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  1. I run Linux and avoid it all together. I have a Windows 7 machine but it will stay that way until it dies........grin
  2. you can't start them too early.......grin
  3. Congrats Carter! I hope you enjoy it.......grin
  4. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  5. I inherited this truck from my dad last year. It only has 49xxx miles on it. I flushed the fluids and installed synthetics in the engine and transmission and installed a K&N air filter in it at the time. I also have one in my car I bought new in 2011. I clean it every year, clean the MAF when I do and I have never had any issues using them. I get 18-19mpg highway which is what it is rated for. I was just thinking that it might help improve the fuel economy a little more.....grin
  6. Has anyone here on the forum tried or is using one of these? I am considering putting one of these on my truck. It is a 2004 GMC Sierra with a 5.3L Vortec engine. Since this is the largest engine I have in the fleet, was looking for a little more mileage and performance from the upgrade. Just curious about your experience with one before I spend some Carver upgrade (OCCD) money on a kit........grin
  7. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you have a good day!
  8. A work of art again 4K, you do an excellent job with those......grin For those about to rock.......grin
  9. Who did the recap work and how long ago? Were all the electrolytic caps replaced?
  10. I have BillD's M400a that I purchased from this site and I would like to trade it for an M400t. Cosmetics need to be really good and doesn't have to be refurbished. BillD's has been refurbished. PM me if you are interested in trading......grin
  11. Oh, that is what you call it?........
  12. Glad you got to enjoy the POWER Brian! I enjoy those times too when my wife is out of town for the night for work related business. To me, this is what it's all about.......grin
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