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  1. Welcome to the forum, nice gear, stick around and enjoy the show.
  2. Happy Birthday Zoom, wishing you a Fantastic day.
  3. Happy Birthday, wishing you a Fantastic day.
  4. Awesome photos, Mark. Love those old Steamers.
  5. Thanks for all you do Greg. To all the complainers, all I have to say is "Get a Life".
  6. Rockster2U, awesome Karma, beautiful work once again, I am not in as my system is in a garage, too nice a piece for the garage. Good Luck to all that have entered.
  7. Wow those look awesome, I always liked the wood look.
  8. Happy Birthday Dnspy007 wishing you a fantastic day.
  9. Thanks everyone for the Birthday Wishes, I had a pretty good day, only wish it wouldn't have been so windy yesterday, I would have loved to do a maiden flight with my newest plane. Follow the link for a little history on this plane https://wdm.ca/collections/cf-sam/
  10. I wish, need to add 11 more years then your close LOL. Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes.
  11. I have a rocker on the passenger side that is showing some rust and the box above the wheel well is starting to show rust also, I'll do the same in a couple years off to the body shop it will go.
  12. My daily driver is 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD with 286,000 KM's. My Dad bought the truck new and then I inherited it when he bought his 05 Dodge Ram 1500. It is starting to get a little rust now but runs great 318's will run forever with proper maintenance. The color is Pearl Aqua this color was only used for 2 years and only used on 1500's and Dakota's.
  13. Happy Birthday CompWaco, wishing you a Fantastic day.
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