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  1. mbskeam

    What type are you?

    INTP Did this test a few months back
  2. mbskeam

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    Hi my name is Mike... I'm just NUTS.....🤪
  3. mbskeam

    Do you know any jokes?

    Teacher: Give an example of a business failure do to careless management? Me: A prostitute getting pregnant. Teacher: Leave my class.
  4. mbskeam

    The one that you let go - greatest regret.

    My story is a bit odd, 1989 in the military (USMC), sitting in my room looking at a carver ad for the silver7, thinking someday I will own a set of these.... life goes on..... July 2011 a set comes up for sale on ebay 8,000.00 buy it now, and in Seattle to boot. But as I was in court with my X I did not buy, didn't know if I need the money to pay the lawyer if things drug on. Ended up not needing to. Brain T ended up buying these. life goes on..... Sept 2015, these come up for sale..... now I buy them, but its cost a bit more than 8000.....LOL My regret then, I should have bought these when they first came up. but I have them now. life, full circle....
  5. mbskeam

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    (To the tune of Jesus Loves the Little Children} Napalm sticks to little children All the children of the world Red and Yellow, Black and White They are burning through the night Napalm sticks to all the children of the world. cadence from my time in the suck....
  6. mbskeam

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    Wait until, "Black Friday" hurts someones feelings....😭
  7. mbskeam

    Do you know any jokes?

    I'm more into sarcastic insults like..... "Let me guess....You dated your teacher from 9th grade to 12th.....But you were home schooled"......
  8. mbskeam

    Want to be a moderator?

    OOOO.... A Popsicle.....😋
  9. mbskeam

    Nasty fact of the day

    Well that would be truly licking the beaver.....
  10. mbskeam

    Hi all!

  11. mbskeam

    Member policy update

  12. mbskeam

    Shout out to RobertR

    good job Mr R..... Cookies???.....
  13. mbskeam

    Thanks for the Ride Burt

    Sometimes you have to lose yourself 'fore you can find anything.
  14. mbskeam

    A few "life" updates...

    In honor of your kittys....