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  1. kve777

    Happy Birthday HappyTrails

    Happy Birthday!
  2. kve777

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    Pushing any amp hard in bridged mono to drive a 4Ω (or less) speaker is begging for trouble! That's what we did!
  3. kve777

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    I like my TFM-42's better than either SoundStream. Remember- We did blow up a DA-2 at CT-17 driving an AR-9, in mono. DennisMiller55 has it now, along with another, IIRC. Too burned up to fix. Flames were seen across the room... The NASA TFM-42's driving 4Ω subs were fine.
  4. kve777

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    DA-1 and DA-2 are completely different. A working DA-1 is very hard to find. I sold off a few of my DA-2's, blew one up at CF17. Might have one left. DA-1's are in deep storage.
  5. Peanuts have their place. Void fill. If you take a trash bag and cover the gear tightly, it won't get peanut dust in it. If you wrap the gear in bubblewrap tightly, it won't get in either. Put an empty trash bag on top of the packaging inside the flaps for use to contain the peanuts inside when opened.
  6. kve777

    A surprising improvement--my LAN.

    We've got Comcast's latest and greatest for Home use, I just ran a couple of those Ookla tests. Download was 942 Mbps, Upload was 41.8 Mbps. It was funny to watch the needle get buried at 500 almost immediately.
  7. 5" (10x around) of 1/2" bubble wrap takes good care of amps up to 50 or 60 lbs. Use two to four layers inside the inner box, the rest inside the outer box. Sure, it's a big box in the end, but it's worth saving an amp.
  8. kve777

    Karma: CT-3 with Remote

  9. I watched a few more Paul Davids videos. My favorite was the one with David Gilmour bends.
  10. kve777

    WTB: power button for CT-17

    I found another CT-17 face. It has a taped on power button. I think I did that when I glued it together some years ago. I could remove that one and send it for much less than an entire face.
  11. kve777

    WTB: power button for CT-17

    Here's the one I'm offering with the power switch removed, the button is part of the plastic injection molding.
  12. kve777

    WTB: power button for CT-17

    The power button is part of the faceplate. I have an intact faceplate I could part with.
  13. kve777

    Karma: CT-3 with Remote

    In, please. I have a friend looking to get into Carver. This plus a TFM-35 I have may be a good intro for him. 77
  14. kve777

    Happy Birthday Blues Pwr

    Happy Birthday from New Jersey!
  15. kve777

    How much???

    No foam surrounds on these. 😀