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  1. Carver rack handles to a good home

    Nice Karma! Note to self: Don't invite Greg over to help with carpentry...
  2. Impressive! So rewarding when it all comes together.
  3. HERE is a great deal. I'd buy them, but I don't own a pair of AL-III's at the moment. If you have AL-III's, there is really no better 10" driver for them. Ask anyone who experienced them in Cabin 5 at CarverFest '17.
  4. Worthless Information for those who Want to Know.

    Car crash in Sept. 1937.
  5. M500t rack handles

    Somebody's going to pay $100 for rack handles. It ain't gonna be me!
  6. Time For A Sip Of Jack !!!

    Happy Birthday, Bill. RIP.
  7. Tom, I need to downsize. CT-7 is worth more than a TX-11a. Do you have the remote?
  8. $200, shipped, with handles.
  9. C-1 found on craigslist

    See what you can negotiate. It's worth the $245 if you don't have one.
  10. If you are considering buying a TX-11a, let me know.
  11. TL-3300 is a CD player... Any of the C-1, C-4000, C-6 preamps will do a good job. Speaker choice, sources and music tastes might influence that a bit.
  12. Karma - Surgical Eye Loupes / Magnifier

    Nice Karma, Not in. I have 4.00 reading glasses that work perfectly for me.
  13. Mystery Karma!

    Everything arrived in fine condition! I'll incorporate the buffers in my main system once I get it moved to the new place. One for streaming audio and one for CD player. The Niles will become part of my tube system. Still thinking on what to do with the Nobsound... Thank you for an awesome karma, Charlie!
  14. Mystery Karma!

    I will be downsizing!
  15. What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

    Including me!