I just run 2 speakers to get a nice Sh system without a lot of work. I am actually sick of messing with time delay and gains and crossover freqs. I have to many buttons to mess with and I can't stop playing with them thinking I am missing out someplace so this week I am going to put the passives back in on one pair of speakers (which should be fun as I have never seen a crossover that looks like the one I have in my MK-III plats)
  9. cuda

    Carver Reference System

    Back in the old days when Carver was still open in Lynnwood there was a DIY bass mailing list and they where doing a group buy of 60" Ribbons and crossovers, some also used the stock woofer while others bought another brand. Doug Purls Kryptonite speaker plans. Anyway when Doug met with a Carver Engineer he was told that they had discovered the Amazings where better if they where a foot taller for room response but that they where not made that way because of the wife factor and they already cost too much to make for what they where selling for. My AL-IIl's are now 7'2" with the 60 inch ribbon. I am now adding some tweeters (the same ones in the new Line source) 4 in the front and 2 in the back for the higher octaves to help the ribbons with dispersion. I wonder if the old Carver study's of the taller speaker where an influence in the new models.
  10. cuda

    Carver Reference System

    I don't know I think my old carver updated AL 3 with 60 inch sea ribbons with sunfire twin 600's could take it
  11. cuda

    Hi all. Well, I'm back. Site looks wonderful.

    I have the TG-V and oppo 105 and can choose source direct (the oppo) then the TG-V is not using it's dac. Does the TG-IV have that feature?
  12. cuda

    carver ribbon pics old vs. new

    A couple pictures of then and now, one pic looks like a ribbon jig but I had heard they where electric over hydraulic presses maybe that was for clamping the magnets together? The other pic (look at all that ribbon materiel) but it just has 2 traces not 4 I think it was the modern unit for the sunfire speakers that wrapped them in a circle.
  13. cuda

    carver ribbon pics old vs. new

    Pic 1 is bob at a training session for Sunfire to introduce the new Sunfire speakers and compare them to the old plats in the picture, behind him is supposed to be 2 sunfire 600 amps for the power in the comparison but only one has the signature so I think they ran the plats on the 600 and the sunfires on a 300x2. And I sure hope they moved them off the wall for the comparison lol
  14. You just made me look over at mine and I said " I Love you Guys " lol
  15. You can really only buy the 600 series amp and have or do the mod or buy 2 series 300 amps and do the mod or buy the 400x7 signature amps and do the mod plus cable it to use all the power into 2 channel. They are not all the same amp under the hood.. I myself have been looking for some sinsi speakers to drive with my 2 x 600 sunfire signatures but am still looking for some. And to put it in perspective a few months ago there where several 600x2 and 625 x2 signature amps on ebay that shrunk down in price to around $1500 so they are not that rare or expensive since jkid stopped driving up the price of them on ebay.