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  1. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  2. Thanks for the Karma gold98gtp, but I am out. Not a big PF fan......😁
  3. Happy Birthday RichP! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  4. That's a nice looking system! Eye candy for sure.......grin My shop is in my garage, a little too messy for a nice system like that. One day I will enclose my bench area, then maybe something like that could be included........grin
  5. Its a C9, made with tubes, tube buffer front end, blue LED, with wooden case.......
  6. I like components to sound good and look nice. So I take care of them and dust them so they do look nice. I also keep them maintained for sound quality. Some of the stuff I have seen on Ebay it seems people find a brand name and think they have gold no matter what the condition it is in. If it is a rare piece, the exception of condition. I won’t buy equipment unless the cosmetics are good.......grin
  7. I would too but I have made a few purchases too. I would love to have one to listen too. Maybe one day.......grin
  8. Dadvw


    Happy Canada Day to all of the Canadian Carversite members!
  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I had a great weekend with my wife and some of my kids and my granddaughter. Plus, I have the next week off as well, which means I am going to get some electronic work done......grin
  10. Happy Birthday Turbo! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day......grin
  11. How is the database of Carver information updated? The reason I ask is I noticed that the M200t bridged spec is empty on the screen and the owners manual says it is 350 watts. Is this something that can be easily changed?
  12. I don't have mine set up yet. I am working on my theater room now. I will post later when it is complete........grin
  13. Oh my! I am envious of the amplifiers....grin. I will have my M200t- five of them for my surround speakers and one M1.5t for the mains. Each speaker will have 350 watts should it need it.....grin It would look better on his sub than some women’s finger nails......😀
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