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  1. SOLD - M-500t mkII For Sale

    That was super quick. Speaks for you fine work Dennis!!
  2. Thanks. I'll check them out.
  3. What are you listening to?

  4. If anyone has or knows where to find a pair of dust cover hinges for my Technics SL1200M3D Turntable please let me know via post or PM. I have had this unit for years but never got hinges for the cover. Unfortunately they didn't come with it (I purchased it new).
  5. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Congrat's Dom
  6. Wishing TNRabbit were still with us.

    Yes Gary was a special person. Extremely friendly with a lot of knowledge and experience. I remember being at one of his Carver get together's. He made everyone feel welcome and relaxed. I too was shocked when he left us. Continue to R.I.P. Gary.
  7. Daddyjt's older

    Happy Birthday Old Timer
  8. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Definitely "In" please.
  9. It did actually remember my password.
  10. Sad Day...

    Been there before. Hope you're able to save most of your things.
  11. He hit each and every point I thought of. Sound Quality is also very objective. What I like could sound like crap to someone else and visa versa.
  12. Found the 2-channel speaker's-Many thanks to Kevin

    My question is where are the power meter dials when you start to hear the distortion? If they aren't way to the left than I agree with all said. I say this because the M500t is a very nice sounding amp but does run out of headroom pretty fast. If that's the issue than you can destroy the speakers because the amp is clipping.
  13. What are your hobbies beside HiFi?

    For me it's computers, electronic gadgets, networks and muscle cars.
  14. R.I.P. Hugh Masekela

    Grazing In The Grass was my favorite of his songs.