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  1. zumbini

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    FYI: Typing in all caps is the internet equivalent of screaming at us which is rude to say the least. 1. You accused the OP of making a personal attack on a former member, and forum leadership of treating "many of us" poorly (could you be any more vague?) while intimating that we are directly resposible for the loss of many members. Then you attempt to justify your comments by saying they are just your opinions. How does any of that help clear up the issues or make the CS a better place? 2. Who told you what? I was here and in the middle of it and I don't know for certain why a simple disagreement led to a shit-storm. Reporting hearsay is counter-productive rumor mongering which only serves to misdirect and confuse those who know even less about the issues than you do. 3. I reread the original post several times and see nothing remotely akin to a "personal attack" or a break in forum rules, just a heads up about known mk2 quality issues and lack of support. The OP's only comment about the faceplates is actually positive "I am sure these are exactly as advertised, and I am sure they will function as intended".
  2. zumbini

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    You are entitled to your opinion Russ, but please do not make personal attacks to attempt to make your point. You and Travis are so focused on defending russkall that you use the same tactics you claim to abhor. You didn't join CS until several years AFTER the Rich/Russ shit-storm occured so you are getting all of your information 2nd hand. At the time I was a CS admin and was also dealing directly with russkall the technician. He helped me recap my M-1.5t's and built me an M-1.0t MK2 opt2 that I never had a problem with, but he also spent 16 months unsuccessfully troubleshooting an M-1.5t that wrf was able to repair in a matter of days. I heard the accusations from both sides and still have dozens of emails that are full of bullshit and vitriol. IT WAS BRUTAL, POLARIZING AND EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING! IMHO both men acted like children and blew everything way out of proportion, and neither were innocent of the accusations they made about the other. Personally I'd like to put the entire affair to rest and move on but the very mention of the incident still brings out the worst in all of us. I don't know what the answer is but I'm pretty certain Bill Dibble would not approve of the way we are handling it.
  3. zumbini

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    Definitely not as "open source" applies to software only. Here's an excerpt from the MKII website: All design modifications are freely available, for non commercial use, and licensed under the TAPR open hardware license (www.tapr.org/OHL) Re-read Greg's post. The answer should be obvious. He sold the amps with Rich's lifetime warranty. (As long as I'm alive I will repair any Mk II sold for cost of parts plus shipping.) He did so for several years before he chose to go to Afghanistan to make 4 times the stateside rate. I don't blame him for following the money, but leaving the country doesn't absolve him of his responsibility (e.g. to take care of his customers when his amps fail). If he hadn't burned all his bridges he might have been able to make arrangements with Rich and Greg and the MKII Team to cover for him.
  4. zumbini

    Favorite Cover Songs

  5. zumbini

    Favorite Cover Songs

  6. zumbini

    New Member

    Howdy Bevador1 and welcome to the forum. Sorry that it took a problem with your gear to get you here. Your amp is pushing 30 years old and needs some tlc. There are plenty of great techs here who can take care of that for you. While you are here please tell us about yourself, your taste in music, gear you've owned, hobbies, work experience, etc.
  7. zumbini

    Favorite Bass Lines

    If you'd like to be exposed to lots of great bassists in one place check out The Deepest End - Live In Concert, Gov't Mule's 2003 tribute to their late bassist Allan Woody. Guest bassists are Jack Casady, Les Claypool, Jason Newsted, George Porter, Jr., Dave Schools, Roger Glover, Mike Gordon, Paul Jackson, Conrad Lozano, Will Lee, Greg Rzab, Rob Wasserman and Victor Wooten.
  8. zumbini

    Favorite Bass Lines

    Two of the best practitioners of double bass - Ray Brown and Niels-Henning ϴrsted Pedersen - with piano master Oscar Peterson
  9. zumbini

    A happy & noisy 4th of July, everyone!

    Happy Independence Day! https://www.historyextra.com/period/georgian/why-does-united-states-america-celebrate-independence-day-4th-fourth-july-declaration-holiday/
  10. zumbini

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    My love for DSOTM is a direct result of seeing them twice during their 1972 US tour, in Chicago 2 days before I enlisted, with my brothers and several close friends, and in LA with my cousins that September, a month after I was assigned to the Nevada Test Site. They toured with an immense sound system that was dialed in so you could hear everything from the softest whisper to the loudest crescendo. Those were the best live sound events I'd heard up to that point. I don't listen to the album very often these days, but when I do it brings back lots of great memories.
  11. zumbini

    Free Trade

    In case you are interested, Miss Canada is Venessa Fisher. The photo was taken during the Miss Universe 2004 contest in Quito, Ecuador. FYI: One of Venessa's fellow contestants was Gal Gadot now known for her roles as Gisele in The Fast and the Furious film series and Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe.
  12. zumbini

    Favorite Cover Songs

    Lake Street Dive has lots of fun doing covers. These are a few of my favorites:
  13. zumbini

    Free Trade

    No but she did win the Manitoba Moose-knuckle Teen Miss contest. Happy Canada Day hosers!
  14. zumbini

    eBay C-1 > A Good Deal

    Yep, just not sure if it has any significance.
  15. zumbini

    eBay C-1 > A Good Deal

    I admit that it is an embarassingly poor quality photo, and that only one of the slots can be seen in any detail. BTW: I requested better (sharp, focused) photos but have not received a reply. I guess he's not that interested in selling it....