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  1. Ive jumped quite a bit im sitting on 46 now I think this is the home stretch
  2. So a few days ago my buddy sends me this that they are giving away a Nintendo Switch to the top 10 who share the contest the most. At first I was like naa its BS but as the days passed I was slowly creeping up in the standings to now I am sitting at number 96 I know its still a stretch from the top 10 but its worth a try. I know my daughter wants one so it would be really cool if I got it through here. Is not a virus or anything like that just go into the link and click ENTER HERE with your name and email and thats all. and thank you https://playfulstudios.com/new-super-luckys-tale?referral=bGNsfxD&refSource=copy
  3. Titanic's sistership the RMS OLYMPIC used a dazzle paint while being used as a Troop Transport in WWI. I recommend a book Liners in Battledress goes into this topic.
  4. @AndrewJohn and @BarryG your memory is not that bad yet The thread in question was made by myself a while back. Not to derail this wonderful thread DaddyJT made but its here if anyone wants to check it out again
  5. Pardon my dumbness but I see no pic?!? 😫🤣
  6. Great stuff!! Awsome Karma
  7. I would like a go with 25
  8. Congrats 4Krow Congrats 4Krow My wife surpried me, she had everything ready from when my little one got home from school as by the time I get home she is super cranky and sleepy
  9. Done deal I have the following members on: PhilDent HappyTrails Maddmaster DrummerJuice DadVW 4Krow Packratt 69Chevelle FxBill Iamjohngalt if I missed you let me know via PM
  10. The cutoff window is today at 11:59PM EST the drawing will take place tomorrow after the Mailman comes home 😂
  11. Oh the man, the myth, the legend, happy birthday Mark!
  12. Final stretch.... tomorrow will be the last day to sign up and the draw will be on thurs.
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