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  1. CT-Seven

    Favorite Soundtrack

    I know its mostly noise but I enjoy the sountrack from ROCKY IV
  2. CT-Seven

    Members avatars

  3. Great Stuff!! Congrats to Andrew and Rod for the offering!
  4. Sounds interesting and I want to try and do better than the dreadded Aux Cable, in 145
  5. CT-Seven

    ECS-U Christmas Karma

    Very nice!! Hey Kenneth if you would have won it would have brought the unit back to Florida where I discovered it originally years ago
  6. CT-Seven

    Carver Site 10th Anniversary

    Wow time flies I joined back in November 12 of 2009, with a pair of CT-Sevens one for my then Adcom GFA-545 and the new to me M-500, that had been through hell and back. William Dibble (Bill D) decided to tackle the job to get her back into spec and from there its snowballed into another M-500 that was a (t) the twist here is that it was also been through hell and back but someone had put sankens on only one side of the Amp, these later where swapped and served the basis for Bills own MKII mod. From there its been a hell of a ride M-500(t) MKII, M-1.0(t)Opt002, TFM-42 and now to my present loaner from LT the A-220. Loving the site and members that make the place whole. Glad I sumbled in when I did wayy back in 2009.
  7. CT-Seven

    ECS-U Christmas Karma

    Rod? Is this the one I found here in Miami years back that ended up DOA? I want to say yes but I dont want to jinx it!
  8. CT-Seven

    Craigslist Carver Gear

    Did anyone scoop this up?
  9. CT-Seven

    What do you do for a living?

    Went from 1hour Photo to Working with the Puerto Rican government to collecting debts to doing (Top Secret Clearance) in the Military to selling vacuums door to door to now finally delivering Mail door to door.
  10. Must resist.... M500t with black face plate must resist must deny!!!! AHHH
  11. CT-Seven

    Newbie Into

    Have you looked into the Harmony line of Remotes from logitech?
  12. CT-Seven

    What's cookin?

    Its like the mcintosh of the cooking world 🤣
  13. CT-Seven

    Newbie Into

    Nice solid pick ups right there dont forget the pics once everything is set up! Welcome to this wonderful site
  14. CT-Seven

    What's cookin?

    Bought the wife the new Instapot with the nice blue display oh man is that thing effin sweet!!
  15. CT-Seven

    RIP : George HW Bush

    Was very surprised to hear of his passing. Great guy, and amazing personality. They rumored a government shutdown that included the USPS as well (I dream of a day off) but its peak season and will drive me nutz but RIP Senior Bush.