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  1. Thanks for the nice offering 4runner, I'm out.........grin
  2. I’m in with 42. Thanks for the offering......grin
  3. God is good! He has blessed you Mark with their presence in your life......grin
  4. I am going to do the stool sample method first, then if they have to do the colonoscopy, that will be second.......grin
  5. Congrats on the sale. Sorry to hear about your predicament. Hopefully things will get better soon.
  6. Congratulations on the sale Kev! Enjoy it LT!
  7. Congratulations on the nice room and setup! It’s always good to get the gear setup and running after a move......grin
  8. That’s cool Kev! Thanks for the pics! I like the look and fit of that in the C-9. The upgraded supply to handle both would be nice! Maybe another day......grin
  9. Pictures or it didn’t happen......😂😂
  10. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.........just a little encouragement from your OCCD friends.........
  11. Welcome to the forum, I mean The OCCD center! Nice system setup you have there. Plenty of vinyl....grin. Enjoy your stay!
  12. Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a good project to work on and learn from. Keep us posted on your progress. We like to learn with you while you are working on it and the rewards when finished?.......grin.
  13. I wear those mowing the yard.....grin
  14. Nice Karma Charlie! Thanks for the offer!
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