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  1. Maddmaster

    C-1 or M-500t

    Wife advise. I’d buy both and just set them up on the rack like they have always been there. She may not even notice. If she does then just say you rearranged or reconfigured the system. Always worked for me. Fortunately, I no longer have to ease or sneak new pieces in.
  2. I sampled the album on Amazon. I can hear why you like it, but not my type of music. We all have different taste. 😉
  3. Maddmaster

    Hello From Gilbert Arizona!

    Welcome. You'll love it here!!
  4. Maddmaster

    Time for some Karma

    Nice Karma. I too have several meters so not in.
  5. Maddmaster

    New member from the Seattle area

    Welcome to the rabbit hole of OCCD. Lol. You’ll love it hear! BTW, there's several members here in your area.
  6. Maddmaster

    Well, I am back to visit the site.

    Great to hear all went well and welcome back!
  7. Maddmaster

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    I prefer Digital, CD, SACD. Streaming Spotify and iPod for convenience when I have a house full of guests. I still have just over 400 LP’s that are stored in sealed bends. Turntable is also stored.
  8. Maddmaster

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    Congratulations Turbo!!!
  9. Maddmaster

    Rip Aretha Franklin

    She was one of the few artists you could listen to just about any song and like it! Truly an icon!
  10. Maddmaster

    Do you know any jokes?

    A man saw a Lion in the bush and kneeled down and started praying. When he open his eyes he was surprised to see the Lion kneeling down in front of him praying too. What a shock. The man asked the Lion, are you a Christian too? The Lion said no Stupid, don’t you pray before you eat?
  11. Maddmaster

    Addition to TheNewOfficeRig(tm)

    Looking good there
  12. Maddmaster

    Karma: CT-3 with Remote

    Congrats Ken
  13. Maddmaster

    Karma: CT-3 with Remote

    In with 11.
  14. Sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and family.