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  1. Kindness and friendship have always been Wayne's calling cards. He's made me feel so welcome at Carver Fests. I will forever cherish those moments I remember so fondly. Demo-ing phono cartridges and Sonic holography, interesting speaker combos... So much fun. Along with few beers and good tunes. I will always consider Wayne a great friend and audio compadre. 



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  2. On 12/17/2019 at 5:03 PM, Nahash5150 said:

    We just got word that @kingman was admitted to the hospital.


    Our thoughts and prayers for your recovery my friend. Hang in there - you are loved by soooo many.


    We love you, Wayne! 

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  3. I had one of those GE's, but in blue. Christmas 1973. I now own two, a blue set in the box, with an extra speaker, plus a white set, no box. Never saw the stand, though, cool!


    GE Models P330(Blue)image.png

    , P332(White)image.png


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  4. Added two more Silver 7t's to the system. WRF did these several years ago, traded them to BillWojo for his Plats. He was't using them so we worked out a trade. Running Tekton Pendragons with the outer amps, Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1 subs with the inners. Power reserve is soooo deep! Bass is effortless. 




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