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  1. jazzman53

    Hello ..... finally

    Hi Jeffs, You have some great gear. Hope to see some pics... Welcome!
  2. jazzman53

    Hi all!

    It's good to see you posting Eddie. And thanks for bringing the Ohm speakers-- I had never heard those before-- very nice!
  3. jazzman53

    Audio publications

    I enjoy reading AudioXpress because it's mostly DIY articles.
  4. jazzman53

    Hello Everybody

    Welcome Bill, I have a bunch of those TFM-25's... not the most popular of the Carver amps but they sure sound sweet.
  5. jazzman53

    long time lurker ....

    Welcome Eric, You picked a good amp to drive those stats... many amps can't survive the load. There are a few of us ESL enthusiast here -- always good to welcome another. Looking forward to some pics!
  6. jazzman53

    Hey all

    Welcome Tim, The TFM-25 is a very sweet sounding amp (I have five of them). That's an old amp now and may be due for a recap. I have an updated parts list for a full recap and -2 Service Bulletin reliability upgrade if you ever need it... just PM me.
  7. jazzman53


    Happy birthday Ed!
  8. jazzman53

    R.I.P. Hugh Masekela

    Another great one has passed: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jan/23/hugh-masekela-south-african-jazz-trumpeter-dies-aged-78
  9. jazzman53

    It's the Kingman's Birthday!

    I'm late to the party as usual but.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAYNE!!!
  10. jazzman53

    Quantum Mechanics - Interesting video

    It gets curiouser and curiouser: I won't attempt to explain Bell's Theorem (John Stewart Bell's 1964 conjecture regarding the 'EPR experiment')-- only that it's recently been verified correct (Google Alain Aspect-- the 'Aspect Experiment'); which proved that photons with entangled spin states communicate faster than light speed, in violation of Special Relativity. Taken to its logical conclusion, Bell's 1964 Theorem implies that everything in our universe is interconnected to such an extent that a rain drop falling to earth produces a corresponding resonance in every star.
  11. jazzman53

    It NEVER snows in Savannah GA

    We got 5" this time and the airport was closed yesterday and today-- not sure if it's re-opened yet, in fact.
  12. jazzman53

    It NEVER snows in Savannah GA

    We in Savannah all a bunch of pussys driving in the snow too. My workplace closed down today and just just announced closing tomorrow too (with pay)-- so I'm starting to love this snow!
  13. jazzman53

    It NEVER snows in Savannah GA

    My driveway in Savannah... you don't see this every day:
  14. jazzman53

    Happy Birthday Mr. 777!

    Kevin have a great birthday!
  15. jazzman53

    What are your goto albums?

    Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue Jodi Proznik Quartet - Foundations Vanessa Fernandez - Use Me Connie Evingson - Let it Be Jazz Grant Green - Idle Moments Eliane Elias - Dreamer Natalia M. King - Bluezzin till Dawn Melanie Di Biasio - A Stomach is Burning Mike Frost Band - Live at the Red Pepper