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  1. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed.....grin
  2. Welcome Thrush! Your OCCD will fit in well here.......grin
  3. Dadvw

    Seattle Area Karma - Tube Radios

    If I lived near Seattle, I would take them....... Thanks for offering them up 😀
  4. Dadvw

    Reference disc / need your help!!

    I haven’t listened to mine yet, so I will be listening for that message in mine......grin
  5. Dadvw

    For Sale Image Gallery

    I think it’s a great idea! Thanks Nahash!
  6. Dadvw

    The one that you let go - greatest regret.

    I remember selling my first good system because we needed the money to get a house ready to sell. I still have a pic of it somewhere. I didn't have anything when I got divorced, but that gave me the opportunity to build the system(s) I wanted. Dream fulfilled, completed when the service work is done........grin
  7. Dadvw

    Desoldering Tool Karma

    Great karma, but I have one. I'm out
  8. Happy Birthday neighbor! May your day be blessed.......grin
  9. Dadvw

    RAID anyone ??

    I built a home NAS and use UnRaid OS with 4tb of storage. I bought a case that will handle 6 drives. I did this because it wasn't proprietary and Linux is reliable and easy to use. It is gigabit Ethernet on my network. I use mine for storage and DLNA. Adding more drives is easy. Look up UnRaid online.......grin
  10. Dadvw

    fxbill turns blue

  11. Happy Birthday BarryG! Barry G, the man you know, the man who rocks with Carver Stereo..........sung to the beat of Sugarhill Groove by the Sugarhill gang.........
  12. Dadvw

    67bird's toy box

  13. I'm in on this one Rod, #33.........thanks for the karma!
  14. Dadvw

    Itch's Office System (CF275)

    Nice setup Itch! I am jealous you can get your local classical station......I will probably have to put up an antenna in the attic to get mine.....grin