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  1. +1! Thanks to all who fought through the issues to get the site back up! Yea, I went through some withdrawals, and peered into the 'other site' for relief. And thanks to Jim for fixing my login on JCS. Again, just want to say THANKS! What you guys do on this site is greatly appreciated.
  2. Nice offer Jim! Unfortunately my disposable cash account has been bleeding like a severed limb in a Monty Python movie scene. Otherwise I would be there already for an in-person pickup.😎
  3. I drive a plain white 2002 Honda Odyssey. 198000 miles as of today. Getting a little rust in the usual spots. Who cares. Comfortable, drives great and long since paid for. Full ADS sound system I put in it when I bought it 10 years ago. I have no reason to replace it. Deb drives a 2000 Accord coupe V-6 with around 185000 miles. Damn thing looks and drives like new. Just got a new company car - 2019 Nissan Rogue. Not impressed. Miserably uncomfortable.
  4. What a Wonderful Christmas gift to someone. NOT in, one of my AL-III’s has developed a buzz and is not in use for the foreseeable future.
  5. I'll chime in with the latest in my story too... For the past 17 years + I've been in Medical Imaging Systems service, X-Ray, CT, peripherals. 12 years ago I hired into Wisconsin's largest hospital system. 6 years ago, they outsourced us all, and I have been working for the contractor since. Last spring, the hospital system "merged" with another from IL. In June it was decided they were going to cancel the remaining 4 years of the service contract. So, I have applied for my job for the 3rd time. I was able to negotiate a nearly 10% raise out of it though. I received my layoff notice from the contractor yesterday. I knew it was coming but it still hit me kinda wierd. I'll begin my "new job" in January, having gone full circle. Although only 3 of the 7 we had in my area decided to return. Should be an interesting year...
  6. I'll tiptoe my way in and add my $.02 on the matter of PC run amok You cannot have highs without lows, Happiness without sadness, joy without disappointment, hills without valleys, life without death. If all the 'lows' are taken out of life, how can you recognize the 'highs? If I'm not allowed to tell someone how I really feel, two have been slighted. My rights to express myself are diminished, The person I am talking to does not get to know the truth. Seems sad to me.
  7. Thanks guys! im no longer pushing 60. now I’m dragging it.😧
  8. Good to hear you are doing okay. Our prayers are with all the CA residents that have endured these fires. I've seen the Santa Monica's ablaze first hand. My In-Laws live in Camarillo and were evacuated early due to the Hill fire, along with CS Channel Islands, which they live nearby. They called Deb to let her know they were okay and with friends. We watched the story unfold on the news daily, having lived in Camarilllo in the early '90's and being quite familiar with the area. Thank you ABC News 7 for keeping us informed, for the aerial video coverage, and for allowing us to watch via the 'net. Stay safe!
  9. Thanks for the excellent offering, Charlie! NOT in, we just bought a camera a few weeks ago.
  10. If your pre has some sort of a rumble filter, try that first. Or at least until you can get the other cures in place. jus my $.02🚶
  11. Nice setup Cbolt18! Thanks for posting pics, we all love pics👌 I'm wondering if this occurs with your turntable or with any other source material.
  12. A very generous and tempting Karma indeed! Not in though. I have an original pressing already and need to rebuild my disposable $$ for a new cartridge first. Good luck to those who throw their names in the hat! -Lee-
  13. Cool! Just the thing Charlie’s “Death Star” needs! I have 2 subs loitering in the basement, with no real need for them. Damn OCCD!
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