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  1. But can the backups be read in 20/50/100 years - either due to the file format or storage media being obsolete?
  2. From https://www.leonredbone.com/news I remember seeing him on SNL.
  3. @AndrewJohn Yes I'm sending my DTL manual to Dennis, will be in the mail tomorrow. Mark
  4. It wasn't shrunk down, it's half of an 8.5x11 (I have one of the factory manuals). The one here is the same as what I've found on other manual sites (hi fi engine, hi-fi manuals).
  5. I don't recall LCD displays being available back in the late 70's when your TT was made.
  6. Never had UPS ask that question, but the last time I shipped an amp (with sufficient insurance to cover a total loss), they implied that if they didn’t do the packing it would be much more difficult to successfully file a claim for damage. Mark
  7. Crown Royal - I keep it in the freezer, makes the shot go down smooooooth. Mark
  8. It's a non-stocked part - is there a reason you need a 105C part?
  9. I bought this when it first released, sounds great. Also available as pre-order at music direct.
  10. Not on the mofi list - Donald Fagen The Nightfly, Santana Abraxas. Mark
  11. From Bob's website The 275 Stereo is point-to-point wired by hand in the same facility as our Raven Crimson and Silver Seven.
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