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  1. BarryG

    Selling BillD c-11 and Tx-11b

    No remote, no gundry, it does have BillD and the precog matrix!
  2. BarryG

    Selling BillD c-11 and Tx-11b

    I have lowered the prices on these, the C-1 is now $500 on eBay! I suspect many of the 12 watchers are members here! i have a received a bid on the tx-11b so will not pull it off eBay, but if anyone here is interested in my c-11, let me know! i finally sold my subwoofer! Barry
  3. BarryG

    Society woes

    I think Zappa was brilliant! Being from Baltimore I know I AM biased! But he was great! His later years completely blew me away! I am saddened he was not more popular! I would love to sift through the archives! In my humble opinion, I think hands down one of the most intelligent men in my lifetime! i miss you frank!
  4. BarryG

    How much???

    Very sweet price Kevin! a great match with carver amps!
  5. BarryG

    Silver 9t's on eBay

    That’s what I told my daughter when I saw it earlier! barry
  6. BarryG

    New Member

    Welcome to our site! You can learn a lot here, and the techs here are excellent! we love photos too! have a great day and always enjoy the music! barry
  7. BarryG

    Looking for a Carver MCT

    I’ve been looking. I think I may have found something similar by ps audio on eBay! Thinking about asking seller a few questions! barry
  8. I am looking for a moving coil step up transformer! My Mc cartridge has an output of 30 ohms, most of the new ones are 100 ohms! I am planning to build one to my needs! The Carver MCT has a 40 ohm setting which should work! i do have a C-1 that works well, I am looking for something that will allow me to experiment with my new to me AVA valve FET hybrid preamp! The cheap Chinese Little Bear did not work for me! My ears still hurt from that noise! looking to buy or borrow a MCT! thanks in advance! Barry
  9. BarryG

    Selling BillD c-11 and Tx-11b

    A few more photos! The top cover was signed by Bob at CF17, I can switch top plate with my c-1 as it is also black! i also installed feet! Photos of the inside on request! My tx-11b im asking $375.00 for it, or $1000 for both pieces together!
  10. My C-11 with BillD mod by Dennis Miller! I don’t want to sell but I do have a c-1 that I did a BillD mod on that I will se when needed! I am in need of cash, my Injury caused me to miss most of last six weeks of school! Ive been trying to resist selling my gear, this is the first piece of a few! $650.00 (or make me an offer) includes shipping conus! more photos coming! barry A few more photos! The top cover was signed by Bob at CF17, I can switch top plate with my c-1 as it is also black! i also installed feet! Photos of the inside on request! on Monday I will put on eBay if no interest!
  11. BarryG

    Technics turn table issues

    I have a linear tracking sl-7 . Should not be a problem on mine ! barry
  12. BarryG

    Eclectic Playlist Anyone ??

    I like how you guys mix it up, some albums like those by Pink Floyd warrant a full listen. when I have company is when I mix it up, I’ll add to a similar list, Warren Zevon, Talking Heads, and of course David Bowie!
  13. BarryG

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    Artists such Springsteen, Dylan, and Neil Young and others, while vocals are lacking, are incredible song writers. There are songs I love and hate by all of them! Then as in the case of Springsteen, who admits he does not sing well, has an incredible band behind him, especially in live performances. As with Dylan, again I look at him as a poet, not a s a singer. While not great vocally, inflections of emotions come through strongly at times, especially when he is live! Barry
  14. So sorry to hear this! I have been close a few times myself to having to sell gear, I know how hard it is to go through losing your prized equipment! Hope you see better times in the near future! barry
  15. Very nice, keep us posted! Reminds me of when they filmed ‘ladder 49’ with John Travolta here in Baltimore, I had to make a delivery to a building inside the roped off perimeter! Also comes to mind tv show ‘homicide, life on the street, a real robbery crossed a filming scene and the perpetrator surrendered to the actors thinking they were the real police!