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  1. Welcome to Carversite, Polk and carver are a great combo! I have SDA-1b’s being fed by my carver Crimson 275, Carver TFM-45 before that! ascalways enjoy the site, turn up the volume and have great time!
  2. Tim Hardin ‘Lost in L.A.’ https://www.discogs.com/Tim-Hardin-Lost-In-LA/release/11901531
  3. With my several hernia repairs, the prep is the same, not pleasant at all! with my current hernia, colonoscopy is not possible, the other diagnostic tool is a barium enema, I can’t say it’s any better! But glad I’m good for now!
  4. I can’t lift them , my doc has me limited to 20lbs! If help loading I could pick them up!
  5. I’m less than an hour away, how heavy are they?
  6. Excellent looking room, glad you can find a place to kick back, and enjoy your music!
  7. I had one of these for a while, to record vinyl to 8 track for a friends car use! LOL, my daughter found an old 8 track tape (Lowell George, ‘Thanks, Ill eat it here’) and asked me what it was! I then found an old 45rpm Beatles single (something/come together) that totally blew her mind!
  8. Welcome, great group of people in this forum! To late for OCCD , resistance is futile, you have been assimilated! enjoy the site, lots of info here! Great techs too! OCCD is strong with this one, we did not even have to beg for photos! as always enjoy the music, barry
  9. We have some Mach 1’s 4014 the earlier version, pairs nicely with m-500t currently! Evan has that setup with a ct-3 preamp tuner and a turntable! I gave him those when he graduated from HS! My polk sda 1b’s were about 100, but much went in to restore/upgrade them!
  10. Excellent karma! Dennis will put them to good use!
  11. I also use EAC since grad school in the late 1990s. It works well, it’s free, if you like it donate! More and more download sites are offering flac options!
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