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  1. That was a pretty good remake on that song Dom, and I like the guitar in there in place of the yodeling! I wish he would have stayed more true to the length and original notes of the song for full effect.........grin. Thanks for the post Mr. Carverpedia and other things considered.........grin
  2. I really like this this song! It was cool back in the 70's when they made it. I am surprised no one has done a remake on it. I think someone could do a good remake without the yodeling.......grin
  3. Congrats to Zac on his award! Thanks again for the update Dom and for returning to the community. We have missed you, your knowledge, and wisdom. The new comers to the site will need it.........grin.
  4. I have one, full recap, BillD modded with Gundry dip mod installed. $500.00 plus shipping.
  5. Thanks Greg! Just let me know when I can post pics and description.......grin
  6. Sorry I can’t help you with this one. I have never owned any TFM amplifiers. Might have to find one on the bay........patience and persistence will pay off.......grin
  7. If I wasn’t paying for a trip to Canada for a wedding right now, I would buy it......grin
  8. If I would have just waited a little longer to purchase my first tube amp.....😔 Thats a nice offer Jim........grin
  9. Those are very nice Bruce! I like the looks of those with those components......grin. Excellent craftsmanship!
  10. What he said eh......grin
  11. Yep, @Sk1Bumyou and me.......I am in Jefferson City......😀
  12. Welcome to the site Bluelick! Those are nice amplifiers and having your Dad give you one......what a guy! I own about 5 of those amps for my surround sound setup......grin.
  13. Barry, Does non-modified mean not recapped?
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