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  1. I use one of these in my offroad truck see's only dusty roads and trails, works great clean the sock regularly only need to clean the filter half as often
  2. Here is a better pic of the front only a few tiny nicks in the front and very top edge
  3. Looks like @Sk1Bum is the winner will send to @dennismiller55 for scanning please pm me your address. Am busy till Monday so will go out then ..................................... Glad I could help you both fill in the blanks ................ David
  4. Have a M-1.5t I no longer use was recapped by Wayne Nov. 2017. Was used in my den system for a short time then to the main set up. I have a couple M-500's coming soon and no longer have a use for this amp would like $800 cdn OBO (about $590 us) I will cover shipping. Have many more pics if anyone is interested
  5. I have ended up with a very nice what I think is original or very well made copy I do not need. If you need it reply will draw a name Wednesday evening
  6. I looked at getting a crashed electric bike from insurance salvage a few weeks ago so did a small amount of research I think it was a 2017 Zero forget the model everything looks great untill you look at the range even with an extra battery pack it was only good for about 150 miles highway I put that on almost every time I get on my bike. Just looked at that 1 bike I am sure the range will increase and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for something with better range. Not looking for a new bike am very happy with the 2 I have. Unless I win the lotto and a brand new beemer ends up in my garage ha ha
  7. Got to ride this today what a sweet ride is a 2019 BMW S1000 RR. 207 hp about 435 lb, was way to short a ride but what a bike. As a comparison I ride a 2013 Ducati 848 Superbike a little over 150 hp and the same 400+ lb's. The BMW was allot of fun ............. way to much money at 20 grand cdn but that's what dreams are for right
  8. Wow that looks amazing ...............
  9. Very nice karma and gone to a good home
  10. Have spent the last 4+ months ripping music,............ bought a collection of more than 1300 cd's what fun. my nephew wanted anything I did not want (20 years old and has a premium collection already), so i ripped most of everything to my hard drive "what a chore" and have let him go through everything. one of the best parts is almost all the music i would have bought, or am happy to listen to and my first go through had less than a couple hundred cd's that I already owned, now own more than 4500 folders/albums on random .......... nirvana ...................................streaming service who needs it
  11. I also watched this film recently costner and harelson got better and better as the film progressed slow start (have a hard time letting go of woody) lots of good info drama and a very good point of view i had not looked at of a very very well known story worth a look
  12. will try again, all i got when i tried that was a huge hum. Thanks
  13. I also have a oppo 103 how did you do this, I have tried but was not able to figure it out?
  14. wife breaks into husbands apartment. unfortunately a crime was committed, sk1bum probably has it right that not much will happen except a record. but no matter how right she probably was she committed a crime. I would say let her go no charges but ...........
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