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  1. gold98gtp

    New Vinyl Releases

    I sold my new copy of Abraxas last summer for $386 + 14 shipping. Bought it October 2016 directly from MOFI for $107. When The Nightfly became available I pre-ordered 2 of them, and pre-ordered 2 Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Mark
  2. Mostly hi quality CD's (MOFI, Audio Fidelity, DCC), some hi quality vinyl. Some K2 mastered CD's sound great (ELP, Eagles), some not so great (Bat Out Of Hell), probably depends on how good the original master was. Have a couple SACD's and an older OPPO DV-981 that I haven't listened to very much. Bought a Sony CD changer and recorder in 2006 - it makes a bit for bit copy of any original CD, so my CD's only get played a couple times to make copies to use, mainly in my vehicles. Mark
  3. gold98gtp

    SOLD: Carver DTL unit

    The DTL owners manual has a good description of the basics of it - different equalizations needed for L+R and L_R. Mark
  4. gold98gtp

    What are the best sounding Simon&Garfunkul records?

    Based on my experience, pre-order from Music Direct. Last year I pre-ordered MFSL's The Nightfly from a 'wholesale' online retailer (Elusive Disc), then a couple weeks later I pre-ordered one from Music Direct. When it was released in October 2017 I got the one from Music Direct very quickly, about a week after release. Several months went by without a word from Elusive Disc - in email communication they told me Mobile Fidelity had some supply issues and since they were a 'wholesale' business their pre-orders were filled after 'retail' orders (like from Music Direct). I contacted Mobile Fidelity and they confirmed what Elusive Disc told me. I also learned that Mobile Fidelity and Music Direct are 'sister' companies. I had given up on getting the copy from Elusive Disc, but to my surprise it finally shipped on Jan 31, over 3 months after release. I pre-ordered 2 copies of BOTW when it first showed up on Music Directs site. Mark
  5. gold98gtp

    Young Talent

    This 11 year old has been playing drums since he was 2 years old, now he's learning bass guitar and piano. Here he is at 7 yo with his cover of Tom Sawyer (which Neil Peart calls one of the hardest songs to play correctly).
  6. gold98gtp

    Venmo vs. Paypal - Thoughts?

    "Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal. It allows users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app or web interface". More at http://venmo.com Mark
  7. gold98gtp

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great karma! Not in, i'm also thinning out my CD collection. Mark
  8. Blind here too, where did you find the owner and service manuals? Thanks. Mark
  9. gold98gtp

    Champaign C-1 listing

    Good luck LT! Mark
  10. gold98gtp

    Champaign C-1 listing

    FYI, just saw this champaign C-1 One owner, has owners Manual, Sonic Hologram Manual, Warranty card, Hologram record; has a bad power switch. I'm not interested. Mark
  11. gold98gtp


  12. gold98gtp

    Carver H-9AV - Proceeds Go To The Site

    Haven't been able to get the recap done yet, hopefully in the next couple days. Mark
  13. gold98gtp

    Carver H-9AV - Proceeds Go To The Site

    It looks bone stock to me. Not planning on doing anything else other than verifying voltages - don't have test equip to measure noise, distortion etc. Mark
  14. I've picked up a couple of these over the years, so i've decided to donate a re-capped H-9AV to the site. It’s currently on my bench ready to replace the 13 electrolytics and add some more permanent feet - switches, pots and RCAs have been cleaned with D-Oxit. I'll pick one of the best looking face plates and top cover. If all goes well I will have it finished this Friday, will post pics inside and out. Since these don’t come up for sale very often, it’s hard to put a price on it, so I was thinking, why not have an auction? You bid knowing 100% of the sale price will go directly to the site via Paypal. I will cover shipping to the winner. We’ll start the auction when I get it ready to go and post the pics, likely Friday evening. Mark