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  1. zumbini

    Lousy Pic ... and a question?

    IMHO that arrangement is counter-productive since the coolest room air will be near the floor and you always have a chimney effect inside a cabinet because hot air rises. Actually cabling has almost no effect on air flow. Shelving is generally the biggest issue. I have some experience with building cabinets as I worked for Carlo Sound and Cases in the late 70's, and I spec'd quite a few server racks for manufacturing facilities in the 80's and 90's.
  2. zumbini

    Lousy Pic ... and a question?

    Did you put the fan unit on the top and provide an opening for fresh air on the bottom? Another option is to use two units in a push-pull configuration.
  3. zumbini

    2 Rebuilt C-9 units

    @4krow rebuilt a C-9 for me about 2 years ago. I can vouch for the quality of his work. The link below will take you to some photos of it.
  4. zumbini

    Lousy Pic ... and a question?

    Nice job on the rack Jeff. If you get a chance please take and post a better photo sometime. Back in the day you could buy a 19" adapter plate for the M-200t. I've even seen a few that were factory slotted for rack-mounting. You could also order Carver consumer gear with slots for rack-mounting. With the proper tools you could drill 4 holes in a 19" faceplate that match up with standard 19" rack rail spacing. Or you could buy Carver pro gear that came with holes spaced for standard 19" racks.
  5. Congrats Mark. You and your wife have a right to be proud parents. Best wishes to Taylor for continued success. FYI: During one of our recent conversations Zack told me that it doesn't get any easier (he was talking about his master's program) but the satisfaction of achieving his goals is it's own reward.
  6. zumbini

    Supertramp Crime of the Century

    I was an Army spec 5 stationed at the Nevada Test Site when Crime of the Century was released. Heard it at Garehime Music in Vegas on my usual weekend run into town and had to buy it, and it's still a regular on my play list. At the time my system was a Technics SL-1200 turntable (still my primary TT), Pioneer SA-8500 integrated amp and CT-F6161 cassette deck, with a pair of Sansui 15" 5-way "kabuki" speakers (what was I thinking?).
  7. zumbini

    Hello ..... finally

    Nice collection of gear Jeff. Glad you finally came out of the closet. We love gear photos so please post some in Member Systems.
  8. zumbini

    Tube Guitar amp

    Not that I am aware of. I posted some info and photos of the Carver guitar amp (GA-250) and preamp (GP-1) here:
  9. Howdy Nick and welcome to the forum. Nice to have you on board. Congrats on your purchases.
  10. Bond, James Bond. Shaken, not stirred. Connery did it best. Would love to see Shooter's Bob Lee Swagger on the big screen though I suspect I'd be disappointed.
  11. zumbini

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    I was an early adopter of CDs but I never stopped collecting vinyl. I'm old and lazy now so these days I listen to mostly CDs just because it's more convenient.
  12. zumbini

    Train versus tractor-trailer

    I think VDOT is in the clear. There are signs posted on both sides of the crossing prohibiting low clearance and/or long wheel base vehicles from crossing, and there's an underpass less than a mile to the north down Railroad St. Those same tracks run through my backyard. Zack and I used to spend a lot of time watching trains from our deck. That particular train was headed south so it was empty. Notice how quickly it was able to come to a complete stop.
  13. zumbini

    Train versus tractor-trailer

    This video was shot yesterday at a CSX RR crossing less than a mile from my house. The approach is short and at an extreme angle (see photos that follow) so it's not surprising that many drivers freak out the first time they confront it. Apparently this driver's trailer bottomed as the twice daily "Tropicana Juice Train" approached at 50 mph. He's gonna have a lot of explaining to do but at least he got out safely. X is the location of car that took the dash cam footage a view of the other side showing the steep approach
  14. zumbini

    WTB: M-400 parts

    Vintage HiFi of Pittsburgh. I wonder how Tom is doing these days?
  15. zumbini

    Carver Sweatshirt

    Actually it's in Machesney Park which is near Rockford. The showroom is in the home of CS! member Ar9Jim.