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  1. Very nice! Congrats on the new home!
  2. Cumulus Media, Inc. Entercom Communications Corp iHeartMedia, Inc. I haven’t listened to broadcast radio in over 20 years. Same crap over and over. Because of this I have very few songs/artists I can no longer stand. However, living in Selma AL for less than 2 years in the mid 80’s destroyed Sweet Home Alabama and Freebird. Just can’t listen to those songs at all after all these years.
  3. Those really are beautiful! Nice work👍 Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about having $1700.00 in my ALS IIIs. So far...
  4. Freebies! Mission MS-50’s. Yes, they’re designed with the tweeter on the bottom. They've been in and out of duty in my Subterranean Lair for several years now. Very satisfying sound from these little guys.
  5. Nice setup! Ah yes, Carver + Klipsch, always a good combination. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for east TX. Lived in Plano in the early 80’s and in the Spring/Tomball area in the mid/late 90’s welcome to the site!
  6. Happy Birthday Rich, and have an awesome day! And thanks for your contributions to our music enjoyment🎼🎼🎼
  7. Welcome aboard dB_Junkie, looks like you are already afflicted with what we call OCCD. I lived in Spring for about 6 years in the mid/late ‘90’s. Nice area.
  8. I’m interested in the m1.0t. I think I have most of the parts to Mk II opt 002 it. damn occd got me again😒 PM sent
  9. For 6 years, ending last January, I worked for one of the worlds largest corporations. Emails contained th phrase “working in silos”. WTF does that mean!? We had to Google it. One particularly bright corporate lemming attached the phrase “we want all to be Happy shining people”. If you look for the video of REM’s apparent hit by the same name, you will find there is a large group of people having fun, singing and dancing in front of a rolling background. At one point, they graciously provide water to a guy behind the screen on a bicycle who is making that screen move. That guy is us, the ones making the world go around.
  10. Whew! That was close. Thank you for saving from the grip of OCCD! ...I need another amp on the shelf. I’m sure of it...🤩
  11. This appeared when I stopped for fuel Saturday. 200001, an Old Odyssey. (My 2002 Honda Odyssey daily driver) Almost time for another timing belt & water pump replacement...
  12. Making lots of sawdust. Starting the next phase of the new kitchen. Found a guy on CL who is selling sheets of walnut veneer plywood for half of retail. He has more than I need for the whole project, and I have the cash on hand! Our sons will be by at some point, so grilling some steaks will be in the cards.
  13. +1! Thanks to all who fought through the issues to get the site back up! Yea, I went through some withdrawals, and peered into the 'other site' for relief. And thanks to Jim for fixing my login on JCS. Again, just want to say THANKS! What you guys do on this site is greatly appreciated.
  14. Nice offer Jim! Unfortunately my disposable cash account has been bleeding like a severed limb in a Monty Python movie scene. Otherwise I would be there already for an in-person pickup.😎
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