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  1. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great karma! Not in, i'm also thinning out my CD collection. Mark
  2. Where are the Manuals?

    Blind here too, where did you find the owner and service manuals? Thanks. Mark
  3. Champaign C-1 listing

    Good luck LT! Mark
  4. Champaign C-1 listing

    FYI, just saw this champaign C-1 One owner, has owners Manual, Sonic Hologram Manual, Warranty card, Hologram record; has a bad power switch. I'm not interested. Mark

  6. Carver H-9AV - Proceeds Go To The Site

    Haven't been able to get the recap done yet, hopefully in the next couple days. Mark
  7. Carver H-9AV - Proceeds Go To The Site

    It looks bone stock to me. Not planning on doing anything else other than verifying voltages - don't have test equip to measure noise, distortion etc. Mark
  8. I've picked up a couple of these over the years, so i've decided to donate a re-capped H-9AV to the site. It’s currently on my bench ready to replace the 13 electrolytics and add some more permanent feet - switches, pots and RCAs have been cleaned with D-Oxit. I'll pick one of the best looking face plates and top cover. If all goes well I will have it finished this Friday, will post pics inside and out. Since these don’t come up for sale very often, it’s hard to put a price on it, so I was thinking, why not have an auction? You bid knowing 100% of the sale price will go directly to the site via Paypal. I will cover shipping to the winner. We’ll start the auction when I get it ready to go and post the pics, likely Friday evening. Mark
  9. Did the listing state it was from a non-smoking home? If so you should contact the seller and negotiate a price reduction or return. If not you should have asked the seller before bidding. Mark
  10. Music taste hasn't changed as I've aged (I'm 63) - mostly classic rock. And like Chops, won't listen to any rap / hip hop (don't consider it music). Mark
  11. Phase Linear Preamp on eBay

    Comparing functions from the pics on the listing, the PL has one less line level input and no sonic holography, but has a midrange tone control and all three tone controls have variable 'turnover' frequencies (vs two choices for the C-1). The PL has three phono capacitance loadinfg values vs two for the C-1 and a non-switchable 'noise reduction' input / output vs. the C-1s switchable external processor loop. The PL has two outputs, one labeled switched and one unswitched (whatever that means). Mark
  12. Phase Linear Preamp on eBay

    Sure does! Shares alot of styling cues with the C-1. Also like the block diagram / signal path / RCA connector info printed on the top cover. Seller also has a mint looking M-400 and a Phase Linear graphic equalizer. Mark
  13. Phase Linear Preamp on eBay

    Happened to run across this Phase Linear preamp - Model 3500 Series Two, being sold by the original owner. Phase Linear 3500 Series Two Preamp Includes original owners manual and troubleshooting guide with schematic. I'm not interested in it. Mark