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  1. oops "paradigm sub"
  2. love the turntable have the same bought used in 79 or 80 still use  in den/office set up. run with a grado gold or an AT 130/140 combo 

    1. Sk1Bum


      Thank you. I bought mine new in '79. Complete refurb last year with real walnut veneer. The photo doesn't do it justice. I'm currently using a Stanton 681EEE cartridge. I've tried a few, and I keep coming back to the 681EEE. It works very well with this turntable, and there's still a few available. I think I'll try the Ortofon 2M Bronze when it's time to replace this one.


      John Mathies did the refurb. His website is Turntable Restorations. My PL 530 is the top right here.

    2. 4RUNNER


      use a 2m bronze on my main set up systemdrk iix  sounds good but still tuning,  way more sensitive, picks up a lot of noise, don't play a lot of vinyl  so a slow but good progression  

  3. just commenting to myself how much i like my den/office system, billd c1 m1 mkii opt 02 both by wrf (thanks) and kef 1q3 with an older paradyme sub (fine tuning the sub makes it all work)
  4. What are you listening to?

    i've noticed you guys include a link to music is it something i should try and do or does it matter
  5. A big thank you

    Yes to all, add me to the thank you list, amazing new site
  6. What are you listening to?

    My introduction to rock i think was 2nd album i owned, been a long time since i have played was gooooooood then and still is couldn't do just one still one of my favs
  7. Sad Day...

    Sorry to hear about flood, when you get to them i have boxes and boxes of records was going to take to goodwill or dump mostly scratched will have lots of covers be happy to go through and send any that match if it helps .... David
  8. I bought a pair of AL III's about a year ago could not be happier. I think I lucked out paid $400 for them couple marks on the oak wings but both ribbons are clear with no rattles. (Many thanks again for the lead CUDA) drive them with a pair of M1.0 MK II opp002. I listen to mostly classic rock, loud have blown woofer fuse a few times........ love them they are big speakers and I think they need room ........ Would recommend to anyone .... David
  9. Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    what are the guidelines for medals? joined a couple years ago, I don't post much so am still rated a novice, but do have 2 Billd c-1's and 5 m-1 MkII opt-002's
  10. Site Funding - Time For Another Round

  11. Chops' Modest System...

    Nice looking system so clean and tidy looks great, Mine is such a mess behind the rack must pick a day to clean it up.
  12. New member saying hello

    updated pic of my system
  13. thought id post a short vid of my wife and i playing on the rocks in Moab Utah it felt way safer in the drivers seat
  14. What do you do for a living?

    Owner small auto recycling yard, enjoy dealing with people (most of the time)