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  1. Seller spelled Fagen wrong...
  2. kve777

    Itch's Main Audio and Home Theater System

    Tastefully done!
  3. kve777

    New Guy from Metro Detroit

    Welcome, Geoff! Ye shall reap the rewards of owning vintage Carver gear. I hope you have a lot of money to buy more...😀
  4. kve777

    Carver Etched Glass Karma

    Congrats, Steve!
  5. kve777

    Polk SDA on Craiglist

    Solid cabinets alone are worth $300.
  6. kve777

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    Not lucky, I hunt this $hit multiple times a day. I miss more than I get. Sometimes the lot is crap, sometimes it's gold. I've only tried out the CT-seven. Who knows what the other stuff needs...
  7. kve777


    Glad you found us! You should be hip deep in Carver gear by the end of September! LOL.
  8. kve777

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    I had my worries, too. Seems the seller got them from an uncle some 15 years ago, never put them to use. The two amps still have the prong protectors on the end of the power cords. I doubt they saw much use, if any... I plan on dragging my Snell C-v's over tomorrow for a thrashing.😎
  9. Mostly CD's, lots of vinyl, trying to get into the streaming thing...
  10. kve777

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    So, yes, the last piece is a CT-Seven, a black one. Guy only used it as his tuner.
  11. kve777

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    BINGO! I saw that lot for $800 and grabbed it as fast as I could! I just wish the remote for the CT-Seven was included.
  12. kve777

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    All four originally shipped to Pyramid Audio in Anchorage, AK. I bought them in PA.
  13. kve777

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    Yes, we have a C-16, too.
  14. kve777

    Guess what's in the boxes!

    Yup! Pair of Silver 7t's. Crazy part was they weren't in the title! Been in climate controlled storage for 15 years.