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  1. massastan

    What are your hobbies beside HiFi?

  2. massastan

    The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means

    A couple of bottles of magnesium citrate will make those low frequency "Active Physics" rumbles discernable and "Real" !
  3. Purchase decision will be subject to the lottery commission’s findings…stay tuned!
  4. massastan

    The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means

    Down to 1hz https://www.cnet.com/news/worlds-most-amazing-subwoofer-has-no-woofer/ http://www.rotarywoofer.com/ Helicopter rotor 11hz frequency like in the intro to "Seal Team" or large wind turbine blades.....It's all Al Gore's fault! Not a single solar panel on his large flat $8M houses A new notch filter Gundry board powered by the Hoover Dam will fix all this!
  5. massastan

    The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means

    I was hoping that a Bag End’s ELF-1 Infrasonic out of phase would calm down those Jurassic ripples in my coffee, but it only goes down to 8hz. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/way-down-deep-ii-bag-end-s21e Oh well...maybe one of those recliner kickers https://thebuttkicker.com/
  6. massastan

    The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means

    It was caused by a weather balloon
  7. massastan

    The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means

    Na Na Na....here's what's really happening http://arcticcircle.uconn.edu/VirtualClassroom/HAARP/acf.html https://geopolitics.co/2015/06/06/us-air-force-admits-they-can-control-weather/ And now we're getting to see (and hear?) what happens when you mess with mother nature Weaponized weather....what can be more destructive?
  8. massastan

    eBay M1.0t / C-1 Combination

    Always check the Best Buy recycle bin.... found an M-500 in there. What is the Best Buy recycle bin? The dumpster out back? or something more environmentally friendly? (sorry if I'm the only clueless one on this..., be nice.) It sounds like a 5' ladder with hooks on one end may be in order, in the trunk, next to the mother in law!
  9. massastan

    eBay M1.0t / C-1 Combination

    My town along with a few others in my area have a 40’ electronics recycle container. Some also have small sheds labeled “The Gold Mine”. You would be amazed at what I see being dropped off, especially after the holidays. The “Kids” drop off their parents or their own entire home theater systems that are one or two generations old. I’ve seen piles of vintage electronics with entire suites of test gear from the family member with will no longer need it. A few years back, my neighbor used to work for the town and drop off piles for me. I had to tell him to stop. I just kept bringing it back. There are still a few vultures that hang around the recycle area for treasures to list on flea-bay. I think about listings like these every time I go by the pile. Merry Christmas! PS: My wife said mine will be headed there next!
  10. massastan

    eBay > Odd M-500t Listing

    Probably includes the olfactory ambiance of an entertainment venue.
  11. massastan

    eBay > Odd M-500t Listing

  12. massastan

    Favorite Pictures

    Summer is just around the corner
  13. massastan

    Overpriced 'deals':

    I never seem to get an answer from a seller when I "Contact Seller" with this question, This unit is listed as "New". The company provides a five year transferable warranty. What is the age of this unit? Is it still under warranty. Has it been repaired? Has it been involved in an insurance claim or accident settlement? Please provide serial number for warranty verification. This works great with ebay, they can be reported. Amazon doesn't care. I tried to report an under priced seller that requested a gift card for payment to Amazon. They gave me a Federal Fraud site to report it to. The seller did provide a PO Box in Seattle to send the gift card to. Stakeout Time!!! They seem to be either fraudulent or truck rollover insurance auction items.
  14. massastan

    Overpriced 'deals':

    Now here's one that you need for that "Real" instrument sound https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hootenanny-Special-Automated-Guitar-and-Banjo-Juke-Music-Box-coin-Arcade/120901897200?hash=item1c26508bf0:g:JPAAAOSw0vBUlCpe Looks like a fun business. I'll settle for their Blu Ray 8k DVD & DSD 256 music video !
  15. massastan

    C1 / C11 Refresh RFQ

    Like the Post Title says, I have an RFQ and have one response