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  1. kve777

    Space Weather

    We're all gonna die!🙀
  2. Auto parts prices have risen quite a bit for us. I imagine vendors are spreading the increase across all of the lines instead of just hitting the affected ones too hard.
  3. Dynaco MKIII's Changing from SED 6550s to Gen. Gold Lion KT-88s (Russia) would I need to reset Bias?

    Thanks Kevin.

    Best Danny

    1. kve777


      Yes. DC meter connected to Chassis (Neg) and pin #8 (Pos) on the octal power take off socket. Set to 1.56V with no signal.

    2. BMWk75


      OK, Thanks Kevin!!

  4. kve777

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    For over 45 years I have been seeking pure audio. I've listened to "The Radio", then "My First Stereo", building on that I've obsessed with amps, speakers, preamps, cartridges, cd players, tuners and all manner of gear for decades just to arrive at the realization that I don't want to hear 'equipment', I don't want to hear 'recordings', I don't want to judge 'engineering', I just want to experience the music that the artist intended me to hear without any colorations or compromise. I am an Audiophile.
  5. Welcome! If you want THE ONE DeoxIt product to have, get the F-5. The Fader Lube is great at getting old pots and sliders quiet.
  6. kve777

    Campaign against Solder Bridges

    I just formed the SORBET, Society Of Radically Bringing Electrons Together. Our goal is to STOP the segregation of electrons using resistors, capacitors, semi-conductors, etc. We strive to keep electrons free to go wherever they want. #Solder Bridges! Not Walls!
  7. kve777


    Welcome! Play some Pink Floyd for us...
  8. Fun to drive, 42 MPG on trips.
  9. kve777

    Bad Eyes/Bad Drawings Challenge

    Page 22 of the PM-1200 service manual shows the same circuit much more clearly. Yes, 22.1K for sure. Many times in Carver amps, identical circuits were were used in several amps.
  10. kve777

    First Fires, Now come the Flood’s

    Guess you need some marine type gear in those lower level rooms, eh? Floods suck! We lost a bunch of stuff last year when our sump pump broke. The ground in South Jersey holds water like a sponge, then fills up your basement.
  11. Ok... Tell me more about Onkyo. A miss performing Cd player is no good to me for trouble shooting other equipment.  Anyway, the next will be my third.

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    2. 4krow


      If you run into one of them, would you like to sell it to me? If so, what price works for you?

    3. kve777


      $125 plus shipping for one with remote and original box. The Music Room in Colorado has one HERE that's a good deal and closer to you. 

    4. 4krow


      Man, I appreciate the info. I will have to wait awhile, but these units are more common than I thought that they would be. Sounds like it is as good as I will ever need in my shop.

  12. kve777

    Reliable CD player

    Onkyo C-7030. PM me.
  13. kve777

    First Fires, Now come the Flood’s

    That could get ugly! Best be fitting your Carver gear with pontoons.
  14. kve777

    Carver Throws

    These make great covers for room treatments. Make a 1 x frame filled with rockwool and put a throw over the front, hang it on the wall. Put a throw on both sides and use it wherever.