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  1. will try again, all i got when i tried that was a huge hum. Thanks
  2. I also have a oppo 103 how did you do this, I have tried but was not able to figure it out?
  3. wife breaks into husbands apartment. unfortunately a crime was committed, sk1bum probably has it right that not much will happen except a record. but no matter how right she probably was she committed a crime. I would say let her go no charges but ...........
  4. Very sorry for your loss
  5. Congrats Blues Pwr awesome Karma Sk1bum
  6. would love to hear that either way i'm in 13
  7. I'll second that motion looks like a great buy
  8. Glad your back , recovered and re-rested , very much missed reading your posts
  9. We have to stop letting people know how beautiful it is on the island here they will all want to move here. Just kidding nice shots
  10. Great karma not in thanks just picked up a 1300 cd collection will be months sorting through it
  11. My name is from my truck is a highly modified 1984 Toyota 4RUNNER I hand built myself took about 2 years to build 10 years of collecting parts. Started life as a 84 4runner 4 cyl but not many Toyota parts left body frame and tcase, has a 99 s10 4.3 motor 97 chev 2500 5 spd tranny, international scout rear axle and a home built front axle with scout axle shafts, very very proud of what I built, have been to Moab Utah for their Easter safari 3 times with it. Was in a tough time of my life (addiction) when I started the real build and having a goal was the best thing for me got me on the right path again sort of saved my life and marriage. Rambling a bit but is a good thing.
  12. AMAZING Karma wish i could use it not in
  13. 4RUNNER

    Carver Throws

    Mine showed up today looks great. Thanks Ed for all the work you did to put this together .......................... David
  14. Happy Birthday hope your having a good one ...............
  15. My 2 cent ............... as an auto recycler / scrap car dealer I sell scrap steal 3 or 4 times a year to a US company with a transfer yard in Canada the price has definitely gone down, Is it from tariffs not sure. the world market for recycled steel has changed but the tariffs seem to have made it harder to ship to the US. $100 +/- dollars a ton now 5 years ago $250 a ton 15 years ago was $15 dollars a ton so no complaints but has changed a bit
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