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    In 1981, I came out of a mine in Kelly, NM at 3AM to a moon-less night sky full of stars. AMAZING! No light pollution at all. Shadows by starlight. So many stars...humbling.
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    Damn! I just deleted it...
  3. Get somebody else to open the door...😏
  4. Glad you finally posted, Arden. You are one of us now. Scary, isn't it.
  5. That's the answer! AJ, you got one?
  6. This is a thread for your Brain Teasers. Here's one: I ordered a pizza: Half Pepperoni, Half Sausage and Half Mushroom. How SHOULD it be made, if it can be made at all?
  7. So slow, It's like all the area Fire Dept's came to your house and sprayed water on your house for two days to put out a fire that wasn't there. Even if the structure is intact, you have: windows broken, basement full of water, sheetrock wet, roof compromised, belongings destroyed. Those poor people don't have insurance. Very, very sad. I can't even fathom the casualties. What were they going to do? Drive to Florida? No place to go...
  8. CAFE. If there was a better way to eek MPG from a vehicle, OEM would incorporate it. They spend millions on R&D. Now, if you are looking for max airflow for high RPM HorsePower, K&N might have something for you. Your money is better spent on a non-working M-200t...like THIS ONE
  9. If anyone is interested, I have a parts or repair PL400. I never plugged it in, but was told it had a power supply issue. $250.00 plus shipping.
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