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  1. Love me some crawfish and it's that time of year for it, too. We boiled 60 pounds of them Saturday afternoon even with all the storms and rain going on in central AR. My wife isn't a huge fan of them and kept asking about poop chutes and I tried to convince her they were purged and showed her the container they were in when being done. She did some herself...others I had to do for her. It was complete with potatoes, corn on cob, sausage, celery, and spices. And beer of course.
  2. My first stereo was a hand me down solid state console from around 1970 that my grandparents had bought. It made it's way into my bedroom when I was maybe 10 or 11. I remember their best friends bought me a pair of Koss HV1A's for Christmas that year. (I was a jammer already) Next was a Zenith Allegro all in one unit that was quite fancy for its time. I think my grandparents bought that one for me but can't recall. Now the first stereo I bought for myself was a Technics SU-8055 integrated amp, Realistic Lab-420 turntable, and a pair of Sansui SU-57 speakers. Nothing too crazy. This was maybe 1980-ish? Found a picture of the Zenith. It was pretty cool for it's time. Right at the end of the era of silver faced equipment.
  3. I'm in with 88. Thanks!
  4. (you have to say this one fairly fast to someone for them to really think about it and get it) A guy walks into a Psychiatrist office wearing nothing but a pair of shorts made from clear saran wrap. The doctor walks in and says, "Well, I can clearly see your (you're) nuts".
  5. Mine came about back in 2001 when I started for an Audio Video Manufacturers rep firm when I was living in Tulsa and then moved to Denton, TX summer of 2003 and they needed a different email account to forward my work email to from the server. I had been in car and home audio retail starting in 1985 but was installing car stereos, putting bicycles, baby beds, and whatever else, at the local Western Auto store in my town starting in 1980. That got me to installing car stereos for guys in high school when I was in Jr High so it was quite the inlet with the "cool dudes with cars". I've done all levels including sales, custom installation/fabrication, management, ownership, then Manufacturers Rep from 1985 till 2009 till the Rep Firm I was with did major changed and I was out of a job. I had moved to Denton, TX in 2003, as mentioned, and set up that email account and the rest is history. So, nothing really exciting. But, now I'm back in Arkansas with a change of career paths (Network Administrator for the city I'm in) and not even in A/V anymore but changing it to "naguyar" would look kind of stupid so there's that. So I've just left it what it is as more seem to know that one. Well, in some places.
  6. @B-Man I found the link to the YouTube video about that D-1200
  7. Those D-1200's were a beast and very surprising. A friend of a good friend in Phoenix has some sort of equipment where he can test amplifiers under practically any load without losing power and ran one of these through the mill. It was quite impressive even being in stock form. I always wanted one of those. I'm pondering selling one or both of my Mac amps and getting a new Onkyo M-5000R to match the P-3000R I bought a couple years back. I've known the National Sales Director since 2001 when I was the rep for Onkyo/Integra (till 2009) and still can buy things at Rep Sample price. Sometimes new gear is nice. lol
  8. Interesting. And at the moment, this thread scrolls just fine. It was earlier when I was exploring and reading some thing then posted a WTB here as I'd messaged Dennis on another forum about my search. But it doesn't do it in every thread. I did reboot my PC just to see. Who knows. I deal with odd issues every day being the Network Administrator for the city where I live. Now I will have to say, I am doing a remote session from my work PC to my home desktop to browse the forums while I'm at work. But none of the others experience the drag. I also noticed that this site is powered by Invision which is what the Klipsch forum uses, too. So, I changed the theme from the black background to the default and it appears that may have taken care of the problem. Could be the amount of video processing it had to do over an RDP session even with us being on a 500mb fiber connection here to my 100mb home connection. Changing to the white background might have taken care of it. Oh, and why does my content have to be approved by a moderator? Is it because of post count? I must have lost a bunch of it with the changeover. lol Edit....I see why now.
  9. I've been gone for awhile but do like the new layout but one thing I've noticed today is that it is painfully slow to navigate/scroll through some threads but not on the main page. I was trying to send someone a PM a little bit ago and it took forever. Every time I would scroll a little, it took it some time to catch up. But it doesn't do it on everything...mainly into some threads. This is being done from an i7 Quad Dell desktop with 8gb RAM and SSD so it's not a slouch machine. It's not happening on other sites....just here. Anyone else experience this?
  10. Oh it figures. That might have been one of them I've miss on ebay lately as mentioned above. I'll come across one at some point hopefully. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Looking for a reasonably priced Carver C-2 preamp to go along with my updated/upgraded M-200t and TX-2 for the garage system in our new house. I do keep an eye on e b a y as well and have missed a few reasonable ones lately on the weekend because we're on the finishing stages of our new house build. I hardly have time to sit down on the weekends. But if anyone sees one on their local CL, personally has one, or otherwise, let me know. Thanks! Kip
  12. Yeah...90's rock but his name is Kip, too. ha
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