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  1. last SAT, fell thru the deck where the old steps were, and I even had a pc of plywood to stop just this. LOL not paying attention, down I went. I think my leg took all 210lbs of me sliding along a joist. it looks worse than it felt.
  2. Update: This construction thing is for the young guys...LOL Got the Termidor, been spraying it into wall voids. Did find another nest, of course it was in the hardest place to fix. got all my LP siding off the house, need to wrap house in Tyvek, then reside. next year I need to redo my deck, 5/4 after 24yrs its shot (see last pic). But the roof is next. Update:
  3. I need to go to a bed and breakfast now....LOL I'll just stick to nailin my hand, simpler, cheaper and less painful...
  4. that old saw may out last the new ones...
  5. All I can say, What Fuck is wrong with people?..... As time goes on, I keep thinking the movie "Idiocracy" is becoming a reality.
  6. No termites found, My house is raised up (flood plain) so earth contact is not a real problem. The stuff I sprayed did not kill right away, so as to spread it. When I got to the siding under the window they were dead or dying about 1hr later. Under the eves I think Im going to drill holes 3/16 or so, up high between the studs, and shoot stuff into the walls all the way around the house, might be over kill, but it wont take that long. does the Termidor smell after drying? They ship to WA...
  7. When your laying in your bed at night and you hear these little bastards doing what they do.... for the last week I have been sleeping on the couch. finally pulled off the old LP siding (it needed to be replaced) What A-hole thought it was a good idea to use a form of chip board in the NW... I guess I caught this in time, big nest in 3 bays, no real damage done, just a bit damp, real mild. now its tarped up to dry out, and spray ant killer for a while before residing..... Now I can sleep in my bed, my bad was starting to hurt.
  8. I can relate, I build the machines that overwrap and or bag, for the food and pharma industry. "What do you mean it don't work,... it worked in the plant"....LOL http://formostfuji.com/
  9. oh, I see now, teenagers...LOL now I'm stressed out
  10. mbskeam

    Fuel prices

    around 2.40 for 92oct. gas so cheap, I can do 100 plus to work in the morning, no traffic and a really good radar detector.... well maybe more like 72, but when passing I may or may not do that... WFO πŸ˜‡
  11. why are you stressed out?
  12. 😁 oh I didn't take it any way, I thought about it later also, just didn't think about when posting...😁
  13. we can rename, so this wont screw up searches for C19 pre amps....
  14. Man, that sucks. glad to read that nobody was hurt.
  15. I didn't see this as a topic, so I'll ask, who's working or staying home? I'm still working But, not all my co-workers are, be careful what you wish/ask for....
  16. "Because of the cake & ice cream! " Me belly says get in there..
  17. mbskeam

    bad day?

  18. on my kids birthday, wonder if that before or after cake and ice cream...
  19. could you ask the cabin folks, extending out the deposit date to see what there take on this is. lots of big if's......???????
  20. mbskeam


    "I really need someone to explain why the media is losing their shit over this drug then. It's almost as if they do not want to see any solutions being brought forward? " you know the reason why.....
  21. "As you can see, the electrostatics have been displaced from their place of prominence. Wifey says that they don't really fit the decor anymore and need to be relocated. πŸ˜’ " New wife????.... LOL
  22. When the tech and office worker go back, they can say, "see, we can work from home" lets keep it going, middle management should be scared... less traffic, pollution etc...
  23. mbskeam


    there is a solution to that....just sayin...LOL
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