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  1. wrf

    CF 2018 Tube Amp Schematics

    Version 1.0.0


    Unofficial release of revised schematics for CF 2018 Tube Amp. Incorporates the following changes. 1. Updated capacitor IDs to match the board silk screen. 2. Corrected grounding on output transformer secondary 3. Noted physical location of several components 4. Updated resistor values in bias supply 5. Corrected R60/R61 interconnect. Schematic now agrees with board. Note that some power supplies may have been delivered with different values of C34/C35. No worries, it will work as delivered.
  2. wrf

    Moving Tips please

    Just completed a move from CA to AZ. Was in the CA house for forty years. I parked a dumpster outside. General rule of thumb for EVERYTHING was one box to good will, one box packed up for the move and one box to the dumpster. Repeat until done. Surplus stereo gear sold off before any packing. Label all boxes with a general clue as to its contents. Spend lots of money at Harbor Freight on Moving Pads. You'll use them. Use good boxes from Home Depot. The heavy duty ones. Small and Medium size. Big ones will get too heavy when packed. Speakers, amps, preamps, etc can be wrapped in the moving blankets and then boxed. If too big for a box, wrap in blankets, wrap tape around the blankets and wedge them in with the boxes. We used PODS for the move. No damage.
  3. My experience has been as follows. - Editing a post in a thread I did not start was not possible as recently as 15 minutes after the post. I haven't tried it within 15 minutes. - Editing the first post in a thread I started (the M-400 silkscreen thread) was worked just fine. Not sure if I tried it outside the 1 hour window, but that post got a lot of edits. My vote would be to make it a 24 hour window like the old site. I never even noticed that there was a 24 hour window. By the way, what's the reasoning behind any limits on editing your own posts?
  4. Could someone clarify the rules governing the editing of your own posts. Sometimes I can, sometimes not. I tend to commit a lot of typos, so I often look to fix them. Thanks.
  5. wrf

    FS: Tech equipment

    Does that Keithly have the Distortion Analyzer functions? Kind of looks like it does.
  6. Good grief, it's been almost 5 years. "What a long strange trip its been" -- J.Garcia July of 2013. The C-1 got the full monty. Came to me via Tom at Vintage Hifi. I cleaned it up and gave it the full BillD treatment (plus my extra resistor replacements). It's got a few bonus upgrades that Tom installed too. Good to hear its still going strong. Good luck with the sale of the CS2's.
  7. Maybe I'm blind, but I cant find the manuals anywhere. Where should I look? Never mind. I just found them. I think.
  8. wrf

    Sold: Carver C-500

    Pending Sale.
  9. I'm thinning the my collection in anticipation of a potential move. I have a Carver C-500 available. Fully refurbished and tested. ALL caps replaced. ALL specs tested. Working great. Ebay Link to C-500 Offering it to site members for $400 plus shipping from 94087. Contact me directly if interested.
  10. wrf

    Pandora vs. Spotify

    Many thanks for everyone who has posted here. Your thoughts and opinions have been helpful. Based on comments here, I'm going to sign up for a subscription to Tidal and see how it goes. I my also purchase an OPPO Sonica DAC as a replacement for the Transporter. Thanks again.
  11. wrf

    Pandora vs. Spotify

    Any thoughts on the merits of these two music services? I've been a Pandora Plus subscriber for several years but have grown weary of their repetitive play lists. I just signed up for Spotify. Turns out my Logitech Transporter/Squeezebox infrastructure can't do Spotify, so I was forced to buy a Sonos Connect. I'm still in trying to learn the Sonos. If I go with Spotify, I may have to scrap the Logitech components (2 Transporters, 2 SB Touch). So far I like Spotify, but I'm not too impressed with the Sonos. Thoughts on replacements? Thanks.
  12. wrf

    WRF- Thank you!

    Wow - that was unexpected. But Thank You!
  13. wrf

    M1.0T Upgrade / Repair

    Richard Picoraro has retired - as noted on the website. Greg will eventually get back to you. Be patient.
  14. This thread has cost me $40 so far.