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  1. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Well it went fantasic I felt good and confident in the interview. But I think that there is a consipiracy theory in the USPS as I have been scheduled for three interviews on the same date for different stations. confirmed one bumped the time on another and withdrew my consideration for the third
  2. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Thanks Guys getting all my paperwork in order for tomorrow
  3. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Its started to snow ball now I have another interview at another station lets catch them all like the kids used to say
  4. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Thanks Guys lets see how it pans out but you will be the first to know.
  5. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Well since that time I brushed up my resume and out it went. I have had two interviews so far and I feel confident Incan fit somewhere. Decided to take the usps 473 test and nailed a 87.5 on it on Feb. 22 I am slated for an interview on 3/13. Any carversite members work for the USPS?
  6. Its a sign of the times they said...

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice and there seems to be an equal advice across the board which is to decompress ane step back for a few days. And yes harsh and rushed desicions never helped anyone, I am going to give my daughter the chance to finish the school year and by then I wil have a clear track of what I desire to do next. B-Man, I will message you next week and you can explain in more detail and maybe I can see if I fit and meet the requirements for you. Again thank you all for taking a moment to hear me out! I have come to a point where my only other person to talk to other than my wife (which I did not want to worry) is the old man and he does not need this new strees either. So it sometimes stays inside and just makes it worse. But I feel good to have it off my chest!
  7. Since 2016 I have had trouble keeping up with the declining economy plus lack of good people to work with me. Last month I closed the doors on my location where my father had been since mid 2007. Landlord threw down a new rent rate and I could not keep up. Opened at a new location with a more reasonable rent just two blocks down of my old place, but I have become very discontent with the business, myself and my loyalty to my old man. Thinking of jumping ship and leaving Miami alltogether, I know that the freedom I have plus the income will be hindered but I just dont have the motivation anymore. I do apologize for the long rant but I have had it bottled up for a minute. Phew! Thanks!!
  8. HELP ID Speakers

  9. HELP ID Speakers

    Found these guys In our storage locker DAD has no clue neither do I https://imgur.com/gallery/B6FdM
  10. Best Thrift Store/Garage Sale Finds

    Ahh no worries Mag's I was under the impression that this was now recently. Since there has been plenty of Lightstar talk lately.
  11. Best Thrift Store/Garage Sale Finds

    Like the millenials say "Pics or it did not happen, BRO" Nice Find man!!
  12. Best Thrift Store/Garage Sale Finds

    Bumping this as I found something today, I know that I cannot be spending money as Irma halted the sales. I saw a DENON DVD 2910 for 12.00 and had to bring it home with me. This denon is a Universal Player that plays CD's DVD's and everything in between
  13. Our friends in the path of Irma

    My small island will never be the same. Was able to book a round trip for the same day and a one way gormy grandmother for thursday. They estimate months without power. My grandmother is up there in age plus the alzheimers does not help. Went to home depot and bought packs and packs of batteries plus canned milk to take to my mom. There is no words for the amount of devastation there is. Please pray for the well being not only of my family but of all the families.
  14. Our friends in the path of Irma

    My mom is bunkered in again for round 2, after going 12 days witnout power from irma (she got power back like 2-3 days ago) Here comes Maria to say hello
  15. Our friends in the path of Irma

    I just got power yesturday, but many places dont have power. My dad does not have power so he is living in the store since it has power. I feel sorry that it shifted SW but eventhou it did it kicked our butts. There are too many peope without power and water. Trees are everywhere. And roofs spewed on the roads. Irma was a bad storm yet I am happy that we where not impacted with her full rage, as dad said it would have been an even worse scenario. I am A OK many have emailed me and called me so I do appreciate the love from all my carver brothers. And hoping for everyone to get a speedy recovery