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  1. Karma New Hendrix CD Both Sides if the Sky

    Congrats dano! enjoy the music! thanks for offering OTD! barry
  2. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Congrats Dennis, I use Carverfest as a reason to see my Grandchildren as they live 2 hours from the fest. You will be missed, it’s a very special time for you and your family! Barry
  3. R.I.P. - Stephen Hawking

    Rip Stephen! Mathematics and physics lost a great mind! barryg
  4. Karma New Hendrix CD Both Sides if the Sky

    I would have thought more would be interested! BarryG
  5. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Awesome Z enjoy the new tunes! barry
  6. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Nice karma response! Good luck my friends! thanks Compwaco!
  7. Howdy!

    Welcome trogg ! never too old! I still take my 86 yo mom to rock concerts! This a great community for everything Carver! The techs here are very helpful, I see in the chat your already in good hands with Dennis Miller! Dennis has upgraded some of my equipment and i’m extremely satisfied! I'm looking forward to seeing photos! OCCD! Resistance is Futile! barryg
  8. Karma New Hendrix CD Both Sides if the Sky

    The site is very quiet tonight!
  9. This sub has served me well, it’s been idle for about 6 months! Needs a new home comes with power cord and calibration microphone for the auto eq feature! i do not want to ship, I can bring it to Carverfest or meet you somewhere if your close enough! pm me if your interested! I have this locally listed for a higher price!
  10. Karma New Hendrix CD Both Sides if the Sky

    Nice offering OTD! i love Hendrix! I was in ninth grade when I heard the cuts from Woodstock! The Star Spangled Banner absolutely made my day! I now have the whole Woodstock concert streaming from amazon prime music! i never got to see him live, but my friend Nils Lofgren saw him several times and that’s what inspired him to switch from accordion to guitar! in please! barryG
  11. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Good luck Bryan barry!
  12. Berlin Party Barn

    And Led Zeppelin too! What about strobe lights ? barry
  13. I agree, Gary was one of the first to Welcome me here, this was when he lived in southern Maryland. He had invited me down to his place to check out his setup! That was when I got sick and I never made it before he moved away! I was offline a year after serious surgery! I am glad I finally met him at CF15. He and BillD are missed greatly! Barry
  14. Daddyjt's older

    Happy Birthday, before I had my coffee it looked like the thread title was Happy Solder! have a great one and happy soldering too! barry
  15. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great Karma for kicking off the new site! IN please! barry