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  1. CT-Seven

    How much???

    You should pop in the soundtrack for the secret of my success and play " SOMETIMES THE GOOD GUYS FINISH FIRST " Great Snag!
  2. CT-Seven

    Carver System - Kansas City Craigslist

    Woah thats a great price nice budget system
  3. What I do I upload them to Imgur then I copy the link of the photo then paste it to the message, the forum will put it up or just use the between the link.
  4. Nice setup!! A M-500 is always a great choice
  5. CT-Seven

    This just fell into my lap...

    Thats a really nice machine
  6. CT-Seven

    Find the Carver!

    Wow, that is super cool, All of it!!!! I have had dreams with that technics Cassette Deck (not the R2R the cassette deck) Its an amazong piece of Japanese Engineering especially for the era
  7. Yaaay another Floridian super!!! What part of the Sunshine State are you from? For a while I ran a Pair of CF-1's with a M-500 first then with a M-500(t) Welcome aboard stay a while....
  8. CT-Seven

    Back Again... Rising from the Ashes

    Thank you guys, eventhough my listening time has been greatly dimished by my new endeavour. I enjoy every bit of it. It gives me a newfound respect for our men and woman letter carriers. As far as the setup is concerned, Im really surprised with this little A220 its a very under appreciated amp. She does sound very nice.
  9. Well many know that to aid my fathers business I sold everything and held a Karma Raffle for my then M-1.0(t) Opt. 002. Before the Big SDA's sold I was using a NASA TFM-42 a loaned unit from LT. When the SDAs sold I decided to sell everything and return the TFM. I had been getting an itch to rebuild something and several members where willing to loan me items in order to get a system going. But I was not ready. I stumble upon the Polk RT-16 deal and pick them up along with the Goodwill Toshiba SD-9200 DVD player (Google It, wonderful machine) I backtraced the guy I sold my Yamaha RX-V2700 to and he was willing to sell it back at the same asking price (neat guy) Well I need CARVER POWER here comes LT again to the rescue and loans me a Carver A220 Amp and oh is life so good again plus speaker cables donated by new member Halfbaked I now have a worthy little setup.
  10. CT-Seven

    Carver Etched Glass Karma

    Was about to say IN but the wife said NO 😭
  11. CT-Seven

    Dnspy007's Ever Changing Cave......

    Yeah those where great I won a set from a karma you did way back when, then I paid them forward in another karma.
  12. CT-Seven

    Best Thrift Store/Garage Sale Finds

    Sweet pick up Mark, it always pays off to look at the ads. Last week I asked my trainer "what if... in the event that I see something on the side of the road and I want to take it can I do it even though I am on a delvery route? The answer was yes" granted I am talking about small items If I see dumped la scalas I think that would be a problem
  13. CT-Seven

    Guess what's in the boxes!

  14. CT-Seven

    What are you listening to?

    Have not posted here in the looooooongest time beacuse of having no system. But this morning decided it was a ST. ELSWHERE type of morning.
  15. CT-Seven

    Yanny or Laurel, I heard Laurel

    I heard Laurel