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  1. Happy Birthday, wishing you a Fantastic day.
  2. I use a Spin Clean also, for the money I don't think you can go wrong, I may have to get a second one to use as a rinse tank.
  3. Happy Birthday Raven, wishing you a Fantastic day.
  4. Great Karma maytag. not in as I have a C-1 and a 4000t, good luck to all who enter.
  5. Great Karma, I'm not in as I have 4 amps right now that are just sitting, good luck to all who enter.
  6. Happy Birthday Mark, wishing you a Fantastic day.
  7. Best way to kill a Carver? Ship UPS. LOL
  8. I prefer a nice Strong Indica, does wonders for pain
  9. Congrats to the new owner, your going to Love these. Best sounding amp I have ever heard and I haven't done any Tube rolling yet.
  10. Nice system Tony, as for the rat's nest, I don't even want to look behind my system.
  11. Welcome to the forum 69Chevelle, stick around and enjoy the show. Awesome Techs here can help out if your in a bind.
  12. I used to like golfing on PS2 and Xbox. I played Wolf 3d on PC. Have stopped playing video games, instead I build and fly RC planes.
  13. I have been using a Carver TD-1700 now for a few years, listened to a few tapes yesterday.
  14. Happy Birthday Sea, wishing you a Fantastic day.
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