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  1. Dadvw

    Well, I am back to visit the site.

    Welcome back to the site! Glad you could join us again!.......grin. My daughter had hers done and is living better because of it. May your recovery be a blessed one.
  2. Congratulations! It always makes a parent feel good when their children do well......grin
  3. Dadvw

    2 Rebuilt C-9 units

    4krow, if I didn’t have a nice one already I would buy one of them......grin
  4. Dadvw

    DaddyJT's home theater

    I would say OGCD has set in.......Obsessive Gear Collecting Disorder.......grin
  5. Dadvw

    Supertramp Crime of the Century

    Nostalgia......isn’t that why we own our gear for the music?......grin
  6. If you have any interest in liquidating either one of those, let me know.......lol
  7. Welcome to the site! If it was me I would buy those amps and get them as fast as I could if they are in good cosmetic shape! Sounds like you are tech savvy so I have confidence you can fix them. Welcome to the land of Carver....grin. This is a great site full of great people and information. If you need help ask......grin
  8. Dadvw

    FS. C-1 fully modded

    Me......grin Me........grin
  9. Dadvw

    Hello ..... finally

    Welcome Jeff! Beware of a virus that floats around on this site called OCCD.....grin. Looks like you have a good start on gear. Enjoy the forum and the music.....grin
  10. Dadvw

    FS. C-1 fully modded

    PM sent
  11. Dadvw

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    Mainly digital, cd, dat, minidisc. But I like analog cassette too, prerecorded. Haven’t had time to clean and cut albums to tape yet. I want to because I like doing that.....grin
  12. What upgraded 4000t do you have?
  13. I don’t really need either one of those since I like the 4000 series preamps. I also have a C-1 that I am considering for Karma from my garage system.......grin
  14. Good thing you purchased that Perry, I was going to buy it (not that I need another one). My OCCD was starting up again....grin