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  1. BarryG


    Lol when I saw this thread, I was thinking the table we would put negatives oh to look at through a loupe, to decide which negative we would want to put in the enlarger and print. 35mm, 6cmx6cm and 4”x5” negatives!
  2. I think this unit even accepts Mc cartridges if I recall correctly!
  3. I remember HUGO, only storm to ever cross the Appalachian chain. Hit western NC and carter county Tennessee very hard!
  4. happy Birthday Dave! 🎂
  5. Sad news, shared myth busters videos with middle school science classes on occasion! RIp Jesse!
  6. Welcome to Carversite, Polk and carver are a great combo! I have SDA-1b’s being fed by my carver Crimson 275, Carver TFM-45 before that! ascalways enjoy the site, turn up the volume and have great time!
  7. Tim Hardin ‘Lost in L.A.’ https://www.discogs.com/Tim-Hardin-Lost-In-LA/release/11901531
  8. With my several hernia repairs, the prep is the same, not pleasant at all! with my current hernia, colonoscopy is not possible, the other diagnostic tool is a barium enema, I can’t say it’s any better! But glad I’m good for now!
  9. I can’t lift them , my doc has me limited to 20lbs! If help loading I could pick them up!
  10. I’m less than an hour away, how heavy are they?
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