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  1. Good grief, it's been almost 5 years. "What a long strange trip its been" -- J.Garcia July of 2013. The C-1 got the full monty. Came to me via Tom at Vintage Hifi. I cleaned it up and gave it the full BillD treatment (plus my extra resistor replacements). It's got a few bonus upgrades that Tom installed too. Good to hear its still going strong. Good luck with the sale of the CS2's.
  2. Maybe I'm blind, but I cant find the manuals anywhere. Where should I look? Never mind. I just found them. I think.
  3. Sold: Carver C-500

    Pending Sale.
  4. I'm thinning the my collection in anticipation of a potential move. I have a Carver C-500 available. Fully refurbished and tested. ALL caps replaced. ALL specs tested. Working great. Ebay Link to C-500 Offering it to site members for $400 plus shipping from 94087. Contact me directly if interested.
  5. Overpriced 'deals':

    Look at the shipping details. He wants $1K to pick it up!!!
  6. Overpriced 'deals':

    That beast was relisted. It's local too, but $200,000 is a bit beyond my monthly budget. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Electrovoice-30-inch-woofer-with-custom-wood-cabinet-MADE-IN-USA-RARE-EV30/222712684266?hash=item33dab5deea:g:nr0AAOSwCQZZCym-
  7. Pandora vs. Spotify

    Many thanks for everyone who has posted here. Your thoughts and opinions have been helpful. Based on comments here, I'm going to sign up for a subscription to Tidal and see how it goes. I my also purchase an OPPO Sonica DAC as a replacement for the Transporter. Thanks again.
  8. Pandora vs. Spotify

    Any thoughts on the merits of these two music services? I've been a Pandora Plus subscriber for several years but have grown weary of their repetitive play lists. I just signed up for Spotify. Turns out my Logitech Transporter/Squeezebox infrastructure can't do Spotify, so I was forced to buy a Sonos Connect. I'm still in trying to learn the Sonos. If I go with Spotify, I may have to scrap the Logitech components (2 Transporters, 2 SB Touch). So far I like Spotify, but I'm not too impressed with the Sonos. Thoughts on replacements? Thanks.
  9. M1.0T Upgrade / Repair

    Richard Picoraro has retired - as noted on the website. Greg will eventually get back to you. Be patient.
  10. This thread has cost me $40 so far.
  11. Missing 'Thank' button

    Anyone care to provide some insight into why this useful feature was removed? If we are counting votes on bringing it back, I hereby cast mine in favor of its return. Unless there is a good reason to remove it.