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  1. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Congratulations Dennis!
  2. SOLD: TFM-45 (HiTech Audio Refresh)

    What’s in that picture is amazing......grin
  3. Sad Day...

    Sorry to hear that Kev. I understand about basement floods. I hope it’s not too bad on everything in there.
  4. If any member has one of these they would be interested in selling, let me know. It has to be near mint and fully functioning. Thanks!
  5. TX11a brought back to life

    Yes, I purchased Itch’s TX-11a and it was everything he said it was. I received it yesterday and it looks great and works perfectly! My other one the audio on AM does not work. Bought it from Ebay, and its in rougher shape.
  6. TX11a brought back to life

    Great job Retriever! That is one reason I would rather buy Carver items from site members than Ebay. Trust, great support, and gear that you know the history on.......grin
  7. SOLD: TFM-45 (HiTech Audio Refresh)

    Nothing like family.......grin
  8. SOLD: TFM-45 (HiTech Audio Refresh)

    I love the 11a, because of all the functionality and the look......grin
  9. SOLD: TFM-45 (HiTech Audio Refresh)

    Hey itch, is the tuner tested and fully functional?
  10. Thanks for reposting the link Dom. I will have to try this CD on my system with Dennis’ amp and compare the notes with each track.......grin
  11. Sharing stories for no particular reason

    I keep trying to get the cops called on me, hasn’t worked yet with Dennis’ amp.......grin
  12. There are no stereo stores in your area?
  13. For the Hell of it

    That one is very tech looking, since I have been an Instrument technician at power plants for 35 years....grin