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  1. xavionics

    Moving Tips please

    I've moved so may times in my life, I don't envy that part of it at all. Among other insignificant moves, I've moved from Jackson, MS to Ventura, CA. From Ventura to Houston, TX. From Houston to Oshkosh, WI. My tips on moving: +1 on the blankets, pillows, etc. Use the fewest box sizes possible, maximum 3. They will stack and pack better. I had to purchase boxes but was worth it. Get a couple rolls of cotton rope. Tie the cargo toward the front in layers to help prevent shifting during transport. Try to put fragile stuff toward the front, its a better ride up there. Enjoy the drive!
  2. Welcome to the site nwlaznik! Sounds like you already got bit with OCCD (Obsessive Craver Collecting Disorder) I agree with the others - grab them before I get there. If you do need help in their revivals, there is a great bunch here that are beyond generous with their expertise. Meanwhile, crank up some tunes, sit back and enjoy the show!
  3. xavionics

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    I nearly exclusively stream music from on-line sources. I have 3 Sonos Connect devices in the house, in my Main Rig it runs through an external DAC. When I want to just sit and listen, I connect my MacBook to the DAC and control it with my iPad. I have a dresser full of cd's, loaded onto a NAS in FLAC format, and can stream those when a selection can't be found online. My analog (vinyl) system is in the process of overhaul right now, so my preference may change.
  4. Welcome aboard Chas! That C4000 is reputed to be a very fine preamp. What a wonderful gift! I’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing one. Yet. As stated, many members are heading to CarverFest 2018. Sadly I’m not gonna make it myself this year, but they’ll be checking in. Tell us what other grear you have, your musical tastes, etc. And now that you know how, post some pics! We love all things audio, not just Carver. Pull up a seat, pour yourself a favorite beverage and enjoy some music!
  5. xavionics

    Do you know any jokes?

    ....and my wife is asked “should we send somebody?” she replies “not yet”..
  6. xavionics

    Quick Intro

    Welcome to the site PrISM! You’re in the right place for advice and assistance. And a primary source of OCCD (obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder) Those are some fine choices for a 2 channel setup for sure. There have been e few m500t’s sold here recently. Usually amps sold and bought here have been completely refreshed, tested and calibrated. Dont forget your local (or distant) craigslist sites. I’ve made a few purchases through CL. You can usually audition pieces this way which can be of benefit. What other gear do you have or are planning to acquire? We all love pics of all audio gear, not just Carver. Pull up a chair and stick around a while, and enjoy the music!
  7. xavionics

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    In an episode of MASH, Charles Emerson Winchester III reflects: "I will be head of Thoracic Surgery at Boston Mercy Hospital, so my life will go on pretty much as I expected—with one exception. For me, music has always been a refuge from this miserable experience... now it will always be a reminder." I lived in Selma, AL for a couple years in the mid '80's where my aviation career took flight (pun intended). Since then, and to this day, I cannot listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  8. xavionics

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    Hmmm, I thought I was just me. I'm not a Stones fan, not a Dylan fan either. There's one artist I've never cared for, save for one of his songs and the title escapes me. Oddly, I chanced to see him in concert at his prime - mid '80s. By far one of the best, most captivating performances I've seen. Phenomenal. But I'm still not a fan of Bruce Springsteen. I don't know why, his music just doesn't do it for me.
  9. Very cool Chops! They filmed a lot of Public Enemies here in Oshkosh in ‘09. It created quite a buzz in town. Cars were rented, citizens were used as extras, the whole thing was a lot of fun! Enjoy the ride while it lasts😎
  10. xavionics

    Hello Everybody

    Welcome aboard Bill! Yep, you found the place alright! Good luck with the repairs, the amps are worth it!
  11. xavionics

    Donald Fagen The Nightfly Mobile Fidelity UD1S 2-003

    Thanks for the review Sk1Bu! Truly a great album, musical and technically. An optimized copy must be sublime. I can almost hear a battalion of Georges marching into the 'discretionary' account. Gotta get my TT done. Hot and humid this weekend, good days to work in the basement!
  12. xavionics

