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  1. madmike46


    Welcome to the site, stick around and enjoy the show.
  2. madmike46

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kingman!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Kingman, hope you have a fantastic day.
  3. madmike46


    Why have to make that difficult decision? You might as well have one of each.
  4. madmike46

    Happy Birthday Sk1Bum!!!!

    Happy Birthday Sk1Bum, wishing you a Fantastic day.
  5. madmike46

    Happy Birthday BarryG!!!

    Happy Birthday Barry, wishing you a fantastic day.
  6. madmike46

    67bird's toy box

    Nice setup and welcome to the show.
  7. madmike46

    Barry Galvin’s Current 2 channel setup

    Nice setup Barry, seems like everyone has a few extras.
  8. BarryG this copy?
  9. I'd be lucky if I made it 100 yards before being in a wreck, even with practice. Very talented drivers.
  10. By the looks of the tire tracks I would say it wasn't his first go at it.
  11. madmike46

    Happy Birthday Kevin

    Happy Birthday Kevin , wishing you a Fantastic day.
  12. madmike46

    Reference disc / need your help!!

    I have the 2014 disc set Rod , just wondering if there had been others that I had missed along the way.
  13. madmike46

    Reference disc / need your help!!

    I was just wondering if I had missed something. I have one from Carverfest 08 "These Mist Covered Mountains", that one I think I had downloaded from Carver Audio forum. Would have been cool to have a different disk for each Carverfest. Carverfest 08 These Mist Covered Mountains 1) Desire Boz Scaggs 2) Who Richard Elliot 3) Take Me Down Larry Carlton 4) Lord's Tundra Dean Peer 5) JK Drum Improvisation Jim Keltner 6) Banana Republic Jimmy Buffett 7) Behind with the Rent Mark Knopfler 😎 Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Ray Charles w Bonnie Raitt 9) Dun Durn Ba Chico Freeman 10) Brothers in Arms Dire Straits 11) Hotel California Eagles 12) Miss Riddle Boz Scaggs 13) La Grange ZZ Top 14) Just An Excuse Larry Carlton 15) Body Language Queen