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  1. Congratulations! You might have to recap it to make it sound it’s best, but hopefully you can enjoy its great sound.......grin
  2. Wow, A blast from the past...... my parents got me the white one when I was 12. Used it until they upgraded me to a better system at 16. So did you get it?
  3. Looking at some of the gear on here it looks like a museum here......grin. I have older video gear, not so much audio gear. I have all the video foramats on camcorders, with accessories and carrying cases, along with the full decks to play the tapes. I do have audio pieces, a cassette Walkman, cd Discman, a minidisc player and recorder, a pioneer 8-track car stereo, pioneer cassette car stereo. Car stereos are hooked up in the garage for playback. The rest of my 2 channel gear is listed in my signature.......grin
  4. Someone posted this a while back...........on rock nights at my house I start at Front Seat of SPL to WWIII begins for volume position driving an M500t.......grin
  5. I am glad you mentioned that. My new/now wife of 7 years is a cardiac nurse. I told her before I met her that my long term medical plan was if I was having a heart attack I would turn up the music and lay across the subwoofer so it could do chest compressions on me........
  6. 11:00 o'clock is where my 4000t volume control starts....... I used both Maxell and TDK tape. They both sounded good......but wait, I think I still have some of that tape here.....next to my Yamaha K-2000 cassette deck........
  7. What I consider my first "real system" was what I purchased after a month of working my first job out of college in 1982. I was still living at home, so I had some income....grin. It was a Yamaha R-500 receiver, K-500 cassette deck, and Bose 301 speakers (don't shoot me). It sounded good compared to the cheap stuff I had prior to that. I eventually upgraded those components a piece at a time (imagine that) until I had what I could afford. I had gotten married, so that slowed down my audio pursuit. Since being divorced, I have built my dream system of separate components. I guess since this first system I have always had OACD.....Obsessive Audio Collecting Disorder........grin
  8. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and an enjoyable one......
  9. Congrats hewlew! Enjoy your new fine gift......grin
  10. My thought is complete system, and spares......grin
  11. Lol, Almost 57 years.......grin
  12. I don’t have any Phase Linear gear........grin
  13. I am in with 72. Thank you for the great karma!
  14. Congrats 4Krow! Enjoy that amp......maybe with tube.......buffer.......
  15. Carter, you stole my line and thought............REO Speedwagon........grin. Thanks for saying it.........
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