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  1. BarryG

    C-1 Karma

    Nice Karma, in with my grandsons age of 11! thanks for this very generous Karma! barryg
  2. BarryG

    Sony Karma

    Congrats Dennis, thanks for the great Karma Charlie! Bg
  3. BarryG

    Roy Clark passes away at 85

    He was a nice guy as well, he was a cousin of one of my moms best friends. When I met him I was a kid, did not realize he was a star . A very laid back genuinely nice guy! RIP Roy! barry
  4. BarryG

    Sony Karma

    Nice Karma, not in as I have no need, my iPhone 8+ is all I need for now! thanks Charlie for this excellent Karma!
  5. BarryG

    Happy Birthday Zumbini

    Happy birthday Dom!
  6. BarryG

    What does the W stand for?

    That seems logical, and I agree with you!
  7. BarryG

    What does the W stand for?

    It might be Weston, Wilson or Winslow!
  8. BarryG

    New guy here !

    OCCD! Resistance is futile! You have been assimilated! lol welcome to the site! Aside from being enabled, sit back enjoy the site, good info, good friends and much help when needed!
  9. BarryG

    Brothers in Arms Multi Channel

    Congrats EADG and a big thank you Phil!
  10. BarryG

    Brothers in Arms Multi Channel

    In with 69! Thanks Phil!
  11. BarryG

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    Congrats! thanks for the Karma Paul! barryG
  12. BarryG

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    Nice Karma Paul! in with number 8! (In honor of the great 8, Alex Ovechkin) barry
  13. BarryG

    WTB: SD/A 490t, Pre Amp & Tuner

    The Tx-12 had a remote as well!
  14. Lol @ scary teacher!
  15. BarryG

    WTB: Carver 900 Selector Knobs (2)

    Most excellent Carter! enjoy the music! barryG