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  1. Congrats to Zach, he is among a special group of innovators! Congrats to you for raising an outstanding individual! Have fun on the 9th meeting with friends! BarryG
  2. Happy birthday Gary! You are missed!
  3. BarryG

    Heinz Mayochup

    Lol, makes me think of this song! I actually saw them do this live, it was fun after a few beers!
  4. pretty soon from new album ‘Blue with Lou’
  5. Welcome to the site, lots of great information here! BarryG
  6. CDs arrived today! Thanks Ken a nice variety and very few duplicate what I have! they will get played, barry
  7. Nice set of equipment! OCCD is strong with this one! Glad you found us! Looking forward to seeing more photos! Welcome to the Carversite! I think you will fit in well here! As always enjoy the music! barry
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