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  1. Congrats Morris! Enjoy the music, thanks for offering this great karma, Mark! BG
  2. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day! Have a fun day! barry
  3. I had a Pink Floyd Karma a few years ago, the discovery box set, all studio albums remastered! I think we had more than thirty participants; Might be the largest Karma to date on this site! Hope it goes well! Thanks for offering this!
  4. I was wondering how long before you would jump in! Lol Long live Sid Barrett in memories!
  5. Lol something of Floyd I don’t have! In with 27! barryg
  6. I wish I could, my apt would not support such an acquisition. I also hope someone can find a place for these! barry
  7. Lol was thinking the same thing! Giant sucking sound, I also remember a lot of graphical displays on easels too!
  8. I just sent a few photos, if they don’t come through send me an email!
  9. Congrats AJ! Thanks for the awesome karma Dennis! barryg
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