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  1. Where are you? I'm in Nj and could ship a serviced, but not modded, C-1 for under $500 within a month.
  2. A Warm Welcome Back! I had no idea... You were greatly missed. Sadly I thought it was for other reasons. I was mis-informed. You are always welcome to call me, my friend.
  3. I'm Passing on CF19. I hope all attendees enjoy the time!
  4. Hi Kevin 

    I am working on a MXR 130.  It was intermittent when I got it so I decided to re-cap, relay and TC9147BP plus trim cap.  I still have no display or control.  I did find and replace several shorted caps and burnt resistors.  I recently repaired a MXR 90 and have been comparing voltages, as the circuits are very similar.  Any areas to check and voltages would be greatly appreciated.  



    1. kve777


      Look at all of your powers and grounds to the IC's. I've found numerous shorted caps and open resistors along those paths. 

    2. kevinkeyser


      Thanks   Will check the next time I get some time to play. 

  5. Ah, yes, the Carver/Polk symbiosis...
  6. In, please. Very nice work indeed!
  7. Can't stand how rusty Ford trucks get... F-O-R-D= Falling Off Rusty Doors. There are like NO doors or beds that aren't rotted through anymore! I couldn't afford the gas... Those hubcaps weigh more than the wheels on my Fit. LOL! On the other hand, that would make a really cool sleeper with 2500HP and some 34" tires in the back in FarmTruck style. Maybe call it "Ol Granny".
  8. I started replacing my vintage gear with modern gear several years ago. First was a Sony XDR-F1HD tuner. Then it was a VPI Scout 1.1 turntable. Next, a CarverFest 275 tube amp. Then an Oppo BDP-105D. Now I've got this 10 Octave LP-1 preamp. I've barely got any vintage gear left in my main rig! Heck, I'm seriously considering some new Tekton speakers. Anybody else making a similar transition?
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