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  1. Never had UPS ask that question, but the last time I shipped an amp (with sufficient insurance to cover a total loss), they implied that if they didn’t do the packing it would be much more difficult to successfully file a claim for damage. Mark
  2. Crown Royal - I keep it in the freezer, makes the shot go down smooooooth. Mark
  3. It's a non-stocked part - is there a reason you need a 105C part?
  4. I bought this when it first released, sounds great. Also available as pre-order at music direct.
  5. Not on the mofi list - Donald Fagen The Nightfly, Santana Abraxas. Mark
  6. From Bob's website The 275 Stereo is point-to-point wired by hand in the same facility as our Raven Crimson and Silver Seven.
  7. Found these on ebay - T-shirt Keychain
  8. Just happened to see this ebay seller Carver NOS parts listing some NOS rack handles and knobs. Doesn't list the ones you are looking for but says he has hundreds of NOS parts. Mark
  9. I haven't received the email yet, I ordered two back in January. Mark
  10. It's possible, but....... One of the circuit board designers I worked with had the skill and CAD tools to copy a single side board, maybe one of the members has that ability. A board that size might be pretty costly. Mark
  11. If they are 3" handles, Menards (a home center similar to home depot or lowes) carries black drawer handles for $3 each, and Mouser sells ferrules that fit - the drawer handles are a little thicker than stock Carvers but the largest ferrules fit fine. Mark
  12. I sold my new copy of Abraxas last summer for $386 + 14 shipping. Bought it October 2016 directly from MOFI for $107. When The Nightfly became available I pre-ordered 2 of them, and pre-ordered 2 Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Mark
  13. Mostly hi quality CD's (MOFI, Audio Fidelity, DCC), some hi quality vinyl. Some K2 mastered CD's sound great (ELP, Eagles), some not so great (Bat Out Of Hell), probably depends on how good the original master was. Have a couple SACD's and an older OPPO DV-981 that I haven't listened to very much. Bought a Sony CD changer and recorder in 2006 - it makes a bit for bit copy of any original CD, so my CD's only get played a couple times to make copies to use, mainly in my vehicles. Mark
  14. The DTL owners manual has a good description of the basics of it - different equalizations needed for L+R and L_R. Mark
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