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  1. Not here, but I guess if you have tiny hands it might work.
  2. Turbo Encabulators are more prevalent than ever. Two bad ones this week already. Once Chrysler, one Ford. The Ford owner traded his in today. Bought a Honda. Can't blame him. The owner of the Chrysler is considering having a new one installed. Cheaper than rebuilding the bad one, better warranty, too. Either way we make a bundle.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide! I get it! I get jokes!
  4. Greg V is in Alexandria...
  5. Not exactly a controlled environment for collection...💀 I didn't want to be like these people in Tanzania that tried to collect fuel from a tanker that overturned and exploded killing 64.
  6. I'm wondering if this is surfactant technology allowing electrons to flow faster through lowered surface tension barriers of common electrolytes, Hmmmm... Don't drink the electrolytes in capacitors, no really. Tonight on the way home, a big SUV clipped a utility pole, cut in two. There was a nice transformer on top, which was pouring liquid out like a pitcher. I got the hell out of there!
  7. I just got my OPPO BDP-103 back from OPPO Service. All updates. Remote, Box, Shopping Bag, Warranty, still has the protective film over the face. Simple encoder board repair. They are super to work with. $399.00, including CONUS shipping. I picked up a BDP-105D after this one stopped, so I no longer need it.
  8. I posted pictures at the time... where were you?🤷‍♂️ I thought it was quite tidy, fit well in that chassis. I wonder who has it now... HERE is that thread from 2015.
  9. All those poor trees... what did they ever do to you? Shade? Oxygen?
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