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    Here's a few more cover photos that IMHO are entertaining, on point, visually attractive and/or make good use of the space: Jazzman53 showing off his handiwork. (If you haven't seen his awesome DIY speaker projects check out Yet another project ) A great choice Dennis! I'm pretty sure that's a wolf James, and he's glowing because he's been exposed to high levels of radiation Keep 'em coming folks!
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  7. Perhaps a bit excessive, but I bet they never do it again....
  8. What are you listening to?

    Spirit is one of the most overlooked bands from the psychedelic era, Perhaps it was due to drummer Ed Cassidy's famous bald shaved head, or maybe it was the prog rock/jazz-oriented phrasing and sound during an era when country/rock (the Dead, Flying Burrito Brothers, Poco, etc) began to dominate California rock. While they DID score a surprise hit in 1968 with "I Got a Line on You," it is the concept oriented "The 12 Dreams of Dr.Sardonicus" that will forever define the band. The songs span the gamut from the jazzy blues of the wonderful "Mr. Skin" (tribute to drummer Cassidy) to the out n out psychedelia of the gorgeous "Love has Found a Way," to the surrealism of "Animal Zoo." "12 Dreams" remains one of the most fun, enjoyable listens from late 60's, early 70's rock n roll. This is in no small part due to the brilliant musicianship of Jay Ferguson, John Locke, Mark Andes, Ed Cassidy, and Randy California. The wonderful interplay between these men is top-rate, with Randy California's guitar meshing perfectly with stepfather Ed Cassidy's jazzy drumming (he was the drummer for the Rising Sons, featuring Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder). The folks at MoFi did a wonderful job bringing Spirit's colossal LP to life again. IMHO it's one of the most underrated and brilliant LPs ever created.
  9. Speak with the folks at http://www.kabusa.com/. They are Technics experts and will make sure you get the correct hinges for your model. There Are A Few Ways To Contact Us. Phone 908-754-1479 Fax 908-222-3442 Mail KAB Electro Acoustics P.O.Box 2922 Plainfield, NJ 07062 USA Online Form <Click Here> Email By Clicking Here Don't Use Microsoft Email? Send Email To: info@kabusa.com Thank you For Contacting KAB Electro Acoustics
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  13. I see (said the blind man to his deaf wife who walked her crippled children around the yard....) :D

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    In his teens my (at the time) metal-head son introduced me to BTBAM. On "anatomy" they cover the artists who influenced them the most.