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  1. Blues Pwr

    Sony Karma

    Congrats Dennis, nice Karma Charlie thank you for offering it up.
  2. Blues Pwr

    Sony Karma

    In please, #21 my cheap GE camera crapped out on me.
  3. Blues Pwr

    Roy Clark passes away at 85

    RIP Roy, what a performer/entertainer, they don't come around very often with his kind of talent........
  4. Blues Pwr

    new to site...

    Welcome to the site, Tri-power glad you found us and decided to join in. Lots to see and read here. Lots of friendly, helpful techs, be patient many have day jobs and will be along shortly. Tell us about the rest of your system/equipment. What types of music / bands do you enjoy listening to ? Enjoy the site.......
  5. Blues Pwr

    R. I. P. Stan Lee 95 yo.

    RIP Stan, thanks for feeding our imaginations for all these years, truly a great man.
  6. Blues Pwr

    Happy Birthday Zumbini

    Happy Birthday Dom, now and in 2 wks. !!!
  7. Blues Pwr

    Happy Birthday MLB111

    Happy Birthday !!!
  8. Blues Pwr

    Its a sign of the times they said...

    2+ Congrats, glad to hear its working out for you. You must feel a lot better with the weight off. Sounds like you're in pretty good shape now, should make the job a lot easier. So are you going to stick it out ? Still thinking about transferring to the inside ? I lived in North Miami Beach for a few years in the 80's got used to heat and humidity, plus there almost always seemed to be a nice breeze from the ocean.
  9. Blues Pwr

    HELLO (again)

    Welcome back GarciaFan, nice to have you back on the forum...........
  10. Blues Pwr

    New guy here !

    Welcome to the site T1. What types of music and bands/artists do you enjoy listening to ?
  11. Blues Pwr

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    Congrats to Soulsurfer, nice Karma Happy Trails.......
  12. Blues Pwr

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    Nice Karma in with 28
  13. Blues Pwr

    Apple Karma

    Congrats Kev, very generous Karma Charlie
  14. Blues Pwr

    Karma - Any MC5 Fans here?

    In please, I'm into 70's rock music, thanks for the Karma.......
  15. Blues Pwr

    Apple Karma

    In please, 377