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  1. madmike46

    new to site...

    Welcome to the site tripwr1964, lots of great info and a great bunch of people here, stick around and enjoy the show.
  2. madmike46

    Happy Birthday Zumbini

    Happy Birthday Dom, hope you have an Awesome day.
  3. madmike46

    New guy here !

    Welcome to the site Turbo 1, stick around and enjoy the show.
  4. madmike46

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    I would like in with #13, I will chip in for shipping to Canada if I am the winner, thanks for the Karma opportunity HappyTrails
  5. That looks nice and clean Kev.
  6. madmike46

    Genesis CD Karma

    I'm in with number 57, thanks for the Karma Rod and good luck to everyone.
  7. madmike46

    madmike46's system

    My first DIY Flexi rack.
  8. madmike46

    Help Identify this cartridge!

    By the look of the radius in the neck of case tells me that it is a Weatherby case, not sure on the caliber though.
  9. madmike46

    NOS Transformer For 7t/9t (ended early...)

    I am in, with one condition, if I win I want it to go to Dennis Miller, my number is 13. Good luck to all.
  10. madmike46

    8 Ohm Dummy Load Karma

    Great Karma Dennis, I'm not in as I have a couple of 8 ohm 400 watt resistors already, good luck to all that enter.
  11. madmike46

    Time for some Karma

    Great Karma, I would like in, number 57, thanks again.
  12. madmike46

    Hi from Northern VA

    Hi Tony, welcome to the site, Techs will be along to help soon. Stick around and enjoy the show.
  13. madmike46

    Favorite Pictures

    Only 4 plants/ household.
  14. madmike46

    TheCarversite funding account

    I had been looking at where to donate, didn't want to look stupid asking where to donate when it may have been staring me in the face the whole time 😁