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  1. What are you listening to?

  2. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    That's terrific! congratulations!!!
  3. Hey all

    Welcome aboard Tim! I used a m1.0t (200 w/ch) to drive a pair of KG-4's for over 20 years. The TFM 25 will be a very good pairing. Bob (I Think) Crites is a guy who has lots of Klipsch parts/upgrades, should the upgrade bug bite. Enjoy the music!
  4. Xavionics

    This is my "look what I did" album.
  5. +1 on ease of embedding images and links!
  6. My systems, works in continual progress

    Thanks! The bottom section is a DIY project. 2 pair of Klipsch KG-4's donated the 8 8" woofers and 4 12" passive radiators top and bottom. (Look up KG-16 project in Loudspeaker DIY) On top is a AMTPRO-4 from Parts Express. Actively crossed @ 1.5 KHz
  7. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Who can resist the allure of new music? In Please!
  8. Many thanks!

    Very well done and many thanks to the Mods for the hard work! Just posted some update pics to my systems, smooth as silk!
  9. My systems, works in continual progress

    To kick off the new site and to perform a long overdue update, I offer the latest incarnation of a couple systems. The main system got rearranged a couple weekends ago to this configuration. My Subterranean Lair saw extensive modifications during 2017, resulting in this (so far). With me now being a contractor and no longer a hospital employee, I lost my office at work. I think this is a suitable replacement.
  10. Sad Day...

    Oh man, that sux Kevin! A nightmare we who have basements hope never happens.

    Great news indeed! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work and dedication.
  12. TX11a brought back to life

    ...and what turns out be the best warranty This truly is an awesome community
  13. I just wanted to share this with you guys. We have a Schwann's Frozen Foods delivery guy who stops by every other Thursday. Their ice cream bars are exceptional. They satisfy my love of ice cream without me plowing through a large bowl of the creamy frozen stuff. Quality vs quantity I figure. Sometimes he stops before Deb gets home. If I am home I will not hear the doorbell. He was telling Deb yesterday about his last visit when he had to wait until the end of a song to ring the doorbell. When the door opened, he was expecting to see a teenager. When he saw my gray-hair covered head it was not what he expected. Deb just chuckled. My boys always said "Dad, you're gonna get the cops called on us again!" We do have Mrs Kravitz living across the street after all...
  14. You have the electronics to fulfill your dreams already. There are many types and makes of speakers out there that are very good. I have my favorites that fit in my meager budget. My suggestion would be to grab your c-1 and m500t and audition used speakers locally available. You will probably find something suitable. If you later want to make a change, they can be resold without losing money. Also visit local retailers for a listen. There’s an annual audio show in Newport Beach too I believe. Good luck and enjoy the journey!
  15. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Sorry to hear of your plight. Leaps of faith require a lot of faith. Faith in yourself, your wife, your kids, God. It’s healthy to sit back and evaluate where you are and where you are going. And if you are gonna run, run toward something. Not away from something. It works out okay. I did the whole “relocation and into a new career” thing 16 years ago. The grass was pretty green. I soon learned there were a lot of weeds. In the end, it worked out okay. For me, the trick is keeping motivated. My current job had me running 60+ hours a week for 3 years. I was stressed, and when I was home, I wasn’t mentally home. Sanity for me came in the form of hobbies. Woodworking and audio to be precise. I made time to decompress. It wasn’t enough. I was burnt out. All I wanted to do was get out of here. That was a year ago. My workload decreased some, but the biggest change was me. I decided my job is not the most important thing in my life. My life is. I leave work at work. My customers are still happy with me, and my relationships with them are better for it. My relationship with my wife is strong and my sons don’t live with us anymore but they still stop by to say hi. My family is still with me. I’m one very blessed guy indeed!