    New Guy from Metro Detroit

    Welcome aboard Geoff from a former Yooper! Those amps will do you very well when repaired. They are pretty easy to work on. Pull up the schematics and study them awhile. Assuming you have a decent soldering station and a digital multimeter, you should be ready. A 'scope would be nice but shouldn't be necessary. Having one working channel will be a big help in comparing voltages. What should be there vs what is there. One word of caution: there are high voltage inside there in various locations that can kill! Another note is the power supply caps keep a charge for a very long time, even after they are shut down and unplugged. I made a voltage drain device from a couple clip leads with a resistor in line to keep the drain current down. I'm heading to the UP shortly, gotta pay Mom a visit. The techs here are the best and are very helpful. Pull up a chair and enjoy a visit. There are a few threads around to browse and gain some familiarity with the amps.
  13. Over recent years my analog and digital sources have evolved and improved. When my analog (vinyl) system was better than my digital system, I listened to more LPs. As my digital system improved, I listened to fewer LPs. Currently, I rarely listen to LPs. My Rega PR-1, fitted with an Audio Technica OC9 MC Cart proved to be unsatisfying and not worth the extra effort. In fact I sold the Rega yesterday, fitted with a lesser A-T MM cart I had on hand. I have a Technics SL-1600 I've had since new on my bench awaiting a full rewire. Now I have more incentive to tackle this project soon. I have to admit I'm lazy. I stream Pandora (paid subscription 192 Kbps) and Deezer Elite (320Kbps) through a Sonos Connect. I added an Adcom irDAC to the Sonos, and that was a vast improvement. I find it very pleasing to listen too, even though I know the Sonos is now the weak link. One day I decided to to an A-B comparison to the Deezer/Sonos/irDAC against my Deezer/MacBook/irDAC. There was a definite improvement in sound quality when streaming directly from the Mac. Great! Now I'm considering Streaming device options for some future upgrade. But, like I said, I'm lazy and still listen to the Sonos/irDAC as my primary listening source. I have 2 more Sonos Connect devices in the house too. One in the garage and one in the basement/office/electronics shop. It suits these purposes just fine. I also have my CD collection ripped in ALAC to a NAS drive which I can also stream via the Sonos. I have a dozen or so "radio stations" Deb and I set up in Pandora which provides a decent variety of music. I have been introduced to a number of new artists this way. And if I hear something I like and would like to listen to the entire album, I switch to Deezer, search for the album and stream away. All while never leaving the couch.
  14. xavionics

    ipad mini or Android tablet

    My experience with tablets is limited to a Kindle Fire and an iPad Air. I don’t use a smart phone for much more than texting and phone calls and an occasional email, mostly work related (the company provides the phone) My wife has a Kindle Fire 7” screen. She had a version 2 for, I dunno, 5 or 6 years. She uses it for web surfing and reading free books through Amazon, and controlling our Sonos system. It was being problematic a few months ago, so we got her a new, version 7, for around 50 bucks. I haven’t explored other uses with it because these tired eyes prefer a larger screen. I have an iPad Air i’ve had for a few years with an Otter Box cover. The company I work for got these so we could document services on the fly. The mobile app wasn’t very good, so they abandoned the idea and allowed us to purchase the iPad with Otter Box for $200. I use it for web surfing and controlling our Sonos system. And of course I can stream music via Pandora or Deezer, which I have subscriptions to. I downloaded an app called FileBrowser (free) which lets me view .pdf files, Word docs and Excel spreadsheets that are stored on our NAS drive. I have no need for resident storage because of this. And with the Otter Box, it’s used with greasy hands working on cars, gets covered with sawdust when I’m doing woodworking, gets used as a coaster for my morning joe, etc. with no ill effects. One other feature an iPad has (don’t know about others) is the ability to be a “remote control” for desktop or laptop computers, Apple or PC. I doubt i would would have bought any tablet, but at $200 I couldn’t pass it up. In my experience, having one has proven to be very handy.
  15. xavionics

    WTB- C-2 knob

    I have a few left from a gutted C2 I turned into an active crossover. PM me you address and I’ll get one out to you tomorrow gratis.