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  1. Thats why I told the wife dont care we are closing up and getting ready aint no way that big of a storm is making a BLEEPING 90 degree right turn and says peace out, what if it just wants to go straight like its been doing for the past couple of days huh!? Yeah thats my 2:00 am rant!!
  2. Ive jumped quite a bit im sitting on 46 now I think this is the home stretch
  3. So a few days ago my buddy sends me this that they are giving away a Nintendo Switch to the top 10 who share the contest the most. At first I was like naa its BS but as the days passed I was slowly creeping up in the standings to now I am sitting at number 96 I know its still a stretch from the top 10 but its worth a try. I know my daughter wants one so it would be really cool if I got it through here. Is not a virus or anything like that just go into the link and click ENTER HERE with your name and email and thats all. and thank you https://playfulstudios.com/new-super-luckys-tale?referral=bGNsfxD&refSource=copy
  4. Titanic's sistership the RMS OLYMPIC used a dazzle paint while being used as a Troop Transport in WWI. I recommend a book Liners in Battledress goes into this topic.
  5. @AndrewJohn and @BarryG your memory is not that bad yet The thread in question was made by myself a while back. Not to derail this wonderful thread DaddyJT made but its here if anyone wants to check it out again
  6. Pardon my dumbness but I see no pic?!? 😫🤣
  7. Great stuff!! Awsome Karma
  8. I would like a go with 25
  9. Congrats 4Krow Congrats 4Krow My wife surpried me, she had everything ready from when my little one got home from school as by the time I get home she is super cranky and sleepy
  10. Done deal I have the following members on: PhilDent HappyTrails Maddmaster DrummerJuice DadVW 4Krow Packratt 69Chevelle FxBill Iamjohngalt if I missed you let me know via PM
  11. The cutoff window is today at 11:59PM EST the drawing will take place tomorrow after the Mailman comes home 😂
  12. Oh the man, the myth, the legend, happy birthday Mark!
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