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  1. Okay, I am so envious of you guys who have made it to the fest. I need to try and allocate time and travel to make it there... that has not happened yet, but I hope that next year will be "it".
  2. jldeni

    TheCarversite funding account

    Donation gladly sent!
  3. jldeni

    Ordering music online

    Let me guess...two very large quarter notes?
  4. jldeni

    Society woes

    Not a pop music fan either, but I gotta say that I enjoyed the visual and aural presentation. My son was heavily into the electronic sampling and looping genre a few years ago and there is something, although not my glass of beer, that is pleasing about some of this techno-style- Disco's newest incarnation. Thanks Meat - appreciated.
  5. jldeni

    hello everyone

    Welcome, Jade. Glad you stopped by.
  6. jldeni

    Time For A Sip Of Jack !!!

    Cheers...enjoying the music and a sip.
  7. jldeni

    Site Funding - Time For Another Round

    OK - cancelled the first payment - which was labeled "not yet accepted" in my paypal account and re-sent payment to the correct address listed above - which already happened to be in my paypal contacts list.
  8. jldeni

    Site Funding - Time For Another Round

  9. jldeni

    New Color - Trek Domane SL8 Disc 2018

    You should try one out - if only for kicks! This is the hydroformed aluminum frame and weighs in at an ounce over 35 lbs with my 1 lb pedals installed - so it is not a lightweight. (Of course, my frame is running 225 - not a lightweight either!) This bike has a SRAM RD NX 1X11 SPD drive train with an 11-42T casette and a 30T Raceface crank. After a couple rides, I can say it is a blast to ride. Does well in the snow - we had about 6", but I really prefer playing on the plowed or shallow-snow trails.where I can fly. Probably the roadie in me. Here are a couple more pics....
  10. jldeni

    New Color - Trek Domane SL8 Disc 2018

    Just finished putting together my Sturgis Bullet. Can't wait to get out on it but that will not happen today due to other commitments. Looks and feels like a beast - but not as heavy as I thought it would be. Some preliminary pics:
  11. jldeni

    New Color - Trek Domane SL8 Disc 2018

    Very nice! I've riden a Domane 5.9 Di2 for the past two years. Fun bike that I have taken on some long rides - and the Di2 is so forgiving of my sloppy shifting habits - it has never let me down! I also have a Madone 4.7 SRAM that is my go-to bike for daily use - it's a personal preference , but the Madone geometry seems to fit me a little better. Since it is winter up here in the northeast, I am picking up a fat bike (4.8" wide tires!) tonight that I ordered from bikes direct. I want to be able to do more riding on the snow-covered trails. I sold a Trek X-Caliber 9 that I was using. It was awesome on downhill trails, but was not great on the flat, snow covered trails last year. Thanks for sharing the pics. I'll do the same when I have time to dig some out. Both the road bikes are covered up right now waiting for spring - but I'm sure I have some somewhere. Enjoy the ride - and enjoy the music!
  12. jldeni

    Damn you beautiful A-holes!

    Positivity will positively abide. Kick it buddy.
  13. jldeni

    Our friends in the path of Irma

    My southern outpost lies directly between Naples and Marco Island. I've heard there is quite a bit of damage but it is still standing. It wasn't really waterfront property either, but I guess it is for now. No utilities are up yet. That's a secondary home for us and we were all up north to witness the storm from a distance. I feel for my friends and family whose primary residence is in the storm zone.
  14. jldeni

    WRF- Thank you!

    Agree 101%. Many thanks Wayne. The post on Sunfire subs was one perfect example.