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  1. Technical note: Most flats are in the right rear tire. Why? The 'gutter side' collects the most debris, which is just laying flat on the ground, then your front tire runs it over, kicking it up in the air. All it takes it a 1/4 rotation to position a nail or screw (or key!) just right to puncture the tire following right behind it. You 'tailgaters' get them in your front tires because of the pieces kicked up by the car in front of you. No time for the debris to lay back down. Worst flat I got was a 6" long screw into the sidewall of my '88 Chevy G30 at a scrap yard. Very big and expensive tires were on "Big Red", it looked like a 4X4. Most inconvenient flat was in 1981. Took my '72 Chevy Nomad wagon up into Kelly, NM, a ghost town in the Magdalena Mountains for some mine exploration. We came out at 2am to a right rear flat, I had a spare but the jack didn't work. Had to drive a few miles into Magdalena on dirt roads in the dark to get help. By the time we got to paved road, the tire was gone and sparks flew from the rim like a Live PD car chase.
  2. Big Wedding in CT My youngest daughter Sarah is marrying James on Sunday on the beach in Mystic/Stonington, CT. Monday is the church service. Val and I are driving up on Friday (Ruby gets to terrorize a local kennel for the weekend!) Pick up my tux, go to rehearsal, have an early dinner on Saturday. Big day on Sunday. Fight traffic Monday afternoon getting back to NJ.
  3. Where are you? I'm in Nj and could ship a serviced, but not modded, C-1 for under $500 within a month.
  4. A Warm Welcome Back! I had no idea... You were greatly missed. Sadly I thought it was for other reasons. I was mis-informed. You are always welcome to call me, my friend.
  5. I'm Passing on CF19. I hope all attendees enjoy the time!
  6. Hi Kevin 

    I am working on a MXR 130.  It was intermittent when I got it so I decided to re-cap, relay and TC9147BP plus trim cap.  I still have no display or control.  I did find and replace several shorted caps and burnt resistors.  I recently repaired a MXR 90 and have been comparing voltages, as the circuits are very similar.  Any areas to check and voltages would be greatly appreciated.  



    1. kve777


      Look at all of your powers and grounds to the IC's. I've found numerous shorted caps and open resistors along those paths. 

    2. kevinkeyser


      Thanks   Will check the next time I get some time to play. 

  7. Ah, yes, the Carver/Polk symbiosis...
  8. In, please. Very nice work indeed!
